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Just have a look for the last time (and never look back again)

Sarah Jessica Parker. Not an attractive person. Not a good actress. And as a person, she seems not believable. She seems fake. And Sarah Jessica Parker on tv in many ways is the same type (role) as Carrie from Sex … Continue reading

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Michael Hutchence is maybe still alive?

Michael Hutchence. Lead singer from INXS. According to the media, was born in 1960 and died in 1997, on november 22 in Sydney Australia. We know two things about Illuminati celebrities. First, they sometimes fake their own death, to move … Continue reading

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Some have done a transvestigation into Johhny Depp, as fake identities are normal in Hollywood

Johnny Depp. Once called the Sexiest man Alive by People magazine. You expect them to have done a transvestigation before they would give that title. Since this is Hollywood everything is fake and requires investigation. So what are your ideas? … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger look so much alike, they could be siblings. But they are not.

  Brad Pitt. Best friends with George Clooney they said for a long time. But that’s over now. Brad and Jennifer is over as well. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is now over. Brad Pitt always reminded me of … Continue reading

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Transvestigation? Huh? Wat zijn dan de verschillen tussen mannen en vrouwen?

Hoe u denkt een vrouw te herkennen: Borsten. Maar die kunnen fake zin door implantaten of hormoonbehandeling. Zachtere huid. Ja. Maar foundation en hormoonbehandeling doen veel. Vrouwen zijn kleiner. Gemiddeld ja. Maar er zijn lange vrouwen en kleine mannen. Hoge … Continue reading

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Scouting Gay Pride boat. All sexualities are represented, so what is that Mercury sign?

We worden dood gegooid met nieuwe seksuele orientaties, die allemaal een eigen symbool krijgen. Homo’s, Lesbo’s, Transgenders, Intragenders, Seksloos, Sexeloos, Biseksueel, Travestie, Queer. Van mij mag het allemaal, mits uit eigen wil en bij volwassen genoeg leeftijd (transgenders onder de … Continue reading

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