Mahalia Jackson, queen of gospel, she should’ve been played by (white) Ms Herbrink, who lived in Vilsteren (small Dutch village)

Mahalia Jackson (New Orleans, 26 oktober 1911 – Chicago, 27 januari 1972) … She reminds us of Ms. Herbrink and Tina Turner.

  • Queen of Gospel
  • A major icon for black America in the 1950s and 1960s
  • She sang at the White House and she also met the pope in 1961
  • An activist standing besides Martin Luther King (28 augustus 1963)
  • And she sang at the funeral of Martin Luther King too, his favorite song.

1975-Gerard-Veltmaat-Zus-HerbrinkThe odd thing is, she totally looks like (white) Ms Herbrink, born in Lemelerveld, the Netherlands. Before she got married, she was known as Marietje Neppelenbroek (1925-2014).

Right: Picture of Carnaval in Vilsteren, 1975. Ms Zus Herbrink is standing on the right, next to prince Carnaval, in red, not looking towards the camera. 

Them looking alike, becomes especially apparent in this interview. Ms Herbrink would only need a wig and amazingly good dark foundation, as she is for sure white. Her voice, the sound of her giggle, the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, overall shape of face, mouth, teeth, movements of her head… it all looks exactly like Zus Herbrink, but with a brown skin. Though we have to say, Ms Herbrink always looked very tanned. Mocca. We are certainly not racial purists, but do not appreciate being lied to on these matters, especially not when someone plays a leading role as an activist for black civil rights.

Ms Zus Herbrink was a quiet sweet Catholic grandma-type, wearing brown-grey grandma dresses. Always sensible shoes. Living in a small ydillic village in the Eastern part of Holland. She ran a farm together with her husband Johan, untill he passed away. Ms Zus Herbrink did often work at the local church, helping out the vicar with the programme and flowers etc. Her daughter Ans sang in this church in Vilsteren. But as far as we know, Zus Herbrink did not. She was a positive, kind, smiling woman.

Zus Herbrink laughed a lot (giggling to herself), while often it was unclear what she was giggling about. She would not explain her laughter. She didnot talk much. Husband Johan Herbrink was the more obvious joker. Making fun of everything. Odd comments and weird voices to the kids. No visible wigs, no high heels and certainly no shiny short dresses or other soul outfits. They did have a very large elpee collection. 

What is an insane coincidence, is how Mr Johan Herbrink looks like the (darker) version of Ike Turner (especially the 1970s photos). A spitting image. Just some dark shoeshine added. Nothing else is needed to make him look like Ike. What about that? But Zus and Johan Herbrink  lived happily ever after, without ever mentioning any divorce or fight between them. So it can’t be they are the same persons. Right?

Unfortunatelly, Zus Herbrink passed away already. She would have been perfect as an actor for a movie about the life of Mahalia Jackson. Even her voice is similar. Zus Herbrink died in 2014, the internet tells us. In 1990, husband Johan Herbrink passed away (funeral with open cascade). 

But we still have Tina Turner. She also has a similar shape in face and an amazing voice. She has a very typical “Tina” sound (like she has been singing way loud the day before). Oddly, with Mahalia Jackson, we hear that sound in Mahalia’s voice only sometimes in interviews, especially when she laughs. And that laugh sounds a lot like Zus Herbrink.

Zus Herbrink’s voice sounded like she had been using her voice too loud the night before. But she did not came across as someone who would visit the local pub for more than a tea on Sunday afternoon. In short, Zus Herbrink would have been a perfect match for the film role of Mahalia Jackson.

Tina Turner, we see as almost as good a match for the role. Her nose is a bit different. The shape of her face less round. But she can certainly perform the role. She need to gain 30 kg, lose the red lipstick and change her wig. Extra nose make-up to make it look more round. Tina Turner would be an excellent match for the role of Mahalia.

