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Job positions preferred by pedophiles?

Actor Child care Club owner  Dentist Medical doctor Mother (stay at home) Musician Pedagogue Policeman Sport coach Teacher Basically any caretaker position available.

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Seinfeld actor admits reality tv and tv game shows are fake

Actors are playing as if they are normal people in a game show. The outcome of the game show is known beforehand. They do get the price as payment. Is this always the case? We get the impression: yes indeed! … Continue reading

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Welke donker iconen zijn mogelijk niet donker?

We zijn niet zeker. Maar we hebben twijfels over de echte identiteit van de volgende personen. Als gevolg hebben we ook twijfels over de echte huidskleur. Mahalia Jackson Ike Turner Jimi Hendrix Bob Marley Tina Turner Oprah Winfrey Alles op … Continue reading

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Patrick MacNee also has a Doppelganger, in Amsterdam, in the cultural sector!

WAAROM LIJKT MELLE DAAMEN ZOVEEL OP PATRICK MACNEE VAN DE WREKERS??? Patrick MacNee (1922 – 2015). Actor. Famous for the role of John Steed in British tv series The Avengers. American citizen since 1959. His autography is called “Blind in One Ear”. Melle … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, only one actor is a perfect match for this role: Corey Hawkins

Martin Luther King, civil rights leader in the 1960s in America.  Corey Hawkins, young actor known for the 24 legacy tv-series.  Martin Luther King was born on January 15 in 1929. He became a preacher man at the Baptist Church … Continue reading

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Mahalia Jackson, queen of gospel, she should’ve been played by (white) Zus Herbrink, who lived in Vilsteren (small Dutch village)

Mahalia Jackson (New Orleans, 26 oktober 1911 – Chicago, 27 januari 1972) … She reminds us of Zus Herbrink and Tina Turner. Queen of Gospel A major icon for black America in the 1950s and 1960s She sang at the White House and she also met the … Continue reading

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Do we know what is in our food?

No, we do not know. You do not have to be worried when large parts of our fruit juice is apple juice, since apple juice is not a terrible choice when drinking processed fruit juice. Also, champagne not really made … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe, nog zo’n typisch entertainment product.

Marilyn Monroe. Weinig personen kregen zoveel media-aandacht. Laten we eerlijk zijn, dit is geen extreem supermooie vrouw. Veel make-up en te blote jurkjes. Aanstellerig lachen. Het is een gemiddelde porno-actrice. Prima, simpele mannen willen ook wat te kijken hebben. Maar … Continue reading

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Marianne Vaatstra the movie? Dan kan Elton John pa Vaatstra spelen. Of toch Horatio Caine?

Marianne Vaatstra. Meisje uit Kloosterburen. Vermoord gevonden in een weiland in 1999, de dag na Koninginnedag (Walpurgisnacht). Iedereen kent het verhaal. Het is één van de meest langslepende verhalen van Peter R. de Vries. Het is potentieel materiaal voor een … Continue reading

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Why are some genocides worse?

Some initial thoughts on the subject. Apartheid in South-Africa never led to any person being imprisoned for committing the worst crimes imaginable against black people. Not when it ended. The tribunal was aimed at forgiving the worst criminals. I understand … Continue reading

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They call it a sickness in New York: The Truman Show Delusion.

Joel Gold, psychiatrist from New York. Somehow he got to meet various persons over the years, who all had this same (unknown) “Truman Show” syndrom (including foreigners who flew to New York to ask for help at the UN). He … Continue reading

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