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Campagne Oekraine: De zogenaamde socialisten van de PvdA-jeugd waarschuwen voor Poetin

Als de jonge socialisten voor de hedendaagse Poetin waarschuwen (het “rode” gevaar), dan weet je dat links en rechts compleet door elkaar gehaald zijn. De PvdA is een partij voor globalisten. Ik vind mezelf behoorlijk internationaal georiënteerd, maar geloof niet … Continue reading

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So why else would the family Clooney agenda overlap like this with current “conflicts”…

What countries are now high on the agenda of geopolicians (impacting Europe)? And yes, I start to believe all these attacks and conflicts are not a coincidence. Greece (they might open-up the EU debate across Europe). Ukraine (MH17, no longer a … Continue reading

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The 9/11 memorial site – a gift from Putin to the USA

You probably never heard of it, so here it is. Beautiful monument. Below the official 9/11 monument as designed for the location of the Twin Towers.

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After the US and Turkey, now also russian stateTV about NL

http://www.1tv.ru/news/world/230431 Following the critical assessments of the UN, the US and Turkey about children’s rights (pedocracy) in the Netherlands, now the russian TV reports on these same issues. Some Dutch journalists dare to bring the news as well. Yet, so … Continue reading

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