Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!


  • Patrick MacNee (1922 – 2015). Actor. Famous for the role of John Steed in British tv series The Avengers. American citizen since 1959. His autography is called “Blind in One Ear”.
  • Melle Daamen, Founder of the Mondriaan Association and former director of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (ITA). Real doppelgangers. Melle Daamen says he is blind in one eye.

The Avengers was one of the most popular tv shows in the 1960s, in both Europe and the USA. Patrick MacNee played a secret service agent, who would solve crimes every week. The stories (much like Bond) would always be situated in the upperclass and often involved (science fiction) absurd new inventions.


Patrick MacNee died in 2015 according to the internet. Melle Daamen, is still alive. He had a career in the Dutch cultural sector, but seems to enjoy a pension now. This guy so much looks like Patrick MacNee, it is insane. How can it be? And what do these illuminati types use for skin care?


ps. Melle Daamen claims he is blind in one eye. 



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Martin Luther King, only one actor is a perfect match for this role: Corey Hawkins

  • Martin Luther King, civil rights leader in the 1960s in America. 
  • Corey Hawkins, young actor known for the 24 legacy tv-series. 

Martin Luther King was born on January 15 in 1929. He became a preacher man at the Baptist Church in Alabama. In 1953 he married Correta Scott King.


Left preacher Martin Luther King. Right actor Corey Hawkins. 


In 1955 Martin Luther King became a wellknown person throughout America. He became a leader in the resistance against segregation laws in the USA, when black woman Rosa Park was arrested for refusing to give up her seat in the bus for a white woman. From that moment on, King was highly involved in the civil rights movement for the black community in the USA.

Martin Luther King, like Gandhi, insisted on peaceful resistance, without any voilence. This was a factor giving him much sympathy amongst the progessive thinking part of white Americans. 28 augustus 1963, Martin Luther King organized a march in Washington, where he gave his famous speech “I have a dream”. Not long after, in 1965, the coloured community obtained voting rights.

Earl Ray2In 1968, Martin Luther King was shot by an unknown sniper at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was 39 years old. In 1969, an American called James Earl Ray (picture right), testified he had committed the murder, but shortly after changed his statement. He still was sentenced to life in prison and died in 1998. The King family considers the murder of Martin Luther King unsolved.



Corey is a perfect match for the leading role in a film about Martin Luther King. Anyone can see the similarities in the appearance. But also the details of their faces are similar. The small ears, (“cat”) eyes, eye brows, overall shape of the skull, large lips, the nose. Martin Luther King’s left eye (right for the viewer) is positioned a bit higher compared to his right eye. They look very much alike. But not only do they share a similar shape of face, Corey also has the very typical eye movements of Martin Luther King, shifting his focus quickly from his right to his left. And their voices even sounds similar. 

Forget the age difference. That is easily solved with the make-up they have in Hollywood. Anyone can be made to look 30 or even 40 years younger or older. Age is the main difference between these two men, besides the style in clothes. Corey has a flawless skin, clearly wearing quality make-up. A 80 year old man can look like 30 years young. And they can make a 25 year old boy look like he is 40.

There is only one big difference. Martin Luther King is said to have been 169cm tall, while Corey Hawkins is 185cm tall.

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Mahalia Jackson, queen of gospel, she should’ve been played by (white) Zus Herbrink, who lived in Vilsteren (small Dutch village)

Mahalia Jackson (New Orleans, 26 oktober 1911 – Chicago, 27 januari 1972) … She reminds us of Zus Herbrink and Tina Turner.

  • Queen of Gospel
  • A major icon for black America in the 1950s and 1960s
  • She sang at the White House and she also met the pope in 1961
  • An activist standing besides Martin Luther King (28 augustus 1963)
  • And she sang at the funeral of Martin Luther King too, his favorite song.

1975-Gerard-Veltmaat-Zus-HerbrinkThe odd thing is, she totally looks like (white) Ms Zus Herbrink, born in Lemelerveld, the Netherlands. Before she got married, she was known as Marietje Neppelenbroek (1925-2014).

Zus Herbrink was Maud Oortwijn’s aunt. As a child, Maud Oortwijn every summer stayed a weekend with her aunt in Vilsteren, untill she was about 10 years old. 


Right: Picture of Carnaval in Vilsteren, 1975. Ms Zus Herbrink is standing on the right, next to prince Carnaval, in red, not looking towards the camera. 



Them looking alike, becomes especially apparent in this interview. Zus Herbrink would only need a wig and amazingly good dark foundation, as she is for sure white. Her voice, the sound of her giggle, the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, overall shape of face, mouth, teeth, movements of her head… it all looks exactly like Zus Herbrink, but with a brown skin.

