Acteurs die dubbelganger zijn van voormalig studente uit Kampen? Het lijkt erop.

Hieronder een foto van actrice Elaine Cassidy, die we ondermeer kennen van de film Harpers Island. Een actrice uit de UK. Zij lijkt echter sprekend op Dayana van Dijk.

Dayana van Dijk was een student in Groningen, die geboren was in Kampen. Zij studeerde in Groningen internationale betrekkingen en zat ze in het bestuur van de Volleybalvereniging op de Aclo. Samen met haar vriend Rolf is zij verongelukt op een rondreis in Zuid-Amerika, niet lang na haar afstuderen. Het is een raar verhaal.



Maar nu zien we dus Elaine Cassidy. Dat is echt een dubbelganger, zowel qua gezicht als postuur. Toch gaat dit niet om dezelfde persoon. Dayane van Dijk was ongeveer 165cm en Elaine Cassidy is 157cm lang.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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24 Responses to Acteurs die dubbelganger zijn van voormalig studente uit Kampen? Het lijkt erop.

  1. vandaag in telegraaf says:
  2. Language used says:

    yeah right
    also the chloe figure in series public enemy is played by a girl who also pretended t study in groningen. she pretended to live with karianne vogel.
    and also the male detective in public enemy is played by the father of family ties. yeah right all that.

  3. Language used says:

    yedizi zijn toch satanisten?
    isis is toch een hoax?
    het zjn toch de yedizi mannen die isis spelen voor de youtubes en de isis vrouwen die slachtofferschap spelen? elk wat wils? en straks betalen we via de hoax vn allemaal schadevergoedngen aan de daders.

  4. History repeat delete says:

    Where have I heard that story before?
    It seems familiair.

    Governments learn form history
    The people dont. Thats the real problem.

  5. Gwen Paltrow says:

    what about this one

    is gwen paltrow, the blond actress
    is she also justine bateman the mallory in family ties?

  6. Gwen Paltrow says:

    anything is possible. they are all related and all of them are freemasons,
    you dont get to be on tv for having talents
    you get to be on tv when deceiving people and drugging children for pedo parties etc etc
    also, they enjoy just having several personalities on tv

    maybe dorus the singer from the 1970s is also toon hermans
    maybe they both were female?
    the whole transgender thing is so part of the media world
    they want people for whom deceiving is second nature
    it is what the do

    they are so boring
    people dont look at them twice in real life
    all they have is their make up and terrible manners
    it is trash from trailer camp putting on a new wig every day

  7. Gwen Paltrow says:

    die blonde agent van polizei potsdam doet me ook zo denken aan die vrouw die vroueger beaty and the beast tv series speelde. ook die zielige ogen en die volle lippen. als ze gezichtscreme hebben bij de illuminti waardoor je huidproblemen volledig ongedaan maakt dan kan zij het zijn

    • Gwen Paltrow says:

      nee joh die blonde van polizei potsdam lijkt op een andere politieserie chick. daar heeft ze korter haar beetje halflang a kort en ook blond en hangt de pony ook voor het gezicht. waarschijnlijk engelse serie of amerikaans ik weet het zeker. daar ziet haar gezicht er een beetje meer iel uit. gris pak aan. in die andere serie. een serie van 15 jaar geleden ofzo.

    • Cold Case CC no says:

      you mean cold case chick?
      I do not think so

      I am sure the potsdam police force is full of double headcount fuckers
      Yes blondie looks familiair too, but perhaps she is a dude from a series 15 years ago
      That is what they do They make soneone famous for 1 series, with 20 years later another new face and wig anf make them famous again. But since it is 15 years ago and they have a new face on, no-one can believe and remember it is them

      So have I always thought James Dean looks like the biyfriend of Brenda in 90210

  8. Gwen Paltrow says:

    michiel huisman zit ook in het team van de policzei potsdam.
    maar die doet een brl op ene niemand hekent m

    ik verveel me dood en wil noiet de hee tijd dit te hoven nagaan
    al die lui in de media stinken

  9. Gwen Paltrow says:

    al is maar 25% waar van wat we schrijven dat maakt de eindconclusie over die acteurs en mediamensen hetzelfde……………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kaboem

  10. Jennie Annie Danny says:

    Angelo Bison
    bad guy in Public Ennemy series on tv

    but he looks a lot like Jennifer Anniston, whom most of us believe is trans.
    also, the tv series that make a NEW actor a star (like game of thrones does a lot as well and friends did it and seinfeld et etc) those series have actually often experienced actors but after an extreme make-over so nobody believes it is an old guy instead of a new fresh chick.

    So he must be her dad
    Orrrrrr, they have amazing skin care products in hollowwood

  11. Andersomtaal says:

    Angelo Bison totall ooks like Jennifer Anniston
    Also like the boss of Sonn and Kroket from Miami Vice.
    We even see similarities with Donald Trump.

    The whol celebrity and politicians scene is one big DNA pole, with cross references for many centuries is what we guess. Why else can they look so much related?

  12. opposites are not attractive says:

    Jennifer Anniston is transgender she is actually a male
    They love to bring us the story of “the girl next door” all american sweetheart etc
    When it is actually a middle aged man from Europe.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yeah and Bishop Tutu was played by Gandi but no as he can not time travel

  14. Hoax death says:

    Rob de Nijs = Elton John

  15. Hoax death says:

    Above the cast of Polizei Potsdam

    below Linda Hamilton

    Is this her daughter? Or did Linda get an new arteficial skin?

    • Illumi shit says:

      and the same woman from polizei Postdam the blond lady also looks like the guy who did it in Murder she Wrote. What does this say? Why do people on tele look alike so uch. I say because some of them are played by the same actor, just with new make-up and new wig on. But alos because most of them have similar backgrounds, freemason actor families, half of them jewish. Really, acting jobs are given to certain families, as long as you are corrupt enough and can do the job. On tv, we dont see the best talents, we see the members of certain families who want to be on tele.

  16. Hoax death says:

    Linda Hamilton who starred in beaty and the best in the 1987s series.
    What kind of skin treatments do the illuminati have?
    Must be really expensive so normal people will never buy it.

  17. Hoax death says:

    Public enemy.
    So clearly how the church is good and pedophiles should get a second chance
    And the police is good always good good good

  18. Commies says:

    jackie kennedy is cat woman from GOTHAM celina

  19. Scripted Diana says:

    And these guys re not Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wod
    but Willem Holleeder

    serious, willem holleeder must e someone else as well
    Think about how long they only had 1 picture of him ever nothing clear about the way he looked
    Now he is a tv persona
    that is odd

    i sa hoax, heineken story was a hoax anyway. these super rich dudes do not have bodyguards 24/7 but for sure have chips in them, so whenever they are lost they can be found

  20. Breitvik Mason Houseboy says:

    and who played the OJ Simpson story?
    Because Nicole sure didnot die that night so actors again?

  21. OJ Simpson says:

    the juice

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