If only casting directors realize how some people look similar.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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59 Responses to Mahalia Jackson, queen of gospel, she should’ve been played by (white) Ms Herbrink, who lived in Vilsteren (small Dutch village)

  1. Obama pappa raggea says:

    yeah right

    Obama is played by late Bob Marley just have a look
    Bob above
    Bob below

    Bob is next

  2. Obama pappa reggea says:

    • Michael JJ Obama says:

      and while Barack Obama looks like Bob Marley
      Michelle Obama looks like JJ Arnolds

      so being a politician is like being a popstar
      Feel comfortable on a stage
      Sound like you mean the best for the world John Lennon style
      But really follow the illuminati script to become an icon
      Fake death when they want, or fake scandal if they prefer

      why has it come to this?

      cant we have democracies with quality people who dont sell a country or people out?
      people do vote for people who tell them they cant promise all wages will increase and morgages with become easier to pay…. it is not like all voters are extreme leftwing selfish people… anyway. i wanna be a rockstar.

  3. Ike Turner says:

    Ike Turner, the inventer of rock n roll.
    rocket 88

  4. Ike Turner says:

    yeah sure
    while young ie turner looks like Johan Herbrink
    olde Ike Turner really looks like Bill Cosby
    As if nobody really dies and you see them burried and it is fake
    How do they do these fake burrials tell me, cause you see them in the coffin

    • Octomum Cher says:

      johan herberink is not bill cosby
      but i am sure it is ike turner
      so the whole ike beats tina story is fake too
      god these people are just all about nonsense
      it is that tina is really an amazing singer, else i hit her myself
      imagine, even fake singers who are really famous do this crap
      with real stars you can accept they tell lies abour ther real name and where they live
      that s not the worst in the world
      bnut god these bullshit stories on and on and on about drugs, abuse, divorce etc etc
      i heard john de mol in real life is still married to willeke

  5. Ike Turner says:

    let me guess
    uncloe johan died when the cosby show started?
    the could not have little maud see how johan
    the uncle thin as hell would gain weight to play bill cosby???

    • 9 weeks pregnant says:

      nah ike turner is not bill cosby
      but i do believe ike turner is a white guy
      that sure can be the case
      question is what he went on doing after they made iup the divorce shit with tina

  6. Oprah is who says:

    where did oprah come from?
    can sje be diana ross?
    what you all think

    below is diana ross without make-up but with some extra weight

  7. Oprah is who says:

  8. Oprah is who says:

    waarom nemen ze witte mensen om als eerste een zwarte wereldster te laten zijn?
    1950s en 1960s. Elsvis was wit. Nu namaak donkere vrouw Mahalia?

    Was de elite bang dat er een agressieve revolutie zou komen? Hebben ze daarom zelf de vermeend zwarte sterren uitgezocht, om de omwenteling van iedereen gelijke rechten vreedzaam te laten verlopen? Natuurlijk moet er een moord enzo zijn (Martin Luther King), maar ook dei zal omringd zijn geweest met mestelaars, zodat zelfs de te ontladen woede er gematigd en gekanaliseerd uitkomt? Die woede is dan gericht op christelijke witte westerse mensen en niet op de joodse en islamitische gemeenschap die dominant zijn in de media en politiek? Of mogen we dat niet zeggen? En dan Obama, die wel erg veel lijkt op Bob Marley, RIP peace !!! De illuminatie sturen de wereld door zelf de media in te vullen. Het maakt niet uit wat de mensen doen, in de media zal er het van tevoren geplande verhaal verteld worden.

  9. jimmy de pimmy says:

    cut the crap

    bob marley isnot dead, he now plays obama, illuminati style
    michelle obama is played by singer JJ arnolds

    mahalia jackson is now tina turner
    the whole ike turner story is bullshit, they were happily living together later on
    ike stayd at hime taking care of the kids and the farm, while tina was singing on stage
    of course the whole ike story was used to make tina a more interesting story all by herself
    it worked. tina worldfamous

  10. jimmy de pimmy says:

    so the white illuminati take over the whole black movement, to make sure emancipation happens in slow mation, without too much real aggresion?

    my guess is ike turner, the first rock n roll artist, he is not black either?
    mahalia jackson isnot black.

    who played rosa park? your grandma?

  11. jimmy de pimmy says:

    maar dat is raar
    twee van jouw tantes hebben de paus ontmoet
    die tante die non is hoe heet ze ik las dat ergens die was bij de paus geweest
    en dan die mahalia jackson als zij ook je tante is
    hoeveel tantes heb je dan ? Vast geen 1000 dus eh statistsch gezien RAAR

  12. jimmy de pimmy says:

    speelt die zogenaamd vermoorde nemtsov boris uit moscow and oekraine
    speelt die nu ook de hoofdrol in die serie van STRANGERS een detective?

