Seriously, Kirk Cameron and Meg Ryan? And these two are not related? According to media?

We wrote about it before. Some celebrities look so much alike, one would almost think they are the same person. Meg Ryan and Kirk Cameron is an example. They look very similar. Right a photo of Meg Ryan in the 1980s. 

Almost the same person. But that is not possible, as it would mean everyone in media is simply fake. Since if they would be the same person, all their colleagues, friends, so-called families, make-up artists, hair dressers, casting directors, cameramen, and paparazi (etc. etc.) would know. And the same is true if they would secretly be family, like siblings. Yet, the resemblance is amazing, especially the last two pictures, with a younger Meg Ryan.

Kirk Cameron almost always keeps his chin down. Meg Ryan almost always puts her chin forward. They pose their face differently for the camera, a different angle.

Same nose and lips.

Same smile.

Even the teeth look similar. And these are typical teeth.


Of course, Meg Ryan is now skinnier and Kirk Cameron did some fitness workout. But besides that, and besides the colour of their hair, and the make-up: the rest is very similar. The lips, the eyes, the smile, the teeth, the eyebrows. Similar.


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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16 Responses to Seriously, Kirk Cameron and Meg Ryan? And these two are not related? According to media?

  1. Kaskaas says:

    only the last 2 piucs show they are really the same person
    they loose weight and take hormone treatment
    adding different make-up and hairstyle voila
    also, keeping the face down (like shy) or (like arrogant) up, consistently, makes people not see you clearly. they do this consistently.

  2. Kasa di MAMA says:

    who cares who these loosers are
    they are cheap fuck-ups
    whores of satan
    rhe question is why do we get thee whores of satan fed to us on media and tv?
    we do npt have a real media and tv as they are all owned by globalist fake animals…
    and who is working with them is a tertiair problem

  3. Birgit says:

    Iwan Rheon the Ramsey actor from Game of Thrones
    He is not also Francis Polark actor Kyle Soller

  4. Birgit says:

    haha Ross Polark is plaed by Aidan Turner who is also Pierce Brosnan James Bond
    All in media is fake fucked-up

    Now George Clooney is also Sean Connery no this is a joke hahahaha

  5. Birgit says:

    is not Ross Polark ‘s wife aso played by Carice van Houten?

    • MOL says:

      Nope, Ross Polark ‘s wife is Mariek de Lange from Olst.
      Caroce van Houten no clue who it is. Bad teeth she has.

  6. MOL says:

    Amal Clooney transgender and fake pregnancy ???
    George Clooney also transgender? Could be…

  7. Trans Han says:

    The are obliged to deceive every person they meet, except fellow satanists.
    So they will always tell lies. The advantage of being a transgender is, they are in their being “just lies” so they are no longer obliged to tell lies all the time. Their very being there is a lie.

  8. Vincent says:

    people are allowed to become famous when they agree to 100% sell their soul to the devil.
    they will play victim or try and play “we dont know” but “now we know we will do good” blablabla.
    In the media those that try and do good, are the worst of the worst
    only when you have no soul and no decency and are pure evil, you are allowed to fake you are the hero. so when someone tries and position as a hero, you know they have been behind all evil from the start. anyone in the media speaking up against pedonetwork systems? very likely they are behind organizing mass rape of children. why else do they want them to be in the media with talks like that? they love showing people the opposite way. so the worst of the worst are those that are allowed the script of the hero do-good fighting to help those who have been attacked. they are given that script in the media (also that is fake) because they are the opposite. they are behind the attacks and child trafficking in the first place. satan in the media loves to twist it around. look at the facial expression of clooney or meg ryan, these are dirty street fooks without good manners, who dont give a shit about anything low life people and you can see it when you look at them. but they are positioned over and over again as the sweet do good types. Look at them. You are better off trusting frontmen of heavy metal bands with your 18 year old daughters (which you also should not do) than the so called do good innocent sweet fooks. we know because we have seen them faking their “we dont know” walks of life. always around when shit happens. always walking away innocently looking when the worst of the worst is about to happen. they are behibnd it all because they have no soul. anything for fame. empty vessels no character just do evil and get attention. they know it beforehand, cause they are there when the most terrible crimes are planned. it is their job to fake the do good attitute, but they look like street workers stealing money from customers instead of giving the job to the customer paid for. we should have more respect to real p* as at least they do a job. it is who they are. cheap. bad. worse. fake. no decenvy what-so-ever. their kindness is fake as they are the worst of the worst.

  9. Vincent says:

    zowel meg ryan als george clooney zien er inderdaad uit als vieze criminelen
    al die lui zien er uit als straathoeren van het allerlaagste soort
    onaantrekelijk ook. straatvolk, dat alles zal doen om beroemd te worden.
    te lui om te werken te dom om waarde toe te voegen
    dan kan je altijd nog het diepste zinken van iedereen (dat is dan het enige waar ze goed in zijn) en beloond worden met FAME door satan… geil fout fake lachen is het enige waar ze wat voor krijgen
    totaal oninteressante mensen lijken me dit
    script heroine hoertjes inderdaad cheap cheap en kinderhandel zou ik niet uitsluiten

  10. Vincent says:

    metselaars allemaal zijn het
    die zitten allemaal in de genocide en groepsverkrachting business
    dan mag je namelijk op tv als je satan genoeg gediend hebt
    het gaat nooit deugen en wil niet deugen ook

  11. Vincent says:

    is zij geen zigeuner dan ze ziet er zo uit met dat vieze bruine tintje op
    ordinaire lach ook wel ja
    slechte tanden ook

    • Cheap cheap fake ho says:

      Ignore these them it’s
      They want attention, no matter the damage done, so deserved to be ignored
      When you win, after that event, you will help them bring them to justice
      Untill then, ignore them as they are always ignorant …..

  12. La toya Jackson says:

    maybe la toya jackson and michael jackson are also the same person.
    many people in showbiz are clled michael, so referring to archangle michael luci

  13. La toya Jackson says:

    doesnot it make more sense when la toya played michael jackson?
    the skin desease is likely made up so it is not that obvious.
    a person looks just different when the colour of make up foundation is different

  14. MOL says:

    De vrouw van Poldark in de tv series wordt gespeeld door Marieke de Lange uit Olst.
    Zij is helemaal geen Engelse dat doen ze alsof
    Al die celebrities zijn fake namen en met veel make up op spelen ze nog alsof ze amerikaans of australisch zijn oook nog het is allemaal fake fake en bedrog….

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