Why are some genocides worse?

Some initial thoughts on the subject.

  • Apartheid in South-Africa never led to any person being imprisoned for committing the worst crimes imaginable against black people. Not when it ended. The tribunal was aimed at forgiving the worst criminals. I understand you have to forgive those who lived as Whites in Apartheid, but who did not commit terrible voilent crimes. Of course. They were born in a system and lived a more or less decent life, though many were not fighting hard enough to stop Apartheid. You can forgive that. How else can you move forward. But that is not the whole story. People have been raped, tortured and killed, for no reason. Many voilent crimes have been committed, that can not be explained with “it was war, we were fighting for our side”. Terrible crimes, no matter how you look at it. Why forgive and forget? How did they sell the forgive and forget policy to the public? Some performance.
  • The communist system. Communism was not a system supported by the people in Eastern Europe, given the wall and the high suicide rate. It was certainly not a workers paradise. For many decades the entire population of Eastern Europe has been put into slavery. The economic system destroyed. Possessions confiscated. Lifes destroyed. The system abused many for no reason at all, except to oppress. Terrible crimes have been committed, e.g. mass surveillance, intimidation, murder, rape, torture etc etc. It was all common practice. Slavery of entire nations. There was no way out, unless you worked for the system. But the wall fell and the population needed to simply move on. They often were able to see their (STASI/KGB) files when lucky (or not), but the agents were protected. All crimes covered up. Forgive and forget and move on.



To me it is insane, how there has been no justice. Nobody paid for the damage done to people’s life. No justice in any way. Forgive and forget. And while in colonial times worldwide the standard for human rights and confiscation of countries was viewed different by almost all nations and people worldwide, we (the former colonial powers) did offer the locals new opporunities and are still continuously reminded of “how bad we were”. Yet, the above described systems were active not so long ago. Human rights were already an accepted concept. Yet these were possibly the worst regimes ever existed on the planet, with no opportunities to escape from it. Why did worldwar II end with large rescue armies, while these regimes did not? I can’t wrap my head around it.


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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12 Responses to Why are some genocides worse?

  1. Vrije vogels says:

    alleen de vogels vliegen van Oost naar West Berlijn worden niet terg gefloten ook niet neergeschoten…………….

    nu weten we wat ze bedoelen. vogels zijn de mestelaars want die verwijzen naar zichzelf als vogels, vrije vogels wel te verstaan. Vandaar ook de vogel als symbool bij Wilders. En ja, Nelson Mandela was ook een vogel.

  2. Vrije vogels says:

    dat militaire vertoon in oost europa alleen al
    en dan veel surveillance toepassen voila onderdruking van de massa
    en we noemen dat heel satanisch een arbeidersparadijs JAWOHL
    maar de nazis waren heus echt heel erg die moesten allemaal dood

  3. Worse Mums says:

  4. Worse Mums says:

    who is playing julian assange?

    • Worse Mums says:

      my guess is he is male
      he must be darker in skin and hair in real
      also, eithe really thin or more fat, since that covers the shape of face
      it must be someone famous big time, as they get a kick out of that

    • Perspective says:

      They always use a perspective for himn taking a camera angle from belong upwards.
      So the view from the different (upper) angle will be more showing

    • Perspective says:

      His eyes are very typical with the upperpart hanging over the eyes a bit.

  5. Perspective says:

    zo ken ik er nog wel wat
    zij lijkt op guusje nederhorst maar ze is het niet
    echt zeker niet

  6. Familiar commies says:

    especially countries that are said to be non members of UN or totaly the opposite of allied forces or main focus of campaigns for international pressure to change…. they are controlled by the illuminai. these people love slavery of all sorts of ways, so are behing world war 2, communisism in eastern europe, apartheid in south africa, syria regime assad and now ISIS, china, conservatism in the middle east etc etc etc. all these socalled opporessive regimes are really controlled by globalists. why? because they love slavery, because they love mind controlling entire countries. and they love to rob economies untill there is nothing left, full control means you can predict how the economy will develop…..

  7. Desire Stok Del says:

    how did the set up communism in eastern europe?
    russians were armed people as a people.
    eastern europe was not rich but also not extremely poor either.
    So how can you oppress people like that?
    surely not a majority would spontaneously support the idea of NO POSSESSIONS !!!!
    even labourers will not like that idea.
    so they must have had a large army base of various sorts throughout society.
    are we sure the nazis went to argentinia?
    perhaps the jews and nazis both went to eastern europe after ww2?

  8. jimmy de pimmy says:

    a south arican could be jailed for 3 YEARS when they stay away from work.
    I repeat 3 YEARS ……………………………

    that is slavery. you cant decide to stay away from work.
    i mean, a conservative legal position would be, people can be fired here and now as of now for joining a strike. that at least makes sense. but jailtime 3 years??? that is institutionalized slavery.

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