What sectors are fully filled with masons?

  • Army
  • Entertainment industry
  • Film industry
  • Media
  • Music industry
  • Newspapers
  • Politicians
  • Any person you see on TV

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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10 Responses to What sectors are fully filled with masons?

  1. Danny de penny says:

    dont forget the fake professors

    Van Engelen

  2. Danny de penny says:

    Countries owned by jewish people are almost fully masons
    like israel all communist countries and the un itself

    • Mona Tyrell says:

      the vatican is jewish, not the christian communities worldwide but the vatican is 100% sure

  3. Danny de penny says:

    the try and dominate the tourism sector, they really want to
    but by nature they cant fully control it, as many individuals open a restaurant or B&B
    but any company in media who is promoted a lot through media…. sure in on it

    • Mona Tyrell says:

      you mean any company in tourism promoted massively in media
      like all hotels visited by the travel shows on tv
      any tourism that is presented in the magazines as the “next hip location”
      they are because they are in on it
      free marketing for the satansist
      when locations are highly promoted, be carefull

  4. Danny de penny says:

    when they control tourism, they can blackmail any westerner and richer person from 2nd and 3rd world country anyone who travels will end up captured in a room in a masonic hotel… easy to blackmail, as drugging is standard for these “people”. nude pics are avaiable from anyone who has frequently travelled, they just dont believe in human rights.

  5. Mona Tyrell says:

    It is almost Mona the grandma from WHO IS THE BOSS.
    But Helmond the actress died in 1992.
    So why is lady Tyrell looking so much like an older fat Mona?
    Especiallt the nose OMG a unique nose.
    The eyes and eyebrows also.

  6. Mona Tyrell says:

    When Europe was less and less christian, they made sure the media was promoting satanism.
    satanism is promoted like the next religion

  7. Mona Lies says:

    so what do you think of the enormous marketing campaign that yedizi people get from press and the UN? yedizi are satan worshippers but now presented as the ultime victims worldwide.
    we see so many yedizi woman selected based on looks who tell their sad story and pretend they are the good guy also fighting the bad islam and also victim of islam….
    we wonder if these yedizi played ISIS and now need a new home in Europe, as the moslims will really wanna kill the ISIS fake bitches???? we dont know. We mistrust anything reported on syria and anything reported this obviously. yedizi ? please stay away from europe.

  8. Mona Lies says:

    When you give power to stupid people, you are the worst.
    Stupid people do terrible things with power, especialy the spoilt lazy born rich stupid kind.
    When you have limited brain and have never had to work for anything, you are this baby.
    No sense of responsibility, as that requires brain and real life experience (with real work).
    Any person who gives that decision power to a terrible raised kid, is a murderer and coward.

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