    Want die Yulia van Oekraine die politica met blinde vlechten die zogezegd in de gevangenis zat enzo. dat is toch gespeeld door Ally McBeal ster hoe heet ze huppeldepup?

    politiek en media en entertainment (acteren en muziek) het is allemaal illuminati acteurs en scripts enzo. allemaal totale poep en onzin. die pompen dramas de ether in net zo lang als het volk er moe van wordt. HALLO we zijn er al helemaal moe van. NEE we kijken de bagger al jaren niet meer en zeggen slechts jaja voor de vorm, want WHO CARES of joran al dan niet natalee gedaan geeft

  13. jimmy de pimmy says:

    he looks a bit like boris nemtsov but we are not sure yet

  14. Kaskaas says:

    raar hoor
    toevallig wilde mijn moeder altijd platen horen van mahalia jackson en ook nana moeskoeri op de lagere school. maar op tv wilde moe en paps allebei geen vara achtige programmas “links geschreeuw” als Paul e Leeuw en Sonja op de middelbare. Ook als ik 5 was mocht ik GEEN fabeltjeskrant zien NOOIT hoeveel er ook gezeurd werd alles deden ze om tv weg te houden.
    Altijd heel sturend wat ik mocht zien op TV en er zat geen logica in voor een kind. Wel James Bond, geen Sonja, wel de wrekers, geen Paul de Leeuw, wel Dick Turpin, geen Fabeltjeskrant.

  15. Kaskaas says:

    desiree stokel the socalled activist (controlled opposition)
    she looks a bit like nana mouskouri

  16. Kaskaas says:

    Ike Turner
    talking about drug usage, to motivate the yought that drugs are cool and the like
    but really he was being ike turner and also raising kids and running a farm

  17. Kaskaas says:

    Donald Trump is played by Hong kong Anthony Wong Chau Sang.
    No seriously.

  18. Octomum Cher says:

    Annie Reimink Neppelenbroek lijkt ook wel op Nick Clooney de vader van George Clooney.
    Maar we zijn er niet 100% zeker van

  19. Clooney clue niet koekoek says:

    I am trying to wrap my head around this one.
    Nick Clooney is George Clooneys dad, but they really look alike.
    Actualy, George Clooney looks 100% like the younger Nick Clooney (Nick Clooney show)
    If we would guess, we are saying that Nick Clooney is now playing George Clooney with extra skin care !!!! So someone else is now playing old Nick Clooney.

  20. Clooney clue niet koekoek says:

    This is Nick Clooney talking about his son George Clooney.

  21. Lady gaga is gaga says:

    well lady gaga reminds me of octomum as well
    how about that
    and she is so faking her speech to the audience
    “ik know how you feel”
    “i want them to celebrate all the things they dont like about themselves”

    o and telling peole te remain goog relationships with their parents, is not good advice
    some parents dont deserve kids and it is best to walk away

    so fooks, is octomum lady gaga or cher? or both?

  22. Marietje and Johan says:

    Are this Ike and Tina Turner?
    Or is this Johan and Marietje Herbrink (mae Neppelenbroek) from Vilsteren?
    Both Johan and Marietje were white, but with a mocca foundation glow on their face.

    Is the black emancipation movement created by the illuminati using whote fooks?
    Why? Were they afraid black emancipation would be to voilent otherwise?
    Do they want to make sure to include the black market, but having control over it?

  23. Marietje and Johan says:

    when will the UN shut up about zwarte piet?
    OMG. they are such hypocrites.

  24. Echte mannen says:

    nee geen gratis drop
    op 19 nov is het internationale mannendag
    ingesteld in 1999
    omdat er ook een internationale vrouwendag is

    dus u vraagt zich af
    11/19 in 1999
    werd dit bedacht voor mannen?
    en u herkent hier geen freemasons getallen in?
    echt niet? dan wilt u het niet zien.

  25. Echte mannen says:

    This is the wife of Martin Luther King
    Coretta King
    she really i channelling somebody.
    It is as if i know that face from tv somewhere

  26. Echte mannen says:

    and please UN, tell us more often how insulting black pete is.

  27. Martin Luther Queen says:

    As a matter of fact, this family picture is soemhow what acted.
    Mind you, Marten Luther King was shot on 4 april 1968.
    So this is half a year after he died.

