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Media agrees, hoaxes do exist: they only disagree on the number of hoaxes

False news is a fact. Hoaxes do exist. The disagreement is about what percentage of the news is fake news.

Anyone who claims some news is fake, is just expressing a mainstream point of view. The discussion between mainstream and alternative media is about the extend to which news is controlled and fake.

We are under the impression, that a) almost all mainstream news worldwide is controlled and b) about half the news should be considered fake news. It is even worse for alternative media. People who realize mainstream news is tainted, might turn to alternative media, to learn later on the same applies to alternative media: mostly controlled and fake.

Can most be fake news, brought by script writers & actors?

blur evening

We do consider it a possibility. Fake News.

  • Hoax terror attacks, to steer financial markets and political changes?
  • Actors with multiple identities who play various roles on tv & real life?
  • The world not steered by real news and democratic processes?
  • A totalitarian system manipulating processes worldwide?
  • Persons on tv as controlled actors in a role, including politicians, celebrities, musicians, news reporters, as well as so-called “random citizens” interviewed on the street?

We analyzed various terror attacks and consider that multiple of them are potential hoax attacks (e.g. 9/11 and Boris Nemtsov and ISIS and Anders Breitvik). We studied various well-known crimes and consider multiple of them potential hoax crimes (e.g. Natalee Holloway and Weduwe Wittenberg). We studied celebrities and consider multiple of them as likely playing various personalities, without the public being aware. We studied famous deaths and consider multiple of them as potential hoax deaths (INXS’ Michael Hutchence and Pim Fortuyn and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain). 

Of course, these cases require thorough investigation, before anyone should draw conclusions on what happened. But do we question the official news? Yes, we do. 

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