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Jo Cox memorial services, again same same (part 2)

Is there anyone who takes these people serious? This is a hoax. This is not a family broken by grieve. It just is not. Notice the colours: red, white, black and blue (Masonic colours). The rose in the sister’s shirt … Continue reading

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The most important political votings to come

The USA presidential election. The attacks in Orlando are “perfect” for the media and politicians to influence the outcome of the elections. On the one hand it strengthens Hillary Clinton’s agenda, as the gay community is under attack. On the … Continue reading

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Jo Cox (kamerlid in UK), vanmiddag zogezegd dood geschoten… hmmmm. (part 1)

NOS: In Groot-Brittannië wordt geschokt gereageerd op de moord op Jo Cox. De 41-jarige parlementariër is vanmiddag op weg naar een campagnebijeenkomst in Birstall in het noorden van Engeland, als ze door een man wordt aangevallen. Cox wordt neergeschoten en de man steekt op … Continue reading

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