    • Martin Luther Queen says:

      Coretta King wife of Martin Luther is channelling Whitney Houston, pretty clearly channelling her. Even de wa her eyes and eyebrows move. So yeah, most be related to Whitney. Whitney this famous means she does have a prior carreer in which she has proven herself to the lord of light.

    • Martin Luther Queen says:

      All these family members are really laughing.
      Like it is a big joke for them, but they are told not to laugh at all.
      So alughing behind a serious skin

  28. Martin Luther Queen says:

    They should make a new movie about Martin Luther King, with Tina playing Mahalia Jackson. Corey Hawkin can play Martin Luther King. Witney Houston (no we dont believe she is dead) can play Correta King the wife of Martin Luther.

  29. Martin Luther Queen says:

    Martin Luther King really looks like Corey Hawkin.
    When they make a movie and they dont chose him, it must be because he IS Martin Luther King.

    He was member of the same baptist community Mahalia Jackson was member of.
    Some of these communities are almost 100% freemasonry. As a result, they can make up any story they want, as the masonic fooks all just say what the formal story is.

    • Martin Luther Queen says:

      dont worry when he looks to young,
      they have the best skin care products on the planet.
      it is renewal of the body cells and on top of that amazing foundation make-up

  30. Martin Luther Queen says:

    A lot of history is actually story telling.

    Some cultures do not care about the truth, they only care about how much attention they get. They learn how to hold monologues as long as possible, the more emotional the better. That way they are remembered and the stories they told are. The other persons in the converstaion will not be allowed to join the discussion, as it is impossible to discuss something you have never heard aboiut before (a made up stiry is a garantee for fellow men to not be able to discuss and joing in)… Others can only listen and the stories will go in. The story will be remembered, but you will not remember the person telling the story to well, as you will not emotionally connect with someone who goes on for a long time taling only about themselves….

    Unfortunately, we have no media nor academia that is strong enough to bring us real stories. As a result, as a person, you will be given so much information in your life and there is no way to properly evaluate what is true. Since we cant trust media and politics nor academia, perhaps we can no longer invest in cultural expressions. Why build statues if we have no idea if we can trust the story behind a person?

    It is an empty life. Only for the liars and the stupid people, these stories have meaning. When buying a house, it is worthwhile to investigate yourself. The same is true for the work you do. But the rest of it, way to much work ….. allowing lies is allowing ignorance. Stupid people invest in the lies others tell them, by getting emotional involved and trying to help. When you are smarter than that, all the lies lead to zooming out, not caring, not listeing, pretending to have listened. Politeness but not caring. Superficial contact with other human beings, as it is way too much bullshit, but since you have no time to determine if it is bullshit, you smile polite and walk away.

  31. Michael JJ Obama says:

    So who wants to be a politician? It seems to be a package deal.

  32. Mel and Kimberley says:

    eah right, cheers i would say
    also this is james corden form the carpool singing programme in the UK/USA

  33. Mel and Kimberley says:

    james corden from carpol singing in the rain

    the other guy is norman in cheers the tv series

  34. Carolien says:

    all these agressive pedophiles and cheaters and liars and terrible satanists
    on tv pretending they are the preacher man/woman
    pretending like they do good
    because they want the world to be nice and good and hard working
    while they are ass holes stealing robbing and lazy and doing as much damage as possible
    it s what turns them on
    the pedophiles preaching love and kindness to normal people
    all these people on tv are hypocrites that fight for satan against human kind
    a globalist world and a marxist world makes it easier to control the masses
    just simply terrible people fighting against human kind
    their smile is fake as hell, dont trust it

    they win when they are with more people and they win when they are on tv
    it is the only way they can influece, as normal people in a 1 on 1 dont want them around
    you believe the smile for a little while but you will fee it is not oke soon
    they are just scum and every person will find that out soon after meetoing them

    this is why they are surrounded by themselves their own kind
    they live in certain villages, neighbourhoods, work in specific companies
    always making sure they are with many against 1 or 2

    the 1 or 2 normal people do the work and pay, but the statanist group makes sure the profit always goes to the same fellow satan worshippers. they spend the money for all of us and spend all the money ONLY at companies owned by satanists.

    this is why you should never give to charity.
    ALL money in charity ONLY goes to satanists
    That is how they control the developing countries
    Freemasons are in NGOs always both here and locally
    lazy money spend where the vulnerable are?
    so money controlled by pedophiles
    when you give money to charities you are given it to the pedophiles
    do not give to charity
    give (better buy their products) to normal people who work for a living and make something not to charities. even schools in developing countries, they are owned by freemasons, always. when on holidays, buy local products from local people but not in the obvious locations. they always give the best shop and cafe locations to the freemasons. so dont buy at the obvious location. buy from normal local people.

