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Ook Robin de Ruiter is mogelijk een puppet die dwaalsporen maakt.

Ja, de illuminatie bestaan. Ja, posities die mensen kunnen bereiken in de politiek en media zijn vaak afhankelijk van de families waarin ze geboren zijn. Ja, om hogere posities te bereiken moet je meedoen met hele vieze spelletjes. Satanisme.   … Continue reading

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Should percentage of membership of occult clubs per postal code be made public knowledge?

We believe it would be a good idea to ask the public and have a debate about it. Occult clubs are for instance Freemasonry, Malta, Lions, Scientology, …. Like with pedophilia or AIDS, memberships of occult clubs can not be … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger look so much alike, they could be siblings. But they are not.

  Brad Pitt. Best friends with George Clooney they said for a long time. But that’s over now. Brad and Jennifer is over as well. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is now over. Brad Pitt always reminded me of … Continue reading

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Another attack in London, June 3 2017. This time London Bridge.

At around 21:58 BST (so 22.58h CET or 2 before 23h), a white van (Renault Master) drove on the pavement of London Bridge (in London), hitting people walking the pavement. It was travelling in Southern direction. The van came to a halt, just south … Continue reading

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I agree, the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil is possibly an antisemitic song.

I agree, The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil is likely an antisemitic song. While at first the song seems just a celebration of the devil, when reviewing the examples, most of the events mentioned in history, include some Jewish … Continue reading

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Jo Cox memorial services, again same same (part 2)

Is there anyone who takes these people serious? This is a hoax. This is not a family broken by grieve. It just is not. Notice the colours: red, white, black and blue (Masonic colours). The rose in the sister’s shirt … Continue reading

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