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Facial recognition technology is more and more applied in cities worldwide

Facial recognition. CCTV Camera’s in public spaces, linked with the technology to recognize faces. After unnecessary RFID-chips in bankcards, the ability to locate your mobile phone at all times, social media companies sharing data, and location technology in cars and … Continue reading

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Do we know what is in our food?

No, we do not know. You do not have to be worried when large parts of our fruit juice is apple juice, since apple juice is not a terrible choice when drinking processed fruit juice. Also, champagne not really made … Continue reading

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Nederland telt 3 artsen per 1000 inwoners, maar…

In Nederland zijn er 3,3 artsen per 1000 inwoners. Dat gaat om zowel huisartsen als specialisten. In steden zijn er meer dan in dorpen (vanwege de ziekenhuizen en medische opleidingen). Academisch opgeleiden (zoals ik) zullen meer artsen in hun omgeving … Continue reading

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Not a big fan of “We are Change”, but: see this!

The Panama papers. Investigative Journalism? I thought it did not exist anymore in mainstream media. Yet, these Panama papers?  Here is a youtube from We are Change about the Panama papers. They seem to be right, except, I do not … Continue reading

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I call it a bluff: Wingsuit pilots flying down Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain (in China) is 1519 meters hoog. Het is qua hoogte amper een berg te noemen, maar heeft wel een aantal prachtig gevormde (sub)toppen en kliffen. Het gebergte is van zandsteen. In zandsteen gebergte zijn er vaak vele kliffen, die zeer stijl naar beneden … Continue reading

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