Do we know what is in our food?

No, we do not know.

You do not have to be worried when large parts of our fruit juice is apple juice, since apple juice is not a terrible choice when drinking processed fruit juice. Also, champagne not really made in the region, is not the biggest problem.

What is a problem, is plastics and pesticides and antibiotics and hidden sugars.



The food manufacturers spend a lot on marketing to make sure consumers increase packaged food as a percentage of their total food intake (reducing fruits and vegetables from the greengrocer and real meat from the butcher…. versus meat products and ready meals). Packaged food provide comfort.

As consumers we simply assume our packaged food is real food. But not all packaged food is quality food. It is manufactured this way, because it is cheaper, lasts longer and/or tastes better (people love sugar, salt and fat). We buy these products at branded grocery stores, often with well-known brands on the packaging. We assume a brand will not risk the scandal of selling food that contains ingredients, the average consumer has no interest in digesting.  The manufacturers assume the average consumer will never read the small details on the back of the packaging: and they are right. Most of us have no idea.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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11 Responses to Do we know what is in our food?

  1. Kimberly en marc the ruler says:


  2. Yedizizzzzzz sleep well says:

    I read from a commenter on those site that gadaffi was played by steve tyler, the roc musical. But he also looks a lot like Lily Tomlin, just add a nose. I think they can change the skin and nose most easily (hair too), as the nose is not that much used in expressing emotions, so it does not look fake, but it does change the looks of a person anormously.

    • illumnities categories says:

      Oh please

      Gadaffi was plaed by Patty Brard

      why else is this Patty girl still on tv?
      because the illuminati wants to show her off….
      So she must be transgender and/or play a BIG GUY somewhere else
      She cant be there becase she is patty brard
      she must be there as a “second role” or transgender doll

    • Make Lennonade says:

      this is not the same woman.

  3. Food brings us down says:

    Imagine, the Western European countries had the healthiest population, strong and smart. But they have been brainstorming us for almost 50 years to bring down our eating habbits. So we live unhealthy by now, but we buy extra with supplements.

    Salt added
    Sugar added
    Not real butter but fake butter (unhealthy)
    Pizza and bread beyond what is good
    Pesticides and fake manipulated food
    Veggie burgers full of soja and salt instead of chicken
    Encouragement to drink more (drink 1 glass a day… but by now we drink too much)

    It is bringing down the health of our nations

    Like immigration beyond what we can swallow in terms of work
    That is not normal,
    but tv tells us we are discriminating when we discuss what a normal immigration rate is.

  4. Food brings us down says:

    Oddly, they told us the French are realy healthy so we would add rich cheese and wine to the kitchen counter, as well as french bread. Then the told us Italians eat really healthy, so we added olive oil and pizza to the menu………… What is next? We were very healthy, but now we slowly ….

  5. HH Haat hoeren says:

    We call them the Heil Hitler Haat Hoeren

  6. HH Haat hoeren says:

    in vleesproducten (snacks en van die vleesdingen uit de vriezer waarvan het niet meer duidelijk is waar het vandaan komt)……. dat is echt heel ongezond
    en soms zit er zelfs menselijk dna in.
    het is onduidelijk hoe dat kan
    is dat van de mensen van de productielijn?
    gebruiken ze afval uit een ziekenhuis?
    worden slachtoffers van criminelen gebruikt?
    i wil weten hoe dat kan ipv dat het zo is.
    hoe erg is de shit in dit land?

  7. Desire Stok Del says:

    whahahaha all on tv and off main stream media all of it is fake
    for sure
    but are all your comparissons spot on? NOPE you try though
    some of them are right but not all of them

    NANA Mouskouri IS NOT also Desiree Stokkel

    Though both are just personas set up by illuminati
    So both persons have various personalities
    When enough lies are told by illuminati
    the normal people cant agree on anything so cant form alliances and stand up for themselves

    I have to say Desiree Stokkel looks a lot like Nana Mouskouri
    And they have some similarities in voice and in facial expressions too
    So not that bad, perhaps they look alike

  8. Desire Stok Del says:

    so nobody is allowed to become famous with ther own identity andtheiur own nationality
    it needs to be lies…. why? to make ure nobody can stand up and gather their fanbase followers to make a revolution or a smaller kind of change
    when their celebrity persona is all lies, the fanbase will lose faith when someone stands up and really talks to them about what is going on in the world

  9. Desire Stok Del says:

    the people are taught to show respect for those that should not be respected
    the gang stalking network is taught tohave no respect for those that deserve respect
    in the end it is about making nobody powerfull enough to make any change
    it is all about controll
    this is why iluminati love losers with no selfrespect and no talent and who want to be part of something
    they are easily tempted to become criminals in exchange for “be part of the group”
    they sell out everything, to get a career they would outherwise never would have had

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