  35. Carolien says:

    most immigrants are freemasons
    the freemasons get help entering the european union today
    beware what will happen next

    dont forget how many people secretly went to eastern europe in world war 2
    afterwards, all these eastern european countries were enslaved into communism
    that doesnot just happen
    they would not dare to do it alone
    they only do it when they already paid the corrupt givernments of eastern europe
    and when they have many many immigrants infiltrating communities
    after world war 2, suddenly, communism
    so who did cross the borders into eastern european countries end of world war 2?
    world war 2 killed so many locals, also in eastern europe
    so suddenly, end of world war 2, so many young local men dead because of the war
    and many newcomers there who support the communists
    it is a terrible thing
    histor does not tell us that, because historians are corrupt traitors

  36. Carolien says:

    oo typische satanistenkop
    haat sletje
    lelijk dom
    en trots op de haat die ze verspreid in het land
    creativiteit wordt dat genoemd
    genocide for fun
    levenslang eten van uw belastnggeld
    en voor dat geld zoveel mogelijk schade aanrichten in de maatschappij
    dat is humor voor de satanisten
    lelijke haat hoer voor de genocide
    massamoord kip
    nog een argument om een eiland op te spuiten voor de kust
    omdat wij beschaafd rijk land zijn zullen we het wel weer betalen
    \maar we kunnen beter levenslang dit soort lieden geld geven en gratis laten wonen, werken, zuipen en onderdak en alles, dan dat we alle svoor die lui betalen en ze lo laten lopen in de maatschappij. het enige wat ze willen is liegen en bedriegen en haat en dood en verderf rond zaaien

    • Carolien says:

      sara ninkovics was student master in New York and The Hague in 2016 or so.
      so these mature actors pretend to be students and what do they do?
      stalk people?
      drug them?
      why do we have actors mature wearing make up pretending to be student?
      it happens so often
      they do it secretly
      and often these actors they become board members of student associations etc etc
      that is insane
      real young students should get opportunities to learn to lead instead of fake stupid actors

    • Dit is Ike and Tina says:

      Zij heeft ook veel weg van Jeanette Diepenbroeck uit Amsterdam
      Die is blond. Heeft iets met een D66 politicus.

  37. Carolien says:

    speelt ze ook Sarah Ninkovics?
    of die leijke hoer van een amy winehouse
    waarvan de roem ver boven het talent uitstak
    oke redelijk zingen zo net boven gemiddeld, in iedere schoolklas is er wel een 17 jarige te vinden met dat zangtalent niveau…. en dan enorm opgehemeld worden
    en dan contionue horen hoe authemtiek ze wel niet is
    dan weet je amy winehouse kan niet zingen en is een lelijke fake ho
    dus na een paar jaar dood want dan kan ze eeuwig geroemd worden

    pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff zo vreselijk vermoeiend

  38. Carolien says:

    Lemelerveld is ook zo n broeinest van
    Want die Nick Clooney de vader van George Clooney,
    die lijkt echt op Annie Reimink van zaal Reinmink in Lemelerveld.
    En Nick Clooney was aan talk show host in de USA
    en zou broer zijn van Rosemary Clooney de zangeres.
    Dan denk ik dat ze geen echte broer en zus is
    Want ze doen het bijna altijd zo, dat de gezinnetjes niet kloppen
    Dus dan mixen ze wat door elkaar zodat de mensen het niet doorhebben als ze in de stad als gezin inkopen doen of op cafe gaan.
    Dus reken maar dat die Rosemary Clooney wel uit die buurt komt maar geen zus is van.
    Door dag en tijd mogen ze niet buiten hun vermomming om samen gezien worden
    Dan hebben mensen het door.
    Je kan wel van 1 persoon zeggen, hahaha, ja mijn pa lijkt op george clooney maar het is gewoon mijn pa hoor, haha, nee neem jet niet te serieus hij is echt geen george clooney
    Maar dat kan je alleen doen als je een gezin hebt dat niet in de media ook je gezin speelt
    Dus die wisselen onderling wel kinderen uit voor de optredens en media shoots
    Maar het moet niet teveel moeite zijn om af te spreken en wel als Nick en Roos de Clooneys samen ergens heen te gaan met je make up op en je pruik op

