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Een metro/treinspoor, een brug, het wegennet en een vaart.

Zogezegd: De locatie waar Theo van Gogh in 2004 van ons heenging: link. (zie blogs) De locatie waar Boris Nemtsov in 2015 onsterfelijk moest worden: link. (zie blogs) De locatie waar Steve Stevaert in 2015 ervoor koos eruit te stappen: … Continue reading

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Kiev crucifixion video: What does it mean? A pattern emerges. Moscow and Kiev, friends (secretly) or foes? Is this all a sick hidden plan to set the whole world up against eachother?

In the past few days we analyzed the crucifixion video and discussed how it is a fake execution, taped in a film studio: a fake background, fake crucifixion and fake fire. Where does the video come from? And what does … Continue reading

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Mijn conclusie: Boris Nemtsov is een fake liquidatie, de beste man is vissen en fishy.

Nemtsov has not been assasinated in this fake attack in Moscow. There are various facts about what happened on February 27, leading to the conclusion the whole assasination is a strange event. I will not discuss again my previous blogs about the … Continue reading

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So where did the snow wagon come from? And the escape wagon?

In previous blogs we have established how the official story of the Boris Nemtsov assasination is not supported by what we see in the video. The voice-over actually covers-up what happened with Nemtsov. Read all about it here [link] and … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov: Who is behind it?

It is a bold move to organize an assasination in the centre of Moscow surrounded by camera’s and with full pressure on Putin. People might say he is behind it! When a murder just around the corner of the Kremlin … Continue reading

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A fireman is cleaning up the crime scene with a firehose before proper CSI work could have been done in broad day light.

Imagine this. A well-known politician of one of the largest nations in the world is shot dead just around the corner of the Kremlin. All eyes are on Putin. And shortly after the body has been taken from the crime … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov: Strong indications of a false flag assasination ~ BREAKING!

Whatever the true story is, it is sad for both the citizens of Russia and Boris Nemtsov. Even though I have not been able to study this case locally (like I was able to do with my own case and … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov allegedly assasinated in Moscow: So who owns what?

Who is able to manage traffic flows, to assure no cars follow the snow wagon except the escape car? (because of it, there are no witnesses except a girlfriend and the driver of the snow wagon) Who could have made … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov assasination: Shot in the back 4/5 times, with the injuries hardly visible on these pictures

Boris Nemtsov is said to have been shot in the back 4 or 5 times (about 8 shots were fired). This means the attacker shot him after walking past him. When he was attacked, he must have been next to … Continue reading

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De Russische woordvoerder van het onderzoeksteam zegt het gewoon

Telegraaf, za 28 feb 2015, 11:41 Onderzoekers: Nemtsov mogelijk heilig offer MOSKOU – Oppositiepoliticus Boris Nemtsov is mogelijk als „heilig offer” gebruikt om „de politieke situatie te destabiliseren”. Het team dat onderzoek doet naar de moord op de politicus houdt daar rekening … Continue reading

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