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Once an American president is elected, the whole nation stands behind him? But Trump?

The number of celebrities who say they are against Trump, is enormous. Before an election, maybe. After an election, this is extreme. The guy is elected and half Hollywood is openly rebelling against him. Not selective on specific political issues. … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe, nog zo’n typisch entertainment product.

Marilyn Monroe. Weinig personen kregen zoveel media-aandacht. Laten we eerlijk zijn, dit is geen extreem supermooie vrouw. Veel make-up en te blote jurkjes. Aanstellerig lachen. Het is een gemiddelde porno-actrice. Prima, simpele mannen willen ook wat te kijken hebben. Maar … Continue reading

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Sexiest men alive? We are not that sure!

We know the media is about spreading lies and keeping the people occupied with nonsense. These media fooks love to just fool people. In reality, most people don’t even read that much anymore. Many people, just don’t like watching tv, … Continue reading

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What a fake fucked-up conversation

Most of these women in Hollywood are trannies. Women who are succesfull in the entertainment business, they are born into wealth en never get harrassed. Often the opposite, they organize for their (not famous) “friends” to be harrased. Also, women, … Continue reading

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Some have done a transvestigation into Johhny Depp, as fake identities are normal in Hollywood

Johnny Depp. Once called the Sexiest man Alive by People magazine. You expect them to have done a transvestigation before they would give that title. Since this is Hollywood everything is fake and requires investigation. So what are your ideas? … Continue reading

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When there will be a film about the family Brenninkmeijer, casting will be easy! Ross from Friends = Roderick

Most people know who Ross from Friends is. Ross Geller. His name is David Schwimmer (born November 2, 1966). Yes, that is a #112 and 666. Roderick Brenninkmeijer is member of the family Brenninkmeijer. He studied psychology and has a … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Er zijn ons nieuwe inzichten toegekomen, welke (mits waar) weer alles op de kop zetten.

Er zijn ons nieuwe inzichten toegekomen. We weten nog niet, wat klopt en wat misinformatie is. Zelf bezitten we niet de technische middelen om dit met zekerheid vast te stellen. Inspectie met het blote oog doet ons vermoeden, dat het … Continue reading

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TV-series, though fiction, shape what the public believes might be possible

Who is ruling over us? What does the fiction from Hollywood tell us recently about that? “24” Bauer becomes USA president in “Designated Survivor”. “Scandal” reveals what might be going on in the White House. “Madam Secretary” about what a good … Continue reading

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Nepal Everest: Another agent’s identity confirmed

In 1998, just after I finalized my final project for an MBA, I went travelling for 2 months. As part of my travel experience, I decided to do some voluntary work in Nepal. Looking back, this was a secret service psyops. After the … Continue reading

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He is an actor: Clooney responds to ‘Daily Mail’ report

George Clooney: I want to speak to the irresponsibility of Monday’s Daily Mail report. I seldom respond to tabloids, unless it involves someone else and their safety or well being. The Daily Mail has printed a completely fabricated story about my fiancée’s mother … Continue reading

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