Martin Luther King, only one actor is a perfect match for this role: Corey Hawkins

  • Martin Luther King, civil rights leader in the 1960s in America. 
  • Corey Hawkins, young actor known for the 24 legacy tv-series. 

Martin Luther King was born on January 15 in 1929. He became a preacher man at the Baptist Church in Alabama. In 1953 he married Correta Scott King.


Left preacher Martin Luther King. Right actor Corey Hawkins. 


In 1955 Martin Luther King became a wellknown person throughout America. He became a leader in the resistance against segregation laws in the USA, when black woman Rosa Park was arrested for refusing to give up her seat in the bus for a white woman. From that moment on, King was highly involved in the civil rights movement for the black community in the USA.

Martin Luther King, like Gandhi, insisted on peaceful resistance, without any voilence. This was a factor giving him much sympathy amongst the progessive thinking part of white Americans. 28 augustus 1963, Martin Luther King organized a march in Washington, where he gave his famous speech “I have a dream”. Not long after, in 1965, the coloured community obtained voting rights.

Earl Ray2In 1968, Martin Luther King was shot by an unknown sniper at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was 39 years old. In 1969, an American called James Earl Ray (picture right), testified he had committed the murder, but shortly after changed his statement. He still was sentenced to life in prison and died in 1998. The King family considers the murder of Martin Luther King unsolved.



Corey is a perfect match for the leading role in a film about Martin Luther King. Anyone can see the similarities in the appearance. But also the details of their faces are similar. The small ears, (“cat”) eyes, eye brows, overall shape of the skull, large lips, the nose. Martin Luther King’s left eye (right for the viewer) is positioned a bit higher compared to his right eye. They look very much alike. But not only do they share a similar shape of face, Corey also has the very typical eye movements of Martin Luther King, shifting his focus quickly from his right to his left. And their voices even sounds similar. 

Forget the age difference. That is easily solved with the make-up they have in Hollywood. Anyone can be made to look 30 or even 40 years younger or older. Age is the main difference between these two men, besides the style in clothes. Corey has a flawless skin, clearly wearing quality make-up. A 80 year old man can look like 30 years young. And they can make a 25 year old boy look like he is 40.

There is only one big difference. Martin Luther King is said to have been 169cm tall, while Corey Hawkins is 185cm tall.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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19 Responses to Martin Luther King, only one actor is a perfect match for this role: Corey Hawkins

  1. Martin Luther Baptist Kingston says:

    James Earl Ray also looks familiar
    Is that an actor from Dallas in the 1980s?
    I know his face from somewhere

  2. Martin Luther Baptist Kingston says:

    so the whole black civil rights movement were actors, sent by the illuminai
    they realized the black communities could no longer be held down without voting rights etc etc
    so to avoid a civil rights war, they send in actors who are made into black leaders….
    controlled opposition assure a smooth slow transition….

  3. Martin Luther Baptist Kingston says:

    He really is Martin Luther King
    the whole assasination was bullshit
    some people look alike, but not this much
    and yes, corey has a plastic skin on, it is too flawless, plastic

  4. Rosa PArkinson says:

  5. Rosa PArkinson says:

    Martin Luther King = Corey Hawkins
    an actor. All these public figures are actors, doing the script as the are told by the illuminati.
    Illuminati are mostly jewish and european nobility.
    freemasons do their scripts. freemasons are jews, nobility and local criminals

  6. Rosa PArkinson says:

    Rosa also reminds me of someone, we are not sure who
    Beware the glasses make the eyes look bigger.
    This woman wears glasses in every picture, which is odd.
    Who wears their glasses for interviews?

  7. Yedizizzzzzz sleep well says:

    The Kurdish Yazidi community in northern Iraq has long been the target of religious persecution. The source of this hatred comes from the widely held belief that the Yazidis are devil worshipers.

  8. HH Haat hoeren says:

    many of these socalled ‘celebrties’ do a rabbit nose when a picture is taken.
    You pull up the nose like pretending to be a rabbit.
    It shows the nose from a different angle, pulls up the lip so the mouth looks different, and at the same time it pulls down the eyebrows. You look different !!! When it is combined with a new colour of hair and diferent colour make-up….. They will not see it is u.

    celebrities. Or zeronitwies as we like to call them.

