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Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!

WAAROM LIJKT MELLE DAAMEN ZOVEEL OP PATRICK MACNEE VAN DE WREKERS??? Patrick MacNee (1922 – 2015). Actor. Famous for the role of John Steed in British tv series The Avengers. American citizen since 1959. His autography is called “Blind in One Ear”. Melle … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, only one actor is a perfect match for this role: Corey Hawkins

Martin Luther King, civil rights leader in the 1960s in America.  Corey Hawkins, young actor known for the 24 legacy tv-series.  Martin Luther King was born on January 15 in 1929. He became a preacher man at the Baptist Church … Continue reading

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Why are some genocides worse?

Some initial thoughts on the subject. Apartheid in South-Africa never led to any person being imprisoned for committing the worst crimes imaginable against black people. Not when it ended. The tribunal was aimed at forgiving the worst criminals. I understand … Continue reading

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Concentration camp Majdanek, was a work camp, but here the largest mass murder in WW2 took place

In Majdanek, the largest mass killing in world war 2 took place, in terms of the number of people killed per day. During most of World War 2, Majdanek was said to have been a work camp. But a large … Continue reading

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Maarten van Traa, de movie. Geen twijfel. Wel twijfelen wij over de casting: Terence Hill of Jack Nicholson?

Op 21 oktober 1997 (112) reed hij in op een file op de ring van Amsterdam, op de plek waar de A10 overgaat in de A4 (richting Den Haag). Het was rond 21.10h uur ‘s avonds (112) en Van Traa was op weg … Continue reading

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Niels Hogel. Een horrorverhaal over een verpleger die vele patiënten vermoordde.

Niels Högel. Verpleger, die in 2 verschillende ziekenhuizen in Duitsland waarschijnlijk 100 mensen om het leven heeft gebracht. Hij deed dit, door patiënten onnodig hartmedicatie toe te dienen.     Hij geeft aan de behoefte gehad te hebben, om na … Continue reading

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Recent nieuws laat zien, dat “ze” ons langzaam laten wennen aan het idee “terrorisme in Nederland”

Na jarenlange promotie van “open grenzen” in Nederland, worden we nu langzaam voorbereid op het idee: toekomstige aanslagen mogelijk. Uiteraard worden er aanslagen verijdeld. Uiteraard wordt de samenwerking tussen de AIVD en politie effectief genoemd. Dat is het plaatje dat … Continue reading

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The holocaust on white Europeans

Eastern and Western Europe including Russia. These are rough calculations and the numbers are up for debate. For instance in World war II, the estimate is that 3% of the worldwide population died. But nobody is certain, as there was … Continue reading

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How odd, why do so many people do transvestigations? Are we blind? Are we being fooled? What is this?

Sarah Jessica Parker. Not a classical beautiful woman. A famous actress. Why do so many people on the internet say she is transgender? And if she would be a man, who could there be underneath? Why would she do this? … Continue reading

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Club 27: Famous rock stars who died at the age of 27. Their fame remains indefinite.

Jim Morrison, who looks like David Hasselhoff: The music industry is an odd industry. Who is made famous? Because preferences of consumers are shaped, deliberately. Yes they are. Certain popstars are pushed.     Again, an odd story. Jim … Continue reading

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Opposites attract? Or do they? Brad & Jennifer do look alike.

There has been a lot of discussion about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt online. We don’t care. We just like to discuss something else. The story is: opposites attract. – Some of our “comments” seems to believe Brad is actually … Continue reading

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Amerika, veel Engelse en Nederlandse voorouders. Ook George Bush heeft NLse voorouders.

We vergeten het wel eens. Veel Amerikaanse presidenten hebben een Nederlandse afkomst: Martin van Buren was etnisch Nederlander, Nederlands als moedertaal Theodore Delano Roosevelt, was van Nederlandse komaf. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was van Nederlandse komaf. George H.W. Bush sr heeft Nederlandse voorouders. George W. Bush jr … Continue reading

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