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Facial recognition technology is more and more applied in cities worldwide

Facial recognition. CCTV Camera’s in public spaces, linked with the technology to recognize faces. After unnecessary RFID-chips in bankcards, the ability to locate your mobile phone at all times, social media companies sharing data, and location technology in cars and … Continue reading

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Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!

WAAROM LIJKT MELLE DAAMEN ZOVEEL OP PATRICK MACNEE VAN DE WREKERS??? Patrick MacNee (1922 – 2015). Actor. Famous for the role of John Steed in British tv series The Avengers. American citizen since 1959. His autography is called “Blind in One Ear”. Melle … Continue reading

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They call it a sickness in New York: The Truman Show Delusion.

Joel Gold, psychiatrist from New York. Somehow he got to meet various persons over the years, who all had this same (unknown) “Truman Show” syndrom (including foreigners who flew to New York to ask for help at the UN). He … Continue reading

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Air Products. Hieronder enkele grafische foto’s, die ik laat zien, omdat ik het allemaal niet meer vertrouw

Als ik de media en de overheid zou vertrouwen, zou ik nooit gevoelige foto’s laten zien. Waarom niet? Omdat slachtoffers van de ergste misdaden niet ook nog hun menswaardigheid publiek hoeven verliezen. Nú deel ik het wel, omdat ik alle … Continue reading

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Lars Vilks and the Synagoge attack: How to catch a suspect (part 1) Copenhagen

Based on below CCTV footage [pictures below], the suspect has been identified and later shot dead. The footage is taken close to where the so-called attacker parked his stolen vehicle after the attack on Krudttonden. He is on the phone, … Continue reading

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