Seinfeld actor admits reality tv and tv game shows are fake

  • Actors are playing as if they are normal people in a game show.
  • The outcome of the game show is known beforehand.
  • They do get the price as payment.

Is this always the case? We get the impression: yes indeed!


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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13 Responses to Seinfeld actor admits reality tv and tv game shows are fake

  1. Kramer admits reality tv says:

    He is channelling someone else as well
    We think this is a fake nose, so there is another persona on tv like him

  2. Maurits Simpson Ojeee says:

    Isnot this also Maurits Bruel? THe guy stalking girls in Groingen?
    And is Kramer also a character in the OJ Simpson fake hoax trial?
    Those actors just get an acting job but their min job is gang stalking people in real life
    When they stalked enough civillians they can move up an get an acting job on tv
    Almost all actors start as criminals staking civillians.
    The more damage they do to normal people, the more they can move up in the world
    Only exception is children born into ultra rich families
    They dont join the stalking behaviour OR they do when they enjoy it.

  3. Maurits Simpson Ojeee says:

    this girl is also acting

  4. Alf and Love says:

    Can the father in Alf also be the dr on tv series the love boat?
    So actor Bernie Korpell = Max Wright?

  5. Karel says:

    Maud, wat denken jullie van die moord op die Duitse dikke linkse politicus?
    Ze noemen de dader als waarschijnlijk extreem rechts motief.
    Maar wat is extreem rechts en wat is rechts?
    Politie motief van een rechts persoon, die zo crimineel is dat ie agressief wordt.
    Geweld gebruikt.

  6. Karel says:

    Het Duitse Openbaar Ministerie gaat er vanuit dat de moord op de CDU-politicus Walter Lübcke een rechts-extremistische achtergrond heeft. Lübcke werd begin juni buiten zijn huis aangetroffen met een schotwond in zijn hoofd. Hij overleed in het ziekenhuis, waarna er op social media door rechtsextremisten werd gejuichd. Lübcke sprak zich op het hoogtepunt van de vluchtelingencrisis uit voor het ruimhartige asielbeleid van bondskanselier Merkel en werd om die reden al jaren bedreigd.

    De hoofdverdachte in de zaak, Stefan E. heeft volgens de politie openlijk blijk gegeven van meningen en opvattingen die wijzen op een rechts-extremistisch motief. Na zijn aanhouding meldden verschillende Duitse media dat hij in 1993 al eens werd opgepakt voor een mislukte bomaanslag bij een asielzoekerscentrum. Zijn lange strafblad vermeldt daarnaast mishandeling, brandstichting en verboden wapenbezit. In 2009 was hij betrokken bij een aanval van een extreemrechtse groep op een vakbondsvergadering in Dortmund.

    bron BNN VARA

  7. Carolien says:

    likely this is lies too
    so this kramer person was never on a dating show and got selected
    this guy is not suitable for a dating show at all
    and be selected?
    come on.
    the pubkic will not buy that
    he looks both agressive and creepy
    the kind a guy most women and children dont like

  8. Carolien says:

    if he was on a dating show and got setected
    too many people would remember him
    so bull shit story again

    but dating shows are actors for sure
    it is all fake bull shit on tv
    why on earth do people watch that shit anyway?
    even interveiws with celebritues
    god who is stupid enough to watch that?
    it is not entertaining and not relaxing and not real information either
    it is stupid ridiculous nonesense fake hoos they are

  9. Dick Kamerling says:

    Well, reality shows might be fake
    But talk shows with interviews are certainly not scripted
    This show proofs it
    With Kristiaan Kamerling pretending to be Jimmy Carrey

  10. i hear voices says:

    change the voice
    they change their voice which is annoying

    1. the lispel
    robert hirchner
    kruidenvrouwtje klazien

    2. the lower voice
    george clooney
    joel gold the psychiatrist

    3. annoying higher voice
    isa hoes
    courtney cox

  11. Immigration sorry says:

    It is sad to say but true
    We in Europe are not that different compared to moslims or budhist elsewhere worldwide
    We all want to live according to human decency (standards vary somehwta between cultures but less than 40%) , have a nice house, a nice job, send kids to schools and a good future. Most people who work on that do that in their own land buit not necessarily.
    So waht goes wrong? Immigration into the west is nowadays mostly freemasons from these countries not normal persons.
    They do not have our valiues but will be given enormous advantagous just becaiuse they do satanists things to our societies.
    So we are excepting the worst of the worst as immigrants not the best of the best
    This is why most immihrants now end up either unemployed (yes they do work for satan but get payed in the system as unemploed -tax money- for doing the satanists work) OR they work as government officials / politicians (from teachers to nurses to jpurnalists and politicians, all working for the freemason satanists system we have here).

    That is fucked up. We do not need this shit. And it is not the fault of “all muslims”
    It is the fault of our governmental system that brings in only people that harm our country”
    Seriously, it is that BAD.

    For example the immigrants from communists countries. They are ALL COMMUNISTS whose parents worked for the communists system (active party members not victims). So we accept people in our country who are not very good at working (honestly they are not), ONLY because their parents are psychopathic mass murderers (yes they are, as they are working oin the communists system doing everything for the communist party). These are not refugees, but the worst of the worst from countries who commit genocide on their entire population. Instead of given them a death sentence, they get a refugee status in a countriy that is 1000x better than where they were born. Why? Because they were willing to commit mass murder on their neighbourhood (20% died). The 80% left in these countries work in slavery (communism), while the mass murderers get a refugee status in our western world (and they are terrible fellow citizens, just terrible people).

    So the average refugee in our country is worse compare to camp leaders in nazi times. I am serious. I wish it was better but it is really not. And that is terrible. As a country we should wish to bnring in people in need or people with great talents but we do neither.

    I wish the refugees had human standards at a level germans had who were guarding the gates at camps in WO2 but they really are far below. By the way, end of world war 2 freemasons killed most prison guards at camps of world war 2, so we cant do proper research nor did we ever had serious trials on world war 2. World war 2 was never investigated independently by serious judges nor by serious academics….. But than again, we also had ZERO serious trials on the apartheid system in south africa nor the communist system in eastern germany. HOWEVER Not because the suspects were killed before they were brouht to trial, but because the international community made sure there were no trials.

    Big difference? Yeah !!!! I wish I knew why.

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