They call it a sickness in New York: The Truman Show Delusion.

Joel Gold, psychiatrist from New York. Somehow he got to meet various persons over the years, who all had this same (unknown) “Truman Show” syndrom (including foreigners who flew to New York to ask for help at the UN). He thus coined it as the “Truman Show delusion”.

What the patients believe? They believe their life is secretly being filmed. They believe they are surrounded by actors, who stalk and/or trick them into doing things. Of course, this can not be possible, unless the illuminati do exist and real reality shows is an important form of entertainment for them.

Next a radio interview with Joel Gold from New York.


Below a Youtube-vlog from a guy who claims he has the Truman Show Delusion. To us this seems fake. Perhaps, Benjamin is himself an actor. He does not come across as someone who really is mentally ill nor as someone who is stalked by a gang stalking system for decades. He comes across as an actor, telling us how to view Truman Show believers.


And this is Joel Gold, the psychiatrist himself.


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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42 Responses to They call it a sickness in New York: The Truman Show Delusion.

  1. Commies says:

    Good idea.
    Bring out youtubes to claim it a psychiatric disorder
    So when anyone starts talking about it, the public knows: mental patient !
    Do not believe it do not believe it do not believe it

  2. Commies says:

    Joel Gold looks familiar too.
    Who is this guy?

  3. Commies says:

    We have more surveillance now compared to the STASI in Eastern Europe
    And th STASI was heavy shit. They just keep it hidden from us

  4. Illumi shit says:

    The illuminati have programmes that sound exact like the actor who claims to be a victim.
    They isolate certain kids and follow them throughout their life from youth to mature…
    This is actually destroying someone’s life, as these kids are not allowed to join sport clubs or do other activities that normal kids do. When they do jpoin sportclubs, they make sure all team mates are freemasons and actors and the like. So it is all fake. They are tested and since it is all fake, motivation to interact with team mates becomes low, as targets can feel the team mates are simply totall uninteresting fake people. So the Truman show is a real program from the illuminati. It is killing people. It is the worst kind of slavery, since these people are not even told they are in slavery. Yet it takes very long for healthy people to realize there is no way they can improve their life to something that is worthwhile for them. The system interferes with everything. They have so many scumbags working for them. Lowlife that they allow to pretend they are something, but you can always tell. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING HERE??? Stupid fuckups that walk around university and are treated with respect by professors, while students that are performing 20x more compared to the fuck-ups are ignored and treated like shit. At sportclubs, they have actors who are afraid of catching a ball join a team for ballsports etc etc. Just totally ridiculous, no matter where you go. Even at work, the worst lowlife stupid nonworking idiot get praised by the managing boss, while those that do 50x the ampount of work, they get ignored. They get no raise in wages, while they do all the work. It is insane.

  5. Illumi shit says:

    So many companies join in.
    All institutions join in.

    All student associations are managed by illuminati freemasons
    All universities are managed by illuminati/freemasons
    All sportclubs are managed by illuminati/freemasons
    All schools are managed by illuminati/freemasons
    All political parties are ……..
    All theatres are
    all tv programmes are ……
    all public transport is too…….
    all telco are managed by …… (so whatever is looked up on www !!!)
    all armies are …….
    all social benefits are managed by ……. (so you know who gets the money 100% sure)

  6. Illumi shit says:

    these people set up multiple identities from a very young age onwards
    they start making pictures with a fake family from an early age on
    they join different schools, but only part-time, so they can fake having gone to that school
    in reality, they went to that school only a few days, but they made sure to be seen by many.
    they are in some class photos even though they didnot really attend that school
    so 30 years later, they claim they went their and they have the pictures to proof it

    many of these freemason kids, they went to various schools for 1 or 2 years. then they went to a different town, paint their hair, join a different MAVO the next year . The next year, they move to a new town, paint their hair again, and change their names, join a new MAVO. So in 4 years time, they set-up 3 fake identities with a history at a certain school and they get a MAVO diploma. At every school they have a classphoto taken, so they have proof they are this person with this name who went to the MAVO (but they say they went 4 years to that school while they only went 1 year)

  7. Illumi shit says:

    the scholing system is so corrupt.
    school are really into human trafficking.
    how do you think girls end up victims of loverboyw?
    it is because make sure they are isolated and have nobody
    when the parents are total trash and shit, but a child is beatutiful and hard working,
    the schools make sure the girl in question gets no chance in life no matter how good she is
    the smartest thing to do, is when your parents are trash, is to leave school asap
    schools are hunting grounds for top performing girls who want to escape a terrible family
    schools make sure a girl is never allowed to become more than the family she tries to escape from
    so it is best to leave school asap, ni matter if you are the best in class.
    they will simply not allow you to outperform the rest, when your parents are trash
    schools are against social mobility
    schools are also helping pedonetworks to drug and abuse kids
    schools are run by satanists

