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The UDUMASS movement of George Clooney: it’s more real than the moonlanding (if that is even possible)

We can trust George Clooney, as someone who would always provide us with honest information. After all, he was named the sexiest man alive twice and does amazingly well in Hollywood. So when he starts a UDUMASS campaign against Trump, … Continue reading

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Net als reality tv, is ook “De vloer op” een script, althans vermoeden we.

Wie gelooft dat “De Vloer Op” pure improvisatie is, die is dom. Kijk één aflevering en je weet genoeg. Dit is geen improvisatie voor publiek. Want improviseren is één ding, maar improviseren met publiek erbij voor tv, dat is een … Continue reading

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Just have a look for the last time (and never look back again)

Sarah Jessica Parker. Not an attractive person. Not a good actress. And as a person, she seems not believable. She seems fake. And Sarah Jessica Parker on tv in many ways is the same type (role) as Carrie from Sex … Continue reading

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Now wait? What is fake news? And what is censorship of independent opinions?

Fake news, we thought, was made-up news stories (hoaxes) in mainstream media and freemasons funded alternative media websites. It is often well-organized, well-planned, fully scripted. And many media “professionals” play their role in it. What the EU are trying to … Continue reading

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Parallel lifes and 2nd lifes. Crazy, but it is a thing for them.

Freemasons, Jews, politicians, terrorists, celebrities, and famous criminals etc. have a history of building a second life, for instance after a famous pop star is done with being a celebrity. Did they all die at the age of 27? Likely … Continue reading

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The Sun: Facebook sets out new plan to CENSOR accounts which ‘spread fake news’

The Sun, 29 August 2017: A group of “third party fact checkers” will be tasked with highlighting these pages – a decision which is likely to prove controversial as Silicon Valley is often said to have a left wing bias.  The … Continue reading

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65% of Americans believe Mainstream Media contains fake news

Mensen, 65% van de Amerikanen is van mening, dat de Mainstream Media fake news bevat. Dat is niet niks. Je schaft als burger immers geen TV of krant aan, om onzin gepresenteerd te krijgen. Gelukkig komen steeds meer mensen er achter, … Continue reading

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