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NWO trolls confirm Brussels attacks would not have happened, if world would work together

Just read stories like link and link. According to them, the Brussels attacks are real and could have been prevented. Well, I have second thoughts about the basic premise. MIRROR (UK):  Edward Snowden claims Belgian spies could have stopped Brussels … Continue reading

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Vandaag 70 jaar geleden werd Nederland lid van de Verenigde Naties

De naam Verenigde Naties kwam voor het eerst ter sprake in een toespraak van Winston Churchill. Hiermee haalde hij Lord Byron aan, die in zijn Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage het woord united nations gebruikte. Lord Byron doelde op de geallieerden ten tijde … Continue reading

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Wikileaks is fake too, but their ISIS video’s are good to take in

Notice how in this WikiLeaks video Americans are mostly mentioned by Wikileaks as the organizers of the hoaxes that are taking place, while very likely, the UN is behind many. WikiLeaks is een internet klokkenluiderwebsite, opgericht door Julian Assange. Op de … Continue reading

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