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Flight 9252: Dear journalists, please tell where you think the A320 hit a mountain!

No-one knows everything. But journalists are paid to report. While I might be wrong on details of my analysis, at least I try and support it with facts. Simple facts. According to various media, the A320 of Flight 9252 hits a … Continue reading

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Flight 9252: Fire still burns upwards in an aircraft! The smoking gun (part 3)

We all know that fire burns upwards. It is also the case in an aircraft up in the air. This is due to gravity. The hotter (thinner!) air is pulled down by gravity to a lesser extent, compared to the … Continue reading

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SMOKING GUN Flight 9252 : Why did the plane NOT burn like hell, while some parts seemed beyond burned? – BREAKING EVIDENCE

BREAKING On 24 March 2015 the Flight 9252 of Germanwings Airlines is crashed into the French Alps. Almost immediately, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is blamed of a suicide mission. I have another theory. Today I present you again some pieces of … Continue reading

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What does the airplane look like from the inside?

We think we have a hero pilot and a depressed co-pilot, based on nothing, but a) an audio tape we have not heard yet and b) the knowledge the co-pilot had some sort of therapy. The depressed co-pilot brings down the … Continue reading

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One question: How could the co-pilot know the pilot would leave for the bathroom? (it is a short flight)

The final moments of the Germanwings flight is confirmed by the recording of the “Cockpit Voice Recorder,” on one of the A320’s two black boxes. This recorded the sounds and conversations in the cockpit. Its contents were described in detail by … Continue reading

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