  9. illumnities categories says:

    the illuminati believes is different classes of people

    1. Illuminati, you dont get in easy, you are often born into it, kings queens popstars etc
    2. Freemasons and the like, those who have proven themselves to illuminati, but are not illuminati
    3. Wannabee masons and the like, kids of masons who work in the system but not yet freemasons
    4. Normal people who now about what happens in 1-3 but do not want to join the satanic cult. These people are informed by their families, but without the ambition to join the “gang”.
    5. Normal people who have no idea about 1-3, so they are considered mind controlled slave workers, but are treated with respect (except behind their backs) as they work and pay taxes. They likely believe the news and are fan of celebrities. They have no idea.
    6. Dispossable people. Organ donors. Whores. But also beautiful talented women who are drugged and used as prostitutes at parties, also when they are university graduates and work hard. They are beautiful, so they are whores, without knowing it, so they are afterwards “need to be dispossed off”.

    On the news, they tell us they are against slavery and against apartheid or segregation. In reality, they are PRO apartheid. The apartheid is not on colour, but solely on “satanists” versus normal people “workers/slaves/dispossables”.

  10. Desire Stok Del says:

    these peopel are not human beings they are not
    the only thing they want is

    genocide, murder and rape as many as possible
    destroy civilization
    create apartheid, slavery, people who are denied their rights… thats their objective
    and enjoy themselves (psychopaths, pedophiles, lust murderers, torture for fun)

    that is all it is

    the lies the deception the drugging the rape the destroying life as much as possible
    the average person has no idea how terrible these people are
    they have all kinds of drugs they just drug many many many peole the whole day
    drugs that make you not think critical anymore
    drugs that make you forget
    drugs that make children horny

    any drug they apply the whole day
    to rape
    to make people do stupid things
    to make people sick
    to make people not know what they do etc etc etc

    they do it in clubs
    they do it in the court of law
    they do it in police stations
    they do it in schools


    they love slavery
    they love rape
    they love murder
    they love torturing people to commit suicide

    and they know they get away with it as government lets ANYONE of this club get away with ANYTHING. there are no limits. the have more respect for pedophile lust murderers than they have for best performing hard working decent citizens, It is satanism.

  11. Desire Stok Del says:

    there are clubs with the objective is destroing our civilization as we know it
    and many people joing the club as they enjoy the power of gettng away with the worst behaviour thinkable.

    genocide for fun

  12. Ojee Simpsons says:

    niemand die met de kop op tv komt is mensenrechten strijder
    allemaal zijn ze genocide kipjes die mensen verkopen om zelf maar een keer met de kop op tv te mogen. pedo’s kinderhandelaren groepsverkrachters lustmoordenaars vrouwenhaters oplichters etc etc er zit geen fatsoenlijk mens tussen. u ziet iemand met de kop op tv dan zult u er met een grote boog omheen moeten lopen, niemand van die mensen gelooft in mensenrechten, ze zijn allemaal voorstander van mensenhandel apartheid en genocide for fun. ik maak g een grapje.

  13. Kaskaas says:

    dus volgens jou is dan pat zeker ook dezelfde als patricia?
    is oprah echt zwart of is ze wit met smink?

  14. Mel and Kimberley says:

    tom cruise is ook laurell van how to get away with murder
    gewoon ff 15 kg afvallen en een lekkere dikke laag make-up up
    van die 2nd skin illuminati make-up. plastic as hell.

  15. Mel and Kimberley says:

    by the way, is demi moore like 505 asian or so?

  16. Mel and Kimberley says:

    ben stiller

  17. Mel and Kimberley says:

    Richard Fish in Ally McBeal

  18. Mel and Kimberley says:

    Rob Lowe

  19. Men not at work says:

    when someone is positined as a civil rights leader in the MEDIA,
    you know one thing that is that the media is satanic
    as the media is satanic, they only print lies and more lies

    so when someone is positioned as a civil rights leader in the media,
    you now they are not,
    so the question is, what not.
    -0 not a man
    p- not a civil rights advcate
    00 not black?
    or all of the above

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