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What sex means for world peace

The evidence is clear: The best predictor of a state’s stability is how its women are treated. Here is some robust empirical evidence that we cannot ignore: Using the largest extant database on the status of women in the world … Continue reading

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Overview: What on earth happened with Capgemini ??

Luckily, most people are able to create value. Those that are not talented enough to create value, take pride in destroying value. Anyone can do that. Even though my former manager at Gemini consulting ignored my polite e-mails with requests for … Continue reading

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This Boer & Croon ‘secret agent’… and spotted at Capgemini

Some of the members of the gang stalking core team at Boer & Croon, I had seen before, at my previous employer Capgemini. The young man in the blue poloshirt in the picture below right, I have seen in a … Continue reading

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Capgemini does not deny accusations, but remains silent all these years

In the past few years I contacted my former managing partner with kind requests (initially) to help me or share with me information about what happened, so I could get out of my terrible situation. I was hoping he [Jurgen W.] … Continue reading

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Following in Beatrix’ footsteps

The weeks around the abdication-crowning of Beatrix respectively Willem-Alexander on April 30, have been particularly stressful, even though I had decided in February I would definitely stay at home. Below I will share with you some information on what WA means … Continue reading

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recht op vrijheid van meningsuiting

Weer iemand opgepakt, omdat hij een mening heeft over de landelijke politiek. Hij wil (en dat is de gangbare opinie wereldwijd) een gekozen staatshoofd. Wat mij nog het meest verbaast, is hoe de politie met dezelfde standaardzinnen reageert: “Dan gaat … Continue reading

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So what keeps our politicians awake at night?

After my silence for about 10 years on how I had ran into the Royal family, who were unfortunately involved in a pedophile orgy in Bangkok on December 2000…. In 2010, 2011 and again 2012, I contacted several government agencies … Continue reading

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