We asked Maud about the racial backgrounds of her aunt. Maud herself tested her DNA and she is 100% Northern/Western European. So, if Zus Herbrink is really her aunt, she is also 100% Northern/Western European DNA-wise. We are certainly not racial purists, but do not appreciate being lied to on these matters, especially not when someone plays a leading role as an activist for black civil rights.

Ms Zus Herbrink was a quiet sweet Catholic grandma-type, wearing brown-grey grandma dresses. Always sensible shoes. Living in a small ydillic village in the Eastern part of Holland. She ran a farm together with her husband Johan, untill he passed away. Ms Zus Herbrink did often work at the local church, helping out the vicar with the programme and flowers etc. Her daughter Ans sang in this church in Vilsteren. But as far as we know, Zus Herbrink did not. She was a positive, kind, smiling woman.

That’s what Maud could tell about her, what she remembered as a kid. Aunt Zus Herbrink laughed a lot (giggling to herself), while often it was unclear what she was giggling about. She would not explain her laughter. She didnot talk much. Uncle Johan Herbrink was the more obvious and loud joker. Making fun of everything. Odd comments and weird voices to us kids. No visible wigs, no high heels and certainly no shiny short dresses or other soul outfits. They did have a very large elpee collection.

What is an insane coincidence, is how uncle Johan looks like the (darker) version of Ike Turner (especially the 1970s photos). A spitting image. Just some dark shoeshine added. Nothing else is needed to make him look like Ike. What about that? But aunt Zus and uncle Johan lived happily ever after, without ever mentioning any divorce or fight between them. So it can’t be. Right?



Unfortunatelly, Zus Herbrink passed away already. She would have been perfect as an actor for a movie about the life of Mahalia Jackson. Even her voice is similar. Zus Herbrink died in 2014, the internet tells us. Maud has not seen her since 1990, when Zus’ husband uncle Johan passed away (Maud attended the funeral, open cascade). Her yearly weekends way in Vilsteren ended about 7 years before that (1984 or so). 



But we still have Tina Turner. She also has a similar shape in face and an amazing voice. She has a very typical Tina sound (like she has been singing too loud the day before). Oddly, with Mahalia Jackson, we hear that sound in Mahalia’s voice only sometimes in interviews, especially when she laughs. And that laugh sounds a lot like Zus Herbrink. Zus Herbrink’s voice always sounded like she had been using her voice too loud the night before. But she did not came across as someone who would visit the local pub for more than a tea on Sunday afternoon. In short, Zus Herbrink would have been a perfect match for the film role of Mahalia Jackson. We are 100% sure.

Tina Turner, we see as almost a 100% perfect match for the role. Her nose is a bit different. But she can certainly perform the role. Her voice is similar. She need to simply gain 30 kg, lose the red lipstick and change her wig. Extra nose make-up to make it look more round. That’s all. Tina Turner would be an excellent match for the role of Mahalia.



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Do we know what is in our food?

No, we do not know.

You do not have to be worried when large parts of our fruit juice is apple juice, since apple juice is not a terrible choice when drinking processed fruit juice. Also, champagne not really made in the region, is not the biggest problem.

What is a problem, is plastics and pesticides and antibiotics and hidden sugars.



The food manufacturers spend a lot on marketing to make sure consumers increase packaged food as a percentage of their total food intake (reducing fruits and vegetables from the greengrocer and real meat from the butcher…. versus meat products and ready meals). Packaged food provide comfort.

As consumers we simply assume our packaged food is real food. But not all packaged food is quality food. It is manufactured this way, because it is cheaper, lasts longer and/or tastes better (people love sugar, salt and fat). We buy these products at branded grocery stores, often with well-known brands on the packaging. We assume a brand will not risk the scandal of selling food that contains ingredients, the average consumer has no interest in digesting.  The manufacturers assume the average consumer will never read the small details on the back of the packaging: and they are right. Most of us have no idea.

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Marilyn Monroe, nog zo’n typisch entertainment product.

Marilyn Monroe. Weinig personen kregen zoveel media-aandacht.

Laten we eerlijk zijn, dit is geen extreem supermooie vrouw. Veel make-up en te blote jurkjes. Aanstellerig lachen. Het is een gemiddelde porno-actrice. Prima, simpele mannen willen ook wat te kijken hebben. Maar serieus hoeven we het niet te nemen. Dit is wél 100% een entertainment mensje. Volledig gescript. Volledige media-mania. Dan een rare dood. Je weet dat zo iemand dan elders met een andere pruik op en nieuwe make-up weer verder mag gaan met de entertainment bagger.



Dus wie speelt ze nu? Ze werd een sex symbol genoemd, dus gaat ze vroegtijdig dood.

