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So George Clooney got to become 56 years old, on 6 / 5 in 2017

Amal Clooney is supposed to have organized a birthday party in the UK, for both George Clooney and Rande Gerber. Cindy Crawford (CC) was present as well. Amal had a birthday cake made, with George and Rande together in their … Continue reading

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I agree, the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil is possibly an antisemitic song.

I agree, The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil is likely an antisemitic song. While at first the song seems just a celebration of the devil, when reviewing the examples, most of the events mentioned in history, include some Jewish … Continue reading

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Tommy Cooper: Given what we know now about the number of fake deaths, I do reconsider what happened here…

Tommy Cooper, world famous comedian and magician.  Tommy Cooper (63), never forgotten because he died on stage, on April 15 in 1984.  Now, what did we see? (the coat, the location in the middle of the curtains, the smiling assistent, … Continue reading

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Munich shooter on 22/7 at 17.52h – 9 people dead (so they say)

  I am almost too tired to analyze all the details again, before having an opinion. In 1972, Munich was had a terror attack against the Israeli Olympic team. It happened on 4 and 5 september 1972, in Building 31 of the … Continue reading

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JFK: The car and hardly any blood on Connally’s seat

On November 22 1963, John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. In my opinion, the murder has not been committed by Lee Harvey Oswald. All the footage suggests that the first (mortal) shot aimed at Kennedy’s head was fired by Jackie Kennedy. Everyone … Continue reading

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Rihanna confirms Orlando #StuntBackSunday

Singer Rihanna is working for the Illuminati, as most people know. She is allowed to become famous, because she does not mind working for them. So what does she do, exactly a week after the Orlando shooting on Sunday the … Continue reading

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1994 Brooklyn Bridge shooting: Are there any signs of Freemasonry?

Over the past few weeks, we analyzed several murder cases in the Netherlands, against specific criteria: Are there any signs this is an event organized by the Freemasons or any other occult club? Of course, signs are in no way … Continue reading

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Opening ceremomonie Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland

Op 1 juni 2016 opende  Zwitserland ‘s werelds langste en diepste spoortunnel, gebouwd naast de Gotthard wegtunnel. Het is dubbelspoor, zodat continue treinen beide kanten op kunnen rijden. De oude spoortunnel is geopend in 1882 en loopt van het dorp Göschenen, gelegen … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali was een wereldburger en dus

Muhammad Ali (3 June 2016, RIP): It was 211 days before the end of the year, at 21.10h, in Phoenix, Cassius Clay, CC, 33.  Na de dood van Prince, nu de dood van bokslegende Muhammad Ali. Ik denk dat ik … Continue reading

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Vuurwerkramp Enschede: Koningsgezinde PR-man filmt ramp prominent van dichtbij

De filmbeelden van de ramp die de wereld overgaan, zijn destijds “toevallig” gefilmd door (achteraf blijkt) een Koningsgezinde student Communicatie, die met een camera in een nabij gelegen tuin stond. Hij is te zien op 3.00s in de video.   … Continue reading

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De vuurwerkramp in Enschede was deze week 16 jaar geleden

Op zaterdag 13 mei om 15.00h ontstaat er brand in een opslag van SE Fireworks in Enschede. Het begon met een brand in een opslagloods, maar daarna raakte er steeds meer in de brand. Uiteindelijk volgde een zeer zware explosie … Continue reading

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De Windsors kiezen hun data uit, op de ondergang van de Romanovs

Somehow the House of Windsor chooses “their dates” in line with the crucial dates in the ending of the House of Romanov in Russia. July 17; February 24 and July 29 were doom days for Nicholas II.  Belangrijke data voor het … Continue reading

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