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So you know, this happens. Human experiments.

Of course, government officials always say how the results have been very important for blabla space travel or medical advantages etc. Every government official that I ever talked to, supported research on live human beings without consent. In my opinion, … Continue reading

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Guardian: US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 ‘collusion’

Guardian: The largest association of psychologists in the United States is on the brink of a crisis, the Guardian has learned, after an independent review revealed that medical professionals lied and covered up their extensive involvement in post-9/11 torture. The … Continue reading

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DAILY MAIL on NEMTSOV: Suspect charged with murdering Russian opposition leader says he was forced to confess under torture

The only man to so far confess to the killing of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has dramatically denied any guilt and claims his confession was forced under torture and threat of death. Zaur Dadayev was said to have admitted … Continue reading

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