  8. Illumi shit says:

    court houses are also illuminati managed
    not al judges are corrupt, but courthouse management is
    so they make sure only the corrupt managers get cases that are of importance to them

  9. Illumi shit says:

    so what is next?
    donald trump is played by henk slotman or no van johnson?
    please come on people.
    fake news is happening. actors with multiple personas is happening
    we just have to be more critical before we claim 21 are the same person
    they for sure are doing it to us

  10. Illumi shit says:


    and Harry Mens played Jessica Fletcher in Murder she wrote.

  11. Scripted Diana says:

    All these people in the abve article are themselves part of the fake news.
    So they support a system that stalks targets to either suicide or to the mental institutions.
    The people mentioned in this article help stalk people to death by discrediting the targets.
    Ian and Joey Gold must know how many targets are destroyed by organized stalking.
    When their lastname is Gold, they are from New York and they are psychiatrists, they FOR SURE know about gang stalking systems and FOR SURE know about increased surveillance in society. The fact that they do not mention it say a lot about how bad these people are. These are not medical proffesionals but rather Mengele doctors

  12. Scripted Diana says:

    slavery is for many communities normal, as many men and women find trafficking children and women for sex slavery normal. also organ donorship by robbing bodies is normal. there are simply communities in our western society that find slavery oke, normal, a goal in life. For children born into these communities, abducting fellow classmates and drugging them, so they can be abused as sex slaves, it is a normal thing to do. It is what allows them to make a carreer later on in life. Slavery for them is a goal in life. Reducing other human beings into slavery, it is what they want, it is how they are taught at school, to get ahead in life. Rape is normal for them. And girls are selected at school, when they are unaware of the slavery trade, to be abused Schools help bring children into slavery, in our western world. not only sex slaves, but also unpaid labour, forced on by the parents. Some children work 80 hours per week, without getting paid. Schools know this and will make sure those children have no friends to talk to and no-one to help them, as they want slavery to continue. For these communities, slavery is the objective in itself. And when aplied succesfully (people are working without getting paid and children are drugged to be abused as sex slaves).

  13. Scripted Diana says:

    I do not trust this presenter at TED x for 2 reasons.
    1) it is TED x and she is allowed on stage for a long time
    2) she does not mention the drugs they often use. you can simply abuse any wman or child without them knowing it, so advanced are the drugs. they will onl loose conciousness for say 30 minutes or 1 hour. on an evening out in a club, that 1 hour lost you might simply not be aware of. it is easily done, when your “best friends” are actuall not friends but children whose job it is to abduct fellow classmates.
    3) she ignores the communities that organize these crimes. it is an organized crime, not a criminal who was able to set-up human trafficking, no about 5-10% of the population in any country is involved in these organized crimes. for these communities, slavery is a way of life, they believe their goal in life is to reduce any person outside of their community into slavery, not only for sex.

  14. Scripted Diana says:

    slavery is illegal, anyone knows that.
    anyone worldwide knows slavery is injust and knows it is illegal.
    so the main reason it exist so strongly everwhere, is that the targets have nowhere to go and nobody to help them. government? please, the police knows it exists, especially in the sex industry and with illegal immigrants, and of course parents abusing their children and caretakers abusing those trusted to them into institutions. but as the system is sick, where can you go if you want to escape slavery? a slave does not need help in setting up a life, a slave needs people to tell the child abducter aka slave owner to fuck off. the problem is they have nowhere to go and do not now anyone.

  15. Frere Mason says:

    Free Masons

  16. Frere Mason says:

    back when slavery was legal, there were more strict assesments to decide if slavery was acceptable. you could not simply drug a child and traffick it to another country to sell it in child prostitution. nowadays the values that were normal in the western world back when slavery was legal, they no longer hold for our governments. the government system now looks the other way when concerning slavery, as they no longer consider human beings as having natural rights. the values of the roman empire are promoted within the governments of the western world, creating an enormous gap between the people and the government, but without the people realizing it. there is just more happening under the table. like drug trafficking, human trafficking is allowed by the governement. They dont give shit, as long as they can fuck a sex slave themselves every now and then.

