Facial recognition technology is more and more applied in cities worldwide

Big BrotherFacial recognition. CCTV Camera’s in public spaces, linked with the technology to recognize faces. After unnecessary RFID-chips in bankcards, the ability to locate your mobile phone at all times, social media companies sharing data, and location technology in cars and navigation devices……..  Facial recognition is next.

All these small steps of letting down our privacy, lead to a world in which the life of any person can be almost fully controlled. With the ability of following people around without them being aware of it, it becomes easy to limit safety for that person and limit their opportunities in all areas of life. You do not need chains anymore to put a person into slavery.

Without us knowing, they implemented control systems comparable to STASI and KGB in communist times. Back then, entire populations of countries were put in slavery, with nowhere to go. We are moving in exactly that direction. That is the truth. And with present day technology, it can be done in a hidden manner. We are not told it is implemented.




The only other thing needed for slavery, is a hidden STASI like army everywhere in society, including government institutions and the education system. The controlling technology to follow people 24/7 is there. But the treath of punishment 24/7 as well. Witnesses of gang stalking activities tell us, an invisible army is already there too.

Facial recognition in USA

Here is a link to a map with locations where facial recognition technology is implemented in the USA, as far as we are aware of now. But we would not be surprised if more locations already have it.



In the Netherlands, a 1.3 million people are in the police facial recognition database. With a population of 17 million people (including small children and elderly), that is an insane number. It shows us how not only the worst criminals are followed around. And the 1.3 million is the official number the police lets out.

It seems anyone the least interesting for the government, is simply put in the database in the Netherlands. It only requires one person handing in a story that makes someone a suspect for a crime. Trust us, when you are considered a critical thinker, some secret service undercover idiot can make up a police report stating how you threathened them, so they can put you in the database for nothing, for over 30 years. Just keeping taps.


China already uses facial recognition in certain parts of the country, to monitor people. It is a way to control a population. That is called the chilling effect. People are continuously aware of the potential risk of what “they” might do to them when they would act according to their likings. So when someone assaults you in the street, you will react not to the insult, but to the chance it might be recorded and your reaction used against you. Is the assault against you a trap, to trick you into a reaction?

Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system

Just look at facial expressions in the street in communist countries versus the West in 1980s. The chilling effect: keep your head down at all times. The world is slowly moving into a very questionable state, where human rights are easily violated without leaving much trace. They have developed a system for that.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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