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Trump tells us the election was fraud.

What if it indeed is a fraud? What is he saying but not telling? What do insiders hear? What if Trump is also a builder? What if Albert Pike’s letters are still being followed by politicians and “they” want someone … Continue reading

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Ik weet dat George Clooney’s do-good persoptredens fake zijn, maar nu de test!

George Clooney is altijd pro-immigratie geweest. Dat past bij de NWO agenda: Met diverse oorlogen in Midden-Oosten de regio instabiel gebied maken. Massale immigratie op gang brengen. Onrust creëren in Europa, Noord-Amerika en het Midden-Oosten, door massa-immigratie in combinatie met … Continue reading

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Natalee Holloway, 3 additionele scenario’s (deel 4)

I consider only three scenario’s, as Joran van der Sloot is likely a hired scapegoat. Kidnapped inside: 1) Carlos’n Charlies; 2) taxi to the hotel; 3) Holiday Inn hotel. All three scenario require the help of CCs, several Mountain Brook … Continue reading

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Two convicts escaped: Matt is shot dead + Sweat is now back in custody

The arrest of Sweat wraps up the hunt for Sweat and his prison-break partner, Matt. Matt was shot dead Friday. Sweat was taken into custody in the town of Constable, in upstate New York, very close to the Canadian border. “I … Continue reading

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Two convicts: Estimated size of the manhole.

Two men, Richard Matt and David Sweat, escaped from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility (a high security prison) on June 7 2015. They are both from New York and both about 1,80cm tall. The manhole outside they escaped from, is on google … Continue reading

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Two convicts have escaped from Clinton prison in New York

http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/20/us/new-york-prison-break/ A prison break on June 7 this year. Anything is possible in New York. This is supposed to be a high security prison facility, remember? The two men (David Sweat, 34; Richard Matt, 48) cut through steel walls and … Continue reading

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Monica Lewinksy – She is back and I believe she is again here to fake it all.

Monica Lewinsky Why was she even news in 1998?  And more importantly, was she news in 1998 so she could be back during the final phases of World War 3?  Why was she worldwide news in 1998?  The scandal started to … Continue reading

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