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Copenhagen attacks: The weapons, bullet holes, lay-out… Why not aim the attack directly at Lars Vilks as the media tells us? (part 1)

This is a reconstruction of local media: link. Why attack the main entrance?   This article provides a good summary of the overall story presented to us: link. “Saturday at approximately 15:33 a perpetrator shot, with an automatic weapon, towards … Continue reading

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My first impressions of Lars Vilks are negative, to be honest!

I believe in free speech. Violence is never an answer to a difference in opinions. Also, I am concerned about Islam extremism in Western-Europe. Yet, this post is about Lars Vilks. Now let’s have a look at the video above. It … Continue reading

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The Copenhagen attacker is said to have been killed by the police in Norrebro

This is the google maps location of the area where the person (accused of being the attacker) lived after his release from prison. He died on February 15 by police bullets: link. The media in the Netherlands said he was … Continue reading

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I’m not the only one with doubts, about the attacks in Copenhagen (and Charlie Hebdo)

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Let’s go back to Valentines Day with Lars Vilks in Copenhagen one more time

Some small signs that already warn us: it might be a false flag. It all started when Al-Qaeda (fake CIA ops!) put a bounty of 150.000 on Lars’ head. The whole event is clearly a copy cat event of what … Continue reading

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The “Lars Vilks” attack in Copenhagen. Why on earth a location with a glass front! Why? Why?

So this Lars Vilks was already protected by local ‘FBI’ services. Seriously? Yes. Then this takes place @1500h CET (!) in this location (!), and the shooter is able to get away (!). Real security a few weeks after the”Paris … Continue reading

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Mullah is blij met de aanvallen op Charlie Hebdo en Lars Vilks

Zowel Charlie Hebdo als Lars Vilks waren false flag attacks. Ik ben er zeker van. Deze moslim extremist gelooft wellicht heel naïef dat het om echte jihadisten gaat óf  (en dat kan net zo goed, ik weet het in dit … Continue reading

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In the Guardian: Copenhagen attacks – Denmark’s mourners pay tribute to victims

A number of vigils take place across the country, showing solidarity with the country’s Muslim minority following reports of gunman’s background. Reuters in Copenhagen, Tuesday 17 February 2015 00.19 GMT Tens of thousands of people gathered at torch-lit memorials around Denmark on … Continue reading

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To me Finn Nørgaard seems just an innocent bystander (RIP)

On February 14th Finn Nørgaard was killed in a terrorist attack in Copenhagen. To me he seems just an innocent bystander, who was just present at a debat about Free Speech. RIP Finn Norgaard. The debat ‘Art, blasphemy and the freedom of … Continue reading

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#JesuisLars: Aanslag op 14/2 in Deense Kopenhagen bij debat met Lars Vilks in een cultureel centrum

De eerste foto van de dader in Kopenhagen. Hij/zij zag er islamitisch uit, maar de identiteit is onzeker. De politie zegt dat uit getuigenissen blijkt dat de schietpartij aan het cultureel centrum Krudttonden slechts door één man werd gepleegd. Rond 15.30 … Continue reading

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