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Facial recognition technology is more and more applied in cities worldwide

Facial recognition. CCTV Camera’s in public spaces, linked with the technology to recognize faces. After unnecessary RFID-chips in bankcards, the ability to locate your mobile phone at all times, social media companies sharing data, and location technology in cars and … Continue reading

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Michael Hutchence. Oh boy oh boy. He really looks like this Boer & Croon consultant.

Of course it can not be true. A Dutch man around forty at Boer & Croon in 2008. And Michael Hutchence (INXS) died Illuminati style in hometown Sydney Australia on 22/11 in 1997 in a hotel room on Cross Str … Continue reading

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For some Americans to confirm, as this is your celebrity population? Or is it?

Here in Europe. On tv, we often see American movie stars. But of course, locals know best. So dear American readers, please have a look and give us your feedback. Is Hollywood as insane as we are starting to consider? … Continue reading

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How odd, why do so many people do transvestigations? Are we blind? Are we being fooled? What is this?

Sarah Jessica Parker. Not a classical beautiful woman. A famous actress. Why do so many people on the internet say she is transgender? And if she would be a man, who could there be underneath? Why would she do this? … Continue reading

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Club 27: Famous rock stars who died at the age of 27. Their fame remains indefinite.

Jim Morrison, who looks like David Hasselhoff: The music industry is an odd industry. Who is made famous? Because preferences of consumers are shaped, deliberately. Yes they are. Certain popstars are pushed.     Again, an odd story. Jim … Continue reading

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Opposites attract? Or do they? Brad & Jennifer do look alike.

There has been a lot of discussion about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt online. We don’t care. We just like to discuss something else. The story is: opposites attract. – Some of our “comments” seems to believe Brad is actually … Continue reading

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Josef Fritzl from Amstetten Austria. In 2008 the world was shocked. His cellars.

Josef Fritzl (1935) had jarenlang gezinsleden opgesloten in een geheime kelder onder het huis. Zijn vrouw zou hier niets van geweten hebben. Zijn dochter kreeg kleinkinderen van hem. De incestzaak vond plaats in Oostenrijk en kwam in 2008 aan het licht.  … Continue reading

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Did anyone ever notice, how Marc Dutroux looks a lot like Matt Damon?

Marc Dutroux. The story is well-known across the world. Marc Dutroux was born on November 6 (116 the opposite of 911) in 1956 in Belgium. Later he became known as the monster who abducted girls in Belgium, to lock them … Continue reading

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Another attack in London, June 3 2017. This time London Bridge.

At around 21:58 BST (so 22.58h CET or 2 before 23h), a white van (Renault Master) drove on the pavement of London Bridge (in London), hitting people walking the pavement. It was travelling in Southern direction. The van came to a halt, just south … Continue reading

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We insist, you are not allowed to doubt the election process. Fraud does not exist!

Again, a beautiful speech. Obama. Yet, you know he is not speaking the truth, when he says it is certain elections are always fair and that no-one believes in the possibility of election fraud. Without considering the possibilities of election … Continue reading

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BREAKING !!! (Help!) Where was this photo taken from? Well… We got him!?

Readers. This photo was taken in Stockholm 7 April 2017, on the day of the attack. A beer truck drove into a shoppingstreet called Drottninggatan. But where was the photographer located? Stockholm, yes. Street Drottninggatan, sure. But where? My guess … Continue reading

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Richard Rojas, the theme was “red”

Richard Rojas, from the Bronx (New York). Het drive in a dark red Honda Accord.   It is odd, these two pictures below, as he tries to get away from the car. He is making sure to get all the … Continue reading

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