  17. Frere Mason says:

    the poice does not check if a slave is really a slave, but consiutently looks the other way. all slavery is illegal, so they always look the other way

  18. Frere Mason says:

    psychopaths are simply supported by whole communities, as these communities of satanists want tto destroy a country and desroy a people. So reducing a person to low levels is what they enjoy doing. they are simly psychopaths, enjoying torture, sexual abuse, rape, slavery, lust murder. anyone involved in that industry, is close to murdering for lust. they enjoy reducing human beings to things, which is murder or something close to it. any rapist is close to developing into a lust murderer. it is a small step. and they have communities that teach any kid to become like that. thuggees.

  19. Frere Mason says:

    this woman is fake, but slavery is real.
    governments know about it
    just look at communists countries
    even china now, it has slaves in the country sides
    any communist system is based on slavery
    they simply turned whol countries into slave factories
    the communist =didnot care how it was inefficient
    the communists love slavery and made sure to make money themselves

  20. Carolien says:

    gang stalking bestaat (ze noemen het pranken op tv, want practical joke = vreselijk)
    cameras hangen er overal
    gezichtsherkenning bestaat

    de vraag is. zijn er organisaties die het lachen vinden om mensen te pranken en dan via de cameras die overal hangen ze te volgen om te zien hoe ze hun leven oplossen met de shot die ze over zich heen kijken. de vraag is puur. vinden overheidsorganisaties en vrijmetselaars dat grappig. want als ze dat grappig vinden, dan zoeken ze gewoon een slachtoffer en doen ze dat. kan vooral als families of buurten allemaal lid zijn van die club en dan 1 persoon het niet vertellen die dan jarenlang geprankt gaat worden, lachen, leuk achtervolgen met de beveiligingscameras en voila. truman show syndroom. ook je internet gedrag en waar je bent met mobiel en bankkaart kunnen dat soort clubs 24/7 zien. Ze hebben de technologie om iedereen te localiseren 24/7, want het zit in je bankkaart en in je mobiel.

  21. Dick Kamerling says:

    jim carrey played the truman show
    he also plays kristiaan kamerling antonie kamlering brother
    the media has so many people at work and they do a lot of gang stalking shot in between their on stage acting jobs
    actors are basically criminals, doing damage to society
    did ou thing acting a movies once every 2 years is a fulltime job?
    it is nit

  22. Truman show syndrom OR says:

    Truman show syndrom?
    this doctor is Marc Veul or another actor again
    This is so fake

  23. Ohwraaarh L Jackson says:

    This psychiatrist Gold guy is Marc Veul with the voice of George Clooney
    They have small apps to put in their mouth so their voice sounds different
    People recognize you with yopur voice alone so they have apps for that
    Some are the low voice app (Clooney)
    Some are the lispel app (shshshshst)

  24. Alive and Kicking says:

    the truman show film
    the director or producer is peter weir
    he so reminds me of harrison ford
    by the way, how come harrison ford got famous when he was older?
    was he smeone else before too?

  25. Alive and Kicking says:

    Ths Joel Gold psychiatrists.
    This is Marc Veul for sure.
    Dutch guy. Blond.

  26. Alive and Kicking says:

    It is gang stalking
    For research purposes and entertainment they tape it
    Hidden cctv cameras
    So people do not believe they are tv show stars.
    the are being stalked by groups of masons

  27. Truman Gold Stein says:

    Gold and Gold highlighted five short case studies of patients who had presented for treatment in their psychiatric practices. The cases ‘diagnosed’ as having the TSD are the reverse of what occurred in the film as their reported symptoms recall that of Truman, without the knowledge and awareness that their attempts to understand their situation will lead to a [Hollywood] happy ending. Interestingly, three of the cases highlighted by the authors referred to The Truman Show by name. Here is a brief summary of the five reported cases.

