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Peter R. de Vries stelt dat internetacties zoals belediging, zelden worden opgepakt door de politie. Bijzonder dus.

Peter R de Vries geeft aan, dat de politie zelden een melding (klacht) van internet laster/smaad in behandeling neemt: “Slachtoffers hebben van de politie weinig of niets te verwachten”. Het verklaart waarom de online doodsbedreigingen van Adamas tegen Maud Oortwijn, … Continue reading

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Lars Vilks and the Synagoge attack: How to catch a suspect (part 1) Copenhagen

Based on below CCTV footage [pictures below], the suspect has been identified and later shot dead. The footage is taken close to where the so-called attacker parked his stolen vehicle after the attack on Krudttonden. He is on the phone, … Continue reading

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Youtube: Smartphone and how it is invading privacy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyqALy-idm0 Do you want half the country to know when you leave your house for a vacation? No? Well, start caring about your privacy. The less the government knows about you, the safer you are. People are not aware of … Continue reading

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And another coffee at café ‘Koosje’ in Amsterdam (deel 2)

Café Koosje is just a nice place for a coffee (or small meal with wine) and a convenient internet hotspot. While my internet was down, I went there daily for a few hours. On 1o september 2013, I spend my … Continue reading

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En “Knip” zei de muis in het voorhuis

Sinds de radio-uitzending van Talk 2 Myra doet mijn internet het niet goed. Het duurde destijds bijna twee weken alvorens dit goed gerepareerd was. Dat is wat ze doen. De KPN-monteur zei me toen ook al iets van “there was … Continue reading

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WWW nu wel: Freedom of speech. Access to information.

On July 2nd, Maud Oortwijn was a guest at Dutch radio station ‘Talk 2 Myra’. While Myra herself is a fan of the Dutch monarchy, she still believes in the rights of all citizens to express their opinions, no matter … Continue reading

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Following in Beatrix’ footsteps

The weeks around the abdication-crowning of Beatrix respectively Willem-Alexander on April 30, have been particularly stressful, even though I had decided in February I would definitely stay at home. Below I will share with you some information on what WA means … Continue reading

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