Sexiest men alive? We are not that sure!

We know the media is about spreading lies and keeping the people occupied with nonsense. These media fooks love to just fool people. In reality, most people don’t even read that much anymore. Many people, just don’t like watching tv, but have no clue WHY they don’t like to watch tv.

The “celebrities” promoted in media, they are not the finest. The awards given, not always based on performances. For instance, sexiest man alive. Just have a look. Not because you really care, but simply to see what media is.

  • How many men on the list of ‘sexiest man alive’ are likely female? (trans)
  • How many men on the list you consider not that attractive at all?

Please comment below.



About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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8 Responses to Sexiest men alive? We are not that sure!

  1. Jimmy is Back says:


    George Clooney
    Johnny Depp
    Brad Pitt
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Matt Damon
    even Mel Gibson we are not that sure

    • Kimberly en marc the ruler says:

      Mel gibson niet Zeker weten maar zit natuurlijk wel tot zijn oren der in.

  2. Jimmy is Back says:

    Mel Gibson you know up close right?

  3. Jimmy is Back says:

    everybode on tv is in on it
    all traitors, child abducters, gang rapists, it is simply genocide and they want to be part of it
    why? because they are psychopaths or have no feelings at all and they just want to be on tv
    these people want to be popular and know they will never be popular unless on tv
    they dont have great talents or personalities, only tv can give that to them
    tv is where the ugly man is presented a sa beautiful woman
    tv is where the non-intellectial is presented as genius
    tv is where the boring are given roles in comedies,
    all just to fool the public

  4. Jimmy is Back says:

  5. Kaskaas buur says:

    demelza from poldarok, she is marieke de lange from wijhe
    and poldark hilsef he played james bond before, but with new skin make up on

  6. Kaskaas buur says:

    all these socale ce;ebrities (actors and jornalists and presenters) they are all satanists
    they all deceive th public.
    they all pretent to be someone else with lots of male up and different hair
    the news in western media is as fake as in communist eastern europe
    alle fake stories with fake actors who are devoted to satan himself

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