    * Case 1 (‘Mr. A’): Mr A. claimed his life was like The Truman Show, a belief that he had held for five years without his family’s knowledge. He believed the 9/11 attacks were fabricated and travelled to New York to see if the Twin Towers were still standing (and if they were, it would prove that he was the star of his own show). He believed that everyone in his life were part of the conspiracy and that he had cameras implanted in his eyes (and when he was admitted to the psychiatry department he asked to speak to the ‘director’). He was diagnosed as having schizophrenia (and more specifically a chronic paranoid type versus substance-induced psychotic disorder).
    * Case 2 (‘Mr. B.’): Mr B. believed he was being continuously recorded for national broadcast. He formulated a “plan to come to NYC and meet an unknown woman at the top of the Statue of Liberty. He expected [her] to release him from the control of an extended network of individuals who [were]…taping him continually…and broadcasting the tapes nationally for viewers’ enjoyment as part of a scenario similar to…The Truman Show”. He believed he “was and am the centre, the focus of attention by millions and millions of people…my [family] and everyone I knew were and are actors in a script, a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world’s attention”. He had attempted suicide three times due to dysphoria, hopelessness, and persecutory delusions. He was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type) along with both crack cocaine and marijuana dependence.
    * Case 3 (‘Mr. C’): Mr. C. – a journalist – had a history of depression, and was manic and psychotic. He believed that stories – in newspapers, online, and on television – were created by his colleagues in the media for his personal amusement. He believed that those around him were paid actors, and that everything around him was fake, and that “all [his] associates are involved”. During his hospitalization, Mr. C. attempted to escape to confirm whether there were disparities between the news given on the ward and what was happening outside. He was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder with psychotic features.
    * Case 4 (‘Mr. D.’): Mr D. actually worked on a reality television show and came to believe that he was the person whose life was actually being broadcast. He thought he was “a secret contestant on a reality show and believed he was being filmed. He also believed all his thoughts were being controlled by a film crew paid for by his family. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, had manic episodes, and a marijuana abuser.
    Case 5 (‘Mr. E’): Mr E. believed that the Secret Service was following him. He had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had bouts of depression. He described a “scheme” that he claimed was similar to The Truman Show. Gold and Gold reported that Mr. E. “believed that he was the master of the scheme, that it involved everyone in his life including the hospital staff, and that all these people were actors. He thought that he might be recorded while in hospital. He believed that the news was fabricated and that the radio was recorded for him…He believed that the scheme would end on Christmas Day and that he would be released then”. He was diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder versus methylphenidate-induced psychotic disorder.

  28. Truman Gold Stein says:

    did not john ewbank mention the truman show?

    they tell them what is going on is like a truman show
    so that when they are sent to a mental institution, the diagnoses can be made

    governemnt in the past did psychiatric research on people we now know
    but they deny it untill it is too late
    the perpetrators need to die for them to acknowledge it happenend
    so the victims are locked up for life
    they are that insane

    so this dr Joel Gold is a pretty ugly sick person

  29. Truman Gold Stein says:

    with all the security cameras everywhere
    they can now do psychoiatric research on normal people
    before, they did it in orphanage and poor houses,
    as these people were committed in living there anyway
    now they can do this on people living a normal life
    as long as enough people around them are actors (frere masons)
    when your family is masonic it is easy
    most schools are lead by masons
    telco and internet and cctv cameras are controlled as well
    you can lock someone in without the door being locked
    that is the disqadvantage of global frere masons clubs and the present technology telco

  30. Truman Gold Stein says:

    when you go on holiday to cuba they simply give a signal to the masons over there

    yes i looked up joel gold from new york and marc veul from the netherlands
    they are the same person or are so similar, it is insane

  31. tv shows says:

    i remmeber how my dad hated certain tv shows in the netherlands
    we were not allowed to watch
    paul de leeuw, fabeltjeskrant, sonja,

  32. tv shows says:

    Dr. Joel Gold met Albert, his first “Truman patient” in 2003 while working as an attending psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital. Brian, a visual artist, who was admitted soon after, believed that he was living a secretly taped life. There was a computer engineer, an MIT professor, a lawyer — all of whom believed the same thing: They were on camera. Gold, as of 2014, had collected over 100 cases. “I started to think: There’s something really going on here,” he said. “What struck me was how all-encompassing the Truman Show Delusion is.”

  33. tv shows says:

    – Brian visual artist
    – lawyer
    – MIT professor
    – computer engineer

    not average joe and all male

  34. Gang stalking targets says:

    Convinced he was being watched by government agencies, Liam Warner* would turn up to his vocational training in Sydney with cameras strapped to his body.

    A skilled tradesman who was studying construction, the 23-year-old’s life was anything but the strange “Truman Show” existence he says he now lives out.

    For Warner, everything from receiving bad grades to students bullying him was clandestine tactics the government used to derail him. His neighbors, classmates and colleagues were all part of a covert government operation to “torture” and stalk him.

    “My house was bugged, my car was bugged, my phone calls and all socials were bugged. Everybody knew what I was doing and I started hearing a lot of sudden rumors about myself. It wasn’t that hard to figure out,” Warner said.

  35. Gang stalking targets says:

    odd thing is, all cases described have as a target an higher educated person with a reious job. so what does that tell us? it is certainly not the typical audience for reality tv shows, as they shows are mainly watched by school kids and lower educated people who have time to follow the reality shows. so again, why are higher educated people targetted? gradisoso complex?