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Marianne Vaatstra the movie? Dan kan Elton John pa Vaatstra spelen. Of toch Horatio Caine?


Marianne Vaatstra. Meisje uit Kloosterburen. Vermoord gevonden in een weiland in 1999, de dag na Koninginnedag (Walpurgisnacht). Iedereen kent het verhaal. Het is één van de meest langslepende verhalen van Peter R. de Vries.

Het is potentieel materiaal voor een film, al was het alleen maar omdat de familie van Marianne Vaatstra zoveel in het nieuws is geweest. Vader Vaatstra heeft zelfs de Machiavelli prijs gekregen.

Wie zou in dat geval de rol van vader Vaatstra kunnen spelen? Op dit moment zien wij vier mogelijkheden. Elton John of Rob de Nijs. En anders de moeder van Antonie Kamerling of CSI Miami Horatio Caine acteur David Caruso.


Wij denken aan Elton John. Elton John lijkt sprekend op de vader van Marianne Vaatstra. Bovendien is het een rasartiest. Ga er maar gewoon vanuit dat hij dus ook Nederlands spreekt, want veel artiesten spreken Nederlands. Mochten wij ons vergissen en spreekt Elton John geen Nederlands, dan is Rob de Nijs een goede optie als vader Vaatstra. Elton John en Rob de Nijs lijken ook weer sprekend op elkaar.



Het vergt slechts dat hij de ooglift en kinlift operaties (die moet hij gehad hebben, want hij is 70 jaar) even ongedaan laat maken (gouddraad eruit). En Elton John moet even 20 kg afvallen. Pruik af, andere tint foundation, degelijke bril. Voila. De mond, de oren, de neus, het is aardig gelijkend nu al. Misschien dat we nog een betere match vinden, maar Elton John en Rob de Nijs lijken beide al aardig.



Alleen de ogen vergen wel een ingreep bij Elton en Rob. Dat is bij de andere twee opties niet het geval. De moeder van Antonie Kamerling lijkt immers sprekend op de vader van Marianne Vaatstra. Maar Horatio Caine van CSI Miami lijkt ook weer sprekend. De oren, kaaklijn, neus, en ogen: sprekend. En wij vonden de vader van Marianne Vaatstra een specifiek uiterlijk hebben. Maar hij heeft gewoon twee dubbelgangers. Alleen de pruik moet even omgewisseld worden.


En dit is de moeder van Antonie Kamerling.

Herdenking Antonie Kamerling


Voor een speelfilm over de zaak Marianne Vaatstra is casting niet het probleem. We zagen ook al dat Wolfgang Hebben lijkt op Thom Hoffman.

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Why are some genocides worse?

Some initial thoughts on the subject.

  • Apartheid in South-Africa never led to any person being imprisoned for committing the worst crimes imaginable against black people. Not when it ended. The tribunal was aimed at forgiving the worst criminals. I understand you have to forgive those who lived as Whites in Apartheid, but who did not commit terrible voilent crimes. Of course. They were born in a system and lived a more or less decent life, though many were not fighting hard enough to stop Apartheid. You can forgive that. How else can you move forward. But that is not the whole story. People have been raped, tortured and killed, for no reason. Many voilent crimes have been committed, that can not be explained with “it was war, we were fighting for our side”. Terrible crimes, no matter how you look at it. Why forgive and forget? How did they sell the forgive and forget policy to the public? Some performance.
  • The communist system. Communism was not a system supported by the people in Eastern Europe, given the wall and the high suicide rate. It was certainly not a workers paradise. For many decades the entire population of Eastern Europe has been put into slavery. The economic system destroyed. Possessions confiscated. Lifes destroyed. The system abused many for no reason at all, except to oppress. Terrible crimes have been committed, e.g. mass surveillance, intimidation, murder, rape, torture etc etc. It was all common practice. Slavery of entire nations. There was no way out, unless you worked for the system. But the wall fell and the population needed to simply move on. They often were able to see their (STASI/KGB) files when lucky (or not), but the agents were protected. All crimes covered up. Forgive and forget and move on.



To me it is insane, how there has been no justice. Nobody paid for the damage done to people’s life. No justice in any way. Forgive and forget. And while in colonial times worldwide the standard for human rights and confiscation of countries was viewed different by almost all nations and people worldwide, we (the former colonial powers) did offer the locals new opporunities and are still continuously reminded of “how bad we were”. Yet, the above described systems were active not so long ago. Human rights were already an accepted concept. Yet these were possibly the worst regimes ever existed on the planet, with no opportunities to escape from it. Why did worldwar II end with large rescue armies, while these regimes did not? I can’t wrap my head around it.


