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Flight 9252: What are the questions we want answered?

Can we hear the voicerecorder of the Cockpit? Can we see the video made by a passenger of the last minute? What do we know of the machinery in the plane the last 12 minutes? What are precize coordinates of … Continue reading

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9/11: Everyone knows by now it is a big fat lie

To pull-off something like 9/11, involvement of politics, media, and city government is required. Of course, that is what secret service agencies do. Who benefits from 9/11? There have been financial gains. The USA was able to start wars in … Continue reading

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Naomi Wolf on possibilities of Fake News/False Flags

Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly-theatrical current events such as the Boston Marathon bombing. This was filmed at the 2014 Free State Project’s Liberty Forum. Het probleem is dat niet alleen de … Continue reading

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