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Flight 9252: Witness report from the opposite side of the mountain

One of the first witnesses of the Flight 9252 crash, reported something odd. At first she was not aware what it was. In fact, she thought it sounded like a small earthquake or something heavy falling. Later that day, she … Continue reading

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Flight 9252 Airbus A320: Achtergrond ~ Hoe worden die vliegtuigen gemaakt?

How are these made and do the parts match with what we know of a Germanwings A320? Answer: Yes!  See for yourself. (docu in German) Voor iedereen die zich wel eens heeft afgevraagd hoe een vliegtuig gemaakt wordt. Hieronder een … Continue reading

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Flight 9252 is most tragic: Again, the response of “our” leaders is to “stand together”

Washington post – 23/03/2015 – 2:25 p.m. (1325 GMT, 9:25 a.m. EDT) The leaders of Germany, France and Spain gathered in the French Alps near the site of a German budget airlines crash to pay homage to the 150 victims. … Continue reading

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