  36. Tru not man says:

    gang stalking is real
    those fake doctors who institutionalize anyhow who claims to be victim of gang stalking
    they should be institutionalized themselves, IN JAIL

    • Tru not man says:

      by the way, the above video is made by freemasons
      so it is not a sincere video at all
      nonetheless, see and learn

      just remember, make-up artists from celebrities, are NOT the victims
      kids from teachers, former military, mum medical doctor: NOT the victims

    • Tru not man says:

      the 2 guys in the video are typical gang stalkers…
      really, make-up artists for celebrities?
      homeless person with a background of working for the system?
      totally the profile
      all working for the same system
      but they act as the victim, the gay sensitive guy working with celebrities….
      whahahaaha that is such a fake world with zero respect for citizens.

    • Bobbie is doctor says:

      The home =less guy looks like bob saget from full house tv series

  37. Tru not man says:

    gang stalking is real

    it exists and the stalkers likely tape it on video and stream it online for amusement
    it is a worldwide apartheid system, including mass surveillance, gang stalking, police brutality…
    it is what they do/did in communism exactly that
    it is what they do now in western world thanks to mass surveillance

    but your government tells you, mass surveillance is there against the terrorists, there to protect you from terrorists. yeah right, like the government isnt protecting pedophiles and organziig hoax attacks with actor who play terrorists….

  38. Tru not man says:

    the world is not ruled by reptiles
    but we do have an illuminati group that is way older compared to the average person, they might be up to 150 years old or so. they get the best health care in the world lifelong.

    so what is shapeshifting?
    nothing to do with reptiles or ET’s or UFO’s
    these illuminati group works with amazing theatre make-up, like a second plastic skin.
    they can make white people black and the other way around
    there are several tricks for it.
    a) a white person wearing light brown skin colouring that goes into the skin, like the products you can buy in the store nowadays but better, but on top of that an even darker foundation. That way, their skin can still breath and sweat even though the colour remains darker.
    b) the second option is a plastic like skin on top of the natural skin, this is more a mask, so you will sweat underneath and you can really do sports or wear it while performing on stage under heavy lights, as you will sweat heavily.
    an 80 year old looks like 30 year old with the amazing make-up they have.
    paint the hair and rinse it out with shampoo the same day.

    what we know as politicians, are really actors working for the illuminati.
    hitler? actor working for the illuminati. same with thatcher, mao zhe dong, nelson mandela, stalin.
    just actors. wearing a wig or way too much make-up. fake mustage. fake nose.
    that way they can do their part as hitler in movies and presentations etc etc
    the next day they go on holidays in another country and enjoy life normally and safely.
    after 30 years playing hitler, they fake death, shave off the mustage, get a new skincolour.
    and they move on to the next job.

    shape shifinting? nah. they dont shift in another form.
    totally superficial people they are boring even
    it is difficult even to have a conversation with them at all
    just like they are mental
    and talk superficial stuff in a monologue
    talk about make-up or tv shows is all they can do
    talk about nothing and nothing and nothing on and on and on

  39. Braafste meisje says:

    Johnny is a whore speaking on a conference on 2 NOvember (112 alert)
    About what? About his made up illness about being in a truman show.
    Why? Because people ARE stalked and filmed for amusement of the illuminati.
    All the CCTV in the world? All the stalking against individuals.
    They need a few whores who explain on youtube how they have this illness
    “truman show” syndrome !!!
    So that from now on, anyone who is stalked and feels it happens especially in areas where there is surveillance….. this person must be mad !!!
    Please people, keep on believing CCTV is there for your safety !!!
    Anyone who says otherwise is a lunatic !!!!!

    Speaking on November’s disability talk show, Benjamin says that he started dwelling on this idea and for the next 10 years he believed he was being watched by cameras like Truman, and that nothing was real.

    It wasn’t until he was finally hospitalised at the age of 20 that a psychiatrist explained it was all in his head. He says: “That was a major awakening for me and I realised I had been in a delusion.”

    Jonny Benjamin has so far posted about 40 videos to his site, which has been viewed by thousands of people. In the videos he speaks openly about hearing voices, the employment difficulties he faces, and many other personal insights. On 2 November he received the Janey Antoniou Award, presented by the mental illness charity Rethink, for his work battling stigma and raising awareness of schizophrenia and mental illness.

    Benjamin’s videos are very honest and some might think that disclosing a mental illness online could harm his future in the same way indiscreet photos posted to Facebook have reportedly affected people’s job chances.

    Benjamin dismisses this: “It doesn’t concern me too much. I’d rather be open about my mental health than hide it away. I suffered so much growing up because I kept everything silent, I could never go through that again. I feel like I have to be open and honest now, just for my own health.”

    ps. BBC is 223 in numbers. And 223 is the Illuminati number. Just like 666 is the number of the devil. 112 and 911 is hoax disaster symbolic numbers.

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