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So who should play Anders Breivik?

Anders Breivik.  On Friday 22 July 2011, a 77 people were killed in Norway, in a double attack, committed by one person: Anders Breivik.       Andres Breivik seems to not be wearing too much make-up. We do notice, … Continue reading

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Lars Vilks and the Synagoge attack: How to catch a suspect (part 1) Copenhagen

Based on below CCTV footage [pictures below], the suspect has been identified and later shot dead. The footage is taken close to where the so-called attacker parked his stolen vehicle after the attack on Krudttonden. He is on the phone, … Continue reading

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DAILY MAIL on NEMTSOV: Suspect charged with murdering Russian opposition leader says he was forced to confess under torture

The only man to so far confess to the killing of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has dramatically denied any guilt and claims his confession was forced under torture and threat of death. Zaur Dadayev was said to have admitted … Continue reading

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Danish Police: gunman is Danish-born 22-year-old with criminal record

I am just going to copy the article, including the picture. I mean, this is pure symbolism. The picture used is taken at the Copenhagen synagoge, the day after the shooting. Anyone who knows anything about occult symbolism knows: this … Continue reading

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Why not investigate royalty at all?

Why not investigate royalty at all? After all, they keep us under surveillance too (link 1). Over the years several witnesses have come forward claiming how members of the Dutch royal family are involved in aggressive pedophile sex and even … Continue reading

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