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Een Nederlandse geheim agent. Nooit gesproken. Hangt stilletjes rond sinds 1998.

Nameless Dutch agent (NL). Part of the core team.  In 1998, on holidays in Manigram (Nepal), I remember how ‘someone from the village’ wanted to be in a group photo with me and the rest of the group. I never … Continue reading

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Evidence: Coffee at home, thinking about café Koosje (deel 3)

While my internet was down, I worked at café Koosje. Everytime I was there “they” followed me. Agents follow me 24/7, so that the royal family feels they can control my life (at least they try). On 10 Sept 2013, … Continue reading

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And another coffee at café ‘Koosje’ in Amsterdam (deel 2)

Café Koosje is just a nice place for a coffee (or small meal with wine) and a convenient internet hotspot. While my internet was down, I went there daily for a few hours. On 1o september 2013, I spend my … Continue reading

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