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Nog meer celebrity look-alikes, die rondhangen rond Maud, dus al vele jaren

We doen ons best om er nuchter tegenaan te kijken. Acteur zijn, dat is een part-time job. Die baantjes in speelfilms krijgen ze, als het ze gegund wordt. Dus wat doen acteurs de rest van de tijd? Rondhangen en toneelspelen … Continue reading

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Anne-Margriet, a Peter Lusse look-alike (Vrienden voor het leven)

We conclude, not only do celebrities hang-out together, their look-alikes also are a close circle of friends. It reminds me of the Dutch series “Vrienden voor het leven”.     “Vrienden voor het leven” Peter Lusse, looks a lot like … Continue reading

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Michael Hutchence. Oh boy oh boy. He really looks like this Boer & Croon consultant.

Of course it can not be true. A Dutch man around forty at Boer & Croon in 2008. And Michael Hutchence (INXS) died Illuminati style in hometown Sydney Australia on 22/11 in 1997 in a hotel room on Cross Str … Continue reading

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Some have done a transvestigation into Johhny Depp, as fake identities are normal in Hollywood

Johnny Depp. Once called the Sexiest man Alive by People magazine. You expect them to have done a transvestigation before they would give that title. Since this is Hollywood everything is fake and requires investigation. So what are your ideas? … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones, what values do they teach?

  The most popular tv show at the moment. It has everything: sex, violence, costumes, war tactics, murder plots, soap love stories, family values, fantasies, humor & wit … This is a show made to be popular. They invested heavily. … Continue reading

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Some say Ellen Degeneres is a man pretending to be woman, as they say about many celebrities

It seems, people can only become world famous, when they are (a) from certain (masonic) families and (b) are also willing to deceive the public on media. The transgender hype is one way of doing it. Is that so? An example. … Continue reading

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Pearl Jam’s Jeremy should not have been praised like that.

One of the most famous songs of Pearl Jam. Jeremy. Jeremy spoken, yesterday…  About a schoolboy being bullied at school and treated like shit at home. He shoots himself in front of the class. That will teach them? MTV. Dark … Continue reading

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Peter R. de Vries has one task: Convince the people of the necessity of a large DNA-database

Peter R. de Vries. Always the first to get inside information. Always able to get the “criminal” (sometimes secretly) on film. How does he do that? And why would suspects be willing to talk to him? That is odd. Most … Continue reading

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Some people just look a bit alike. Especially in Hollywood.

Growing Pains. A TV serie many people watched worldwide in the 1980s. Family sitcom. This was in a time where the number of tv shows was still limited, so many people saw the same show: worldwide.         … Continue reading

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What is the official story of Communism compared to Nazism, making us think different about nationalism and communism?

Below a video we found on Youtube, discussing the public opinion on communism versus the public opinion on nazism. These opinion are shaped by education and media. “Nazi!” has a connotation, that communism has not. It is largely marketing and … Continue reading

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We noticed something. Many politicians who got killed young, seem to wear make-up.

When politicians go into war and/or get killed, there is a lot of media attention. We noticed, how they actually wear a lot of make-up, even for media standards. It was the case for: John F. Kennedy (USA) Pim Fortuyn … Continue reading

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If there would be a film about Khomeini, is Sean Connery the best possible actor? Have a look.

His name was Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini. Imam Khomeini. Born in Khomein in 1902 and died in Teheran in 1989. In 1979 he obtained power in Iran, after which he turned the country into a conservative religious fundamentalist Islamic state. Before that, … Continue reading

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