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9/11: Everyone knows by now it is a big fat lie

To pull-off something like 9/11, involvement of politics, media, and city government is required. Of course, that is what secret service agencies do. Who benefits from 9/11? There have been financial gains. The USA was able to start wars in … Continue reading

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9NEWS: “Australia sick of UN lectures” according to Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australians are sick of being lectured by the United Nations, after a damning report claiming the government’s asylum-seeker policy breaches the UN torture convention. But the prime minister said the report missed the point, failing … Continue reading

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Only 3 out of the 196 countries of the world are not members of the UN

Only 3 out of the 196 countries in the world are not a member of the United Nations. Vatican City. The independent papal state was created in 1929. They have chosen not to be a member of the UN. Taiwain has … Continue reading

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Het jaar 2014: de status van de natie.

Hoe maak je een volk wakker, dat de zoete broodjes van politiek en media blijft slikken? Kijkt u eens waar uw partij voor staat. Kijkt u eens waar politici over praten. Luistert u naar wat zij zeggen: “zorgvuldig te willen … Continue reading

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AMTV: “CIA Frontman George Clooney to Rally Support around Sony”

I never heard of AM TV before, but I am no longer the only one claiming George Clooney is CIA. Ben Affleck (close friend of George Clooney) already admits that Hollywood is full of CIA agents (link). When do people … Continue reading

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reblog NOS: Koningin Máxima dient twee heren

Maakt dit Maxima typisch een VN-vrouwtje?  —————————————————————————————– Koningin Máxima dient twee heren VRIJDAG, 21 NOVEMBER 2014, 11:40, KONINGSHUIS Piet van Asseldonk Redacteur Koninklijk Huis NOS Vanwege haar twee banen – over zorgen om haar zieke vader in Buenos Aires niet eens gesproken – … Continue reading

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Opnieuw Nederlandse pedocratie als item op russische TV

Na de VN, de VS en Turkije, begint nu ook rusland de Nederlandse problemen van de pedocratie uit de doeken te doen. Hoe lang duurt het voor de mainstream media in Nederland het volop durft, ook zonder los te laten? … Continue reading

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In 2002 Dutch Government falls over Srebrenica

The entire Dutch cabinet has resigned in the aftermath of a report on the Srebrenica massacre. A formal report said the government had sent its peacekeepers on a “mission impossible” to protect Srebrenica, which was supposed to be a UN safe area. Some … Continue reading

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