  39. Carolien says:

    al die mestelaars hebben vaak ook pleegkinderen
    die hebben dan voor de zomer een andere identiteit of joost mag weten waarom
    veel hebben echt kinderen tijdelijk die dan pleegkinderen heten of vakantie-bezoek

  40. Dit is Ike and Tina says:

    These people are Johan Herbrink and Zus Herbrink from Vilsteren so Dalfsen in the Netherlands
    They are white fooks.

  41. Bert en Arnie says:

    What is next.
    Tine Turner has some similarities in terms of looks with Bertus Bikker?
    And Ommen is pretty nearby?
    Big nose same mouth hoppa

  42. Michael Less says:

    so whwhahahaaha
    more shit stories, they make up shit that is 90% untrue
    we try and make up the truth which is 50% untrue?
    we are guessing as best as we can, while they know what is untrue

    what is next?
    tina turners dad is really bertus bikker a masonic Ommen camp world war 2 snake?
    that snake now plays michael moore the filmmaker activist against guns etc etc ?

    below a picture of Bertus Bikker

    next michael moore


  43. Zus en zo says:

    please this is a grandma from the Dutch country side?
    I do not think so. Her voice maybe but the rest of it?

  44. MOL says:

    so you know

  45. MOL says:

    What did Tina do to her voice?
    Did they give her male hormones or something?
    Because this woman is a woman, given her body.
    She works out, but not like crazy thin like Madonna.
    Is that male hormones? Did she have a bit extra hair on her facial skin?

  46. MOL says:

    But “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho”

    The Battle of Jericho is an incident from the Book of Joshua, being the first battle fought by the Israelites in the course of the conquest of Canaan. According to Joshua 6:1–27, the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelites marched around the city blowing their trumpets, but excavations at Tell es-Sultan, the biblical Jericho, have failed to substantiate the story,[2] which has its origins in the nationalist propaganda of much later kings of Judah and their claims to the territory of the Kingdom of Israel.[3] The lack of archaeological evidence and the composition history and theological purposes of the Book of Joshua have led archaeologists like William G. Dever to characterise the story of the fall of Jericho as “invented out of whole cloth.”

    The Book of Joshua is the story of how Israel conquered Canaan. Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, sent two spies to Jericho, the first city of Canaan that they decided to conquer, and discovered that the land was in fear of them and their God. The Israelites marched around the walls once every day for six days with the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant. On the seventh day they marched seven times around the walls, then the priests blew their ram’s horns, the Israelites raised a great shout, and the walls of the city fell. Following God’s law they killed every man, woman, and child, as well as the oxen, sheep, and donkeys. Only Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute who had sheltered the spies, her parents, brothers and all “those who belonged to her” were spared. Joshua then cursed anybody who rebuilt the foundations and gates, with the deaths of their firstborn and youngest child respectively. This was eventually fulfilled by Hiel the Bethelite under King Ahab’s reign.


    so the book of joshua might be simple lies and stories.
    that is exactly what we are fighting against.

  47. MOL says:

    so Mahalia Jackson played an active role during the most famous moments of Martin Luther King.

  48. MOL says:

    Scholars are virtually unanimous that the Book of Joshua holds little historical value.[8] Its origin lies in a time far removed from the times it depicts,[9] and its intention is primarily theological, detailing how Israel and her leaders are judged by their obedience to the teachings and laws (the covenant) set down in the book of Deuteronomy.[10] The story of Jericho, and the conquest generally, represents the nationalist propaganda of the kings of Judah and their claims to the territory of the Kingdom of Israel after 722 BCE;[3] these chapters were later incorporated into an early form of Joshua written late in the reign of King Josiah (reigned 640–609 BCE), and the book was revised and completed after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586, and possibly after the return from the Babylonian exile in 538.


    so untrue song based on

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