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JFK: The car and hardly any blood on Connally’s seat

On November 22 1963, John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. In my opinion, the murder has not been committed by Lee Harvey Oswald. All the footage suggests that the first (mortal) shot aimed at Kennedy’s head was fired by Jackie Kennedy. Everyone … Continue reading

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Danish Police: gunman is Danish-born 22-year-old with criminal record

I am just going to copy the article, including the picture. I mean, this is pure symbolism. The picture used is taken at the Copenhagen synagoge, the day after the shooting. Anyone who knows anything about occult symbolism knows: this … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov was appearantly shot in well-organized assasination, with a clumpsy gunman

The police analysis on the body was done openly, showing ‘proof of’ to everyone watching. Yet, it also raises some questions. Where was he shot? Why is this visible for us? And? According to the Telegraph on February 28: “Investigators … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov assasination: Shot in the back 4/5 times, with the injuries hardly visible on these pictures

Boris Nemtsov is said to have been shot in the back 4 or 5 times (about 8 shots were fired). This means the attacker shot him after walking past him. When he was attacked, he must have been next to … Continue reading

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