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They call it a sickness in New York: The Truman Show Delusion.

Joel Gold, psychiatrist from New York. Somehow he got to meet various persons over the years, who all had this same (unknown) “Truman Show” syndrom (including foreigners who flew to New York to ask for help at the UN). He thus coined it as the “Truman Show delusion”.

What the patients believe? They believe their life is secretly being filmed. They believe they are surrounded by actors, who stalk and/or trick them into doing things. Of course, this can not be possible, unless the illuminati do exist and real reality shows is an important form of entertainment for them.

Next a radio interview with Joel Gold from New York.


Below a Youtube-vlog from a guy who claims he has the Truman Show Delusion. To us this seems fake. Perhaps, Benjamin is himself an actor. He does not come across as someone who really is mentally ill nor as someone who is stalked by a gang stalking system for decades. He comes across as an actor, telling us how to view Truman Show believers.


And this is Joel Gold, the psychiatrist himself.


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Acteurs die dubbelganger zijn van voormalig studente uit Kampen? Het lijkt erop.

Hieronder een foto van actrice Elaine Cassidy, die we ondermeer kennen van de film Harpers Island. Een actrice uit de UK. Zij lijkt echter sprekend op Dayana van Dijk.

Dayana van Dijk was een student in Groningen, die geboren was in Kampen. Zij studeerde in Groningen internationale betrekkingen en zat ze in het bestuur van de Volleybalvereniging op de Aclo. Samen met haar vriend Rolf is zij verongelukt op een rondreis in Zuid-Amerika, niet lang na haar afstuderen. Het is een raar verhaal.



Maar nu zien we dus Elaine Cassidy. Dat is echt een dubbelganger, zowel qua gezicht als postuur. Toch gaat dit niet om dezelfde persoon. Dayane van Dijk was ongeveer 165cm en Elaine Cassidy is 157cm lang.

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De Fabeltjeskrant met meneer de Uil

De Fabeltjeskrant. Als kind heb ik dit nooit gekeken, want was altijd precies op dit tijdstip met vaders op pad. Niemand bij ons thuis wilde de Fabeltjeskrant zien. Hoe ik ook zeurde, ik mocht het niet zien. Alle andere kinderen uit de klas keken wel.

Meneer de Uil leest voor uit de Fabeltjeskrant. In your face.



Leuk om te zien, hoe de serie gemaakt werd.



Frans van Dusschoten sprak Meneer de Uil in. Hij is in 2005 overleden.


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Net als reality tv, is ook “De vloer op” een script, althans vermoeden we.

Wie gelooft dat “De Vloer Op” pure improvisatie is, die is dom. Kijk één aflevering en je weet genoeg. Dit is geen improvisatie voor publiek. Want improviseren is één ding, maar improviseren met publiek erbij voor tv, dat is een stuk risicovoller en dus moeilijker. Er vallen niet eens stiltes als iemand een rare wending neemt in de conversatie. Dat is erg lastig als je “een nieuwe rol” speelt én voor de ander is het ook “een nieuwe rol”. Met publiek erbij? Ik geloof er niets van. Dit is een script. Het zijn kleine sketches, die voorbereid zijn.


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Doppelganger bij Capgemini: John Ewbank look-alike?

Componist John Ewbank. Schreef wat liedjes weg voor o.a. Marco Borsato, Gordon, Hero, Paul de Leeuw en Rob de Nijs. Het rare is, die gast heeft twee dubbelgangers. De ene dubbelganger heeft ook zijn gebit (Ferry). De andere dubbelganger heeft zelfs de mimiek hetzelfde (Jan). Hoe raar kan het zijn. Omdat van veel BN-ers het gebit nep is (ze dragen o.a. caps over hun tanden), is vooral een overeenkomst in de mimiek opvallend.

Wat een toeval is het weer.




Hieronder enkele foto’s van Jan-Wouter Bloos van Deloitte Consulting. Zelfde ogen. Zelfde mond. Zelfde postuur. Dezelfde mimiek. Dezelfde manier van praten. Bizar toch? Dat twee mensen zoveel op elkaar kunnen lijken? Je zou het bijna plagiaat kunnen noemen.






Hoe wij dit weten? We hebben die gast wel eens gezien op een bedrijfsborrel. En zo vaak zien lopen door de hal op het werk, dat gezicht kennen we gewoon. Toen we hem zagen zitten bij DWDD vergisten we ons daarom en dachten we zeker te zijn dat Jan-Wouter Bloos daar zat. Bleek het John Ewbank te zijn. Raar toch? Dat gebeurt dus de hele tijd met celebrities. Die lui hebben gewoon zoveel dubbelgangers dat het raar is.

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