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The Sun: Facebook sets out new plan to CENSOR accounts which ‘spread fake news’

The Sun, 29 August 2017: A group of “third party fact checkers” will be tasked with highlighting these pages – a decision which is likely to prove controversial as Silicon Valley is often said to have a left wing bias.  The … Continue reading

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Niburu: Overheid zet trollen en shills in om onrust te stoken onder artikelen

Enige tijd geleden meldde CTV News dat de Canadese overheid geheim agenten inhuurde om de sociale media in de gaten te houden en reacties onder nieuwsartikelen bij te houden. De overheid bleek mensen in te zetten om informatie op internet … Continue reading

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rt.com: “Hundreds arrested in US-led operation against sex predators”

In de US doen ze ook wel goede dingen qua recherchewerk: rt.com: US authorities have arrested 255 suspected child predators and rescued 61 children in a five-week sweep that spanned nine countries and was known as “Operation iGuardian”. The US … Continue reading

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