Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!


  • Patrick MacNee (1922 – 2015). Actor. Famous for the role of John Steed in British tv series The Avengers. American citizen since 1959. His autography is called “Blind in One Ear”.
  • Melle Daamen, Founder of the Mondriaan Association and former director of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (ITA). Real doppelgangers. Melle Daamen says he is blind in one eye.

The Avengers was one of the most popular tv shows in the 1960s, in both Europe and the USA. Patrick MacNee played a secret service agent, who would solve crimes every week. The stories (much like Bond) would always be situated in the upperclass and often involved (science fiction) absurd new inventions.


Patrick MacNee died in 2015 according to the internet. Melle Daamen, is still alive. He had a career in the Dutch cultural sector, but seems to enoy a pension now. This guy so much looks like Patrick MacNee, it is insane. How can it be?


ps. Melle Daamen claims he is blind in one eye. 



About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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32 Responses to Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!

  1. Familiar faces says:

    I have always thought that Melle Daanen looked really familiair, I just couldnot place him.
    Have been thinking about it for long, but now I see.
    And yes, they have amazing skin care products. The guy is old by now but looks 55 or so.

  2. Familiar faces says:

    where- ever freemasons has gotten big, there is apartheid
    they access all government system positions, including media and health care
    next is the move to apartheid
    it was apartheid in the USA land of the free
    it was apartheid in south africa, the VOC was largely freemasons
    it was apartheid in eastern europe in communism, ran by jewish

    the basic believe of freemasonry is that they get away with anhything, when slvaery is implemented after organizing secret apartheid of some sort.

  3. Familiar faces says:

    she is channeling someone as well
    so familiair yet i cant figure out from where

    • NN says:

      Amal Clooney is Joan Crawford with a new paintjob on het skin
      She lost 20 kg. New wig. New paintjob and good to go.

  4. Familiar faces says:

    the whole media especially hollywood is bullshit

    did you ever notice how pierce brosnan looks like richard gere?
    it is just another layer of plastic on their faces
    colour the hair a bit grey or dark and they are good to go

  5. Familiar faces says:

    the first is richard gere famous for pretty woman etc
    the second is pierce brosnan famous for james bond

  6. Familiar faces says:

    so you guys must have thought Nathalee Woods who died, is now Cristoffer Walken?
    but hey, how did they make these films? With doubles?
    In shared scenes alsways 1 of them is not facing camera and thus is a double\
    Listen, the show biz world is rotten to its core
    They want our money, our attention and they like to give false info
    Just to fuck the public around, they are all satanists in show biz all of them
    Doing their best to look nice but really are terrible

  7. Familiar faces says:

    Christoffer Walken is very likely a transgender so female before
    Big eyes that pop out, small nose, small mouth, small chin

    • Familiar Natalee faces says:

      why dont we do facial analysis of the following persons

      Yasmina Haifi (isis tweet)
      Natalie Wood (actress died by drawning)
      Christoffer Walken (present when Natalee Wood died)
      Hubert Bastiaens (writer)
      Steve Buscemi (actor, Fargo, Big Lebowski)

  8. Familiar faces says:

    what do you think?
    did cher play octomum?
    or did lady gaga do it?

  9. Familiar faces says:

    please those kids do not look like siblings.
    the are not even the same racical mix my guess is.

  10. Familiar faces says:

    also pink looks like the partner from Ally McBeal
    the blond guy that loved older women and fancied the judge?

  11. Familiar commies says:

    Charles Manson must have been inspriation for the person playing Paul the sekt leader in public enemy. Beranger is played by Bison who also played Rachel Green in FRIENDS.

  12. Yedizizzzzzz sleep well says:

    vincent leroy van public enemy series

    william fitchner van prisson break

    • Fitchie old says:

      his ears are very much hit by the miracle fundation effect….
      so this is really an old guy or gal made 40 years young with a new skin on

  13. Jessica Hogan says:

    Yeah right
    and Jessica Fletcher played by Angela whatever

    she also is Hulk Hogan, given the eyes, eyebrows, nose

    and of course she is also Harry Mens

    to sum it up, Jessica is a tranny,,, cause with johnson there and
    she also plays Harry Mens and Hulk Hogan

  14. genocide kippetjes says:

    Uiteindelijk is die hele clan een genocide movement
    Ze trekken wereldwijd de media in en politiek in
    Maar per land nog eens extra op pad met de doodseskaders
    Want apartheid stilzwijgend of hardcore, afhankelijk van welk land
    In Zuid Afrika en Duitsland en Oost Europa is er hardcore apartheid geweest
    In West Europea is er nu softcore apartheid, want u weet niet dat u zwart bent in deze
    Verkrachtingen, gang stalking, sociale moord, seksslavernij etc het is normaal voor ze.
    Ze kiezen een target uit op basis van criterai “heeft geen familie” en dan makt het niet uit wat je doet, want eenmaal op de lijst van te verkrachten of te vermoorden mensen dan gaat de hele meute stiekem bezig om je te elimineren, dat gaat in groepsprocessen tot je dood bent
    Sta je eenmaal op een lijst dan kom je er nooit meer vanaf
    Vandaar ook die meisjes die zelfmoord plegen als ze op bangalijstjes staan
    Dat zijn geen sletjes, nee, dat zijn meisjes die gestalkt worden en daarna aangerand.
    Als je volledig geïsoleerd bent dan kan je nergens heen als je lastig gevallen wordt
    Want scholen zorgen ervoor dat de targets in de klas gezet worden met alleen maar foute meisjes die faken dat ze vriendinnen zijn, maar hun eigen klasgenootjes drogeren voor de pedo’s
    Eenmaal gedrogeerd weer je niet eens wat je doet en achteraf weet je niet dat je gedrogeerd was
    Dat kan alleen als hele groepen “vriendinnen” het gezamenlijk opzetten om je erin te luizen
    Dat is gewoon moord, want je komt er levenslang niet vanaf .
    Die jonge meisjes worden op bangalijstjes gezet en worden levenslang overal waar ze heengaan aangerand en verkracht, gewoon omdat ze geen goede ouders hebben en het dus wel makkelijk target is. De politie doet niets. De media doet niets.
    Het is genocide. Geen ander woord. Genocide for fun.
    Dat is hun hele spel

