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Copenhagen attacks: The weapons, bullet holes, lay-out… Why not aim the attack directly at Lars Vilks as the media tells us? (part 1)

This is a reconstruction of local media: link. Why attack the main entrance?   This article provides a good summary of the overall story presented to us: link. “Saturday at approximately 15:33 a perpetrator shot, with an automatic weapon, towards … Continue reading

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Let’s go back to Valentines Day with Lars Vilks in Copenhagen one more time

Some small signs that already warn us: it might be a false flag. It all started when Al-Qaeda (fake CIA ops!) put a bounty of 150.000 on Lars’ head. The whole event is clearly a copy cat event of what … Continue reading

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FEMEN, they are not at all about women rights.

FEMEN is the Ukraine feminist movement supposedly funded by George Soros. They are well-known for their topless actions and colorful media exposure. What are they about? Against religious institutes.  Against totalitarian regiems. Against society solely lead by men. Against traditional … Continue reading

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To me Finn Nørgaard seems just an innocent bystander (RIP)

On February 14th Finn Nørgaard was killed in a terrorist attack in Copenhagen. To me he seems just an innocent bystander, who was just present at a debat about Free Speech. RIP Finn Norgaard. The debat ‘Art, blasphemy and the freedom of … Continue reading

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