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Mijn conclusie: Boris Nemtsov is een fake liquidatie, de beste man is vissen en fishy.

Nemtsov has not been assasinated in this fake attack in Moscow. There are various facts about what happened on February 27, leading to the conclusion the whole assasination is a strange event. I will not discuss again my previous blogs about the … Continue reading

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BBC: Tajik opposition leader Kuvatov shot dead in Turkey

Voor diegene die niet geloven dat een restauranteigenaar gewoon gif serveert. Read the article : link. A Tajik opposition leader has been shot dead by an unknown attacker in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Tajik opposition sources have told the … Continue reading

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And yes, without any doubt, the traffic flow was blocked during the Nemtsov assasination

We already established how the false flag assasination was commited, while analyzing the video that was wrongfully presented to the public [LINK]. Let us look at the video again, now focussing on traffic management. Why? Because during the assasination and … Continue reading

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So where did the snow wagon come from? And the escape wagon?

In previous blogs we have established how the official story of the Boris Nemtsov assasination is not supported by what we see in the video. The voice-over actually covers-up what happened with Nemtsov. Read all about it here [link] and … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov: Strong indications of a false flag assasination ~ BREAKING!

Whatever the true story is, it is sad for both the citizens of Russia and Boris Nemtsov. Even though I have not been able to study this case locally (like I was able to do with my own case and … Continue reading

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Boris Nemtsov allegedly assasinated in Moscow: So who owns what?

Who is able to manage traffic flows, to assure no cars follow the snow wagon except the escape car? (because of it, there are no witnesses except a girlfriend and the driver of the snow wagon) Who could have made … Continue reading

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