    Thuggees & proud of it
    Genocide for fun and to bring a country down

    Genocide kippetjes zijn het

  15. Anonymous says:

    nana mouskouri

    die lijkt ook zo op die rare mevrouw desire stokkel van de masonic controlled opposition youtubes

  16. nanana mousaki says:

    desire stokkel
    van die rare youtube films

    die lijkt echt op nana mouskouri
    nee serieus

  17. Janis Foster says:

    can jodie foster be janis joplin
    janis joplin must have been given a new career when they die like that
    so where can she be? someone said she became meatloaf the singer
    meatloaf is really a good singer with an enormous range in his voice

  18. Janis Foster says:

    no janis joplin is not a sausage
    her teeth are too small to be a guy

    • Kimberly en marc the ruler says:

      Jodie fostereen van de betere actrices lijkt echt niet op janis joplin .wel lijkt ze op een lekker wijf die goed kan acteren hahahaha

    • Kaskaas says:

      “romy schneider with a new skin on”

  19. Kaskaas says:

    Kikkers kunnen in vrijwel alle habitats overleven dankzij hun goed ontwikkelde aanpassingsvermogen. De enige plaats waar ze niet kunnen leven is de zee. Veel soorten kunnen slecht tegen zout water, al is er bij enkele soorten enige tolerantie, zelfs bij kikkerlarven. De meeste soorten leven in tropische regenwouden, op de bodem of in bomen. Ook in moerassen, bossen, heiden, graslanden, ondergelopen weilanden, mangroven en zelfs in woestijnen en berggebieden kunnen ze overleven. Veel soorten zijn aangepast op een specifiek habitat maar velen kunnen ook in andere omgevingen overleven, zodat ze zich ook kunnen handhaven als de omstandigheden drastisch veranderen.


    waarom kikkers symbool dieren zijn voor freemasons?
    omdat ze overal overleven. onder de grond, in de modder, in zoet water, klimmend in bomen, springend door de lucht. ter land ter zee en in de lucht achtige dieren zijn het.

  20. Kaskaas says:

    eenden zijn daarom ook een symbool voor de mestelaars.

    duiken onder water
    gaan over land

    dat is veel territorium voor een dier

    • Men not at work says:

      ze begeven zich overal niet omdat het zulke multitalentjes zijn maar omdat ze overal beschermd worden en enorme mond op mond reclame krijgen ook als ze niets presteren.
      het zijn sta in de weg nietsnutten die schade aanrichten maar niemand pakt ze aan omdat ze enorm beschermd worden door hoger in rang dus iedereen kijkt beleefd toe hoe zij nietsnutterig bezig zijn en asociaal ook …

  21. Men not at work says:

    and how tv series always create the same prejudice even if they are not
    in ENEMY PUBLIC tv series a serial killer is provided a new home at a monastry
    the police is mostly good
    the monks are mostly good
    so when they protect the serial killer they mean well
    so you know
    I will not tell you the ending yet

    rachel green in the green being her natural self

  22. Owen Wilson Dicknose says:

    Why does Owen Wilson look like a younger/browner/blonder Alan Rickman?
    Only the teeth are different, but the Alan teeth are liely fake by now.

    Ears different? Hell yeah. All these illuminati types have aerodynamic ears. Why? As the ears hang down when older, so they need to hide their real age and stick m up aerodynamic looking weird.

  23. Owen Wilson Dicknose says:

    They loose the weight asap
    Put on Illuminati skin care products
    Tan the skin browner
    Add light make-up to parts (nose in this case) that must stand out more
    Blond hair
    Big smile
    Different voice

    VOILA next career move is Owen Wilson Wow Dicknose.
    As the target auience for Rckman and Wilson is different, not many fans of Wilson will also be fan of Rickamn, so people dont find out.

    Why else does Owen Wilson have white shiny make-up on te tip of his nose?
    It s so he looks different. He wants to be a good looking surf dude, but does not make sure his oddly shaped nose is make-up away with a brown tan? That is an odd choice.

  24. Jared L.C. Hammer Cox says:

    Is Jared Leto (singer actor) also Courtney Cox (Friends)?
    And also Marc Douma?
    And also pedophile party member on the Netherlands?

    all samo samo?

  25. Jared L.C. Hammer Cox says:

    Jared Leto dude looks like a lady

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