Camera’s in Amsterdam… het zijn er veel

De gemeente Amsterdam heeft in veel wijken camera’s op straat geplaatst. Hieronder een link naar een kaart van Amsterdam met daarop de camera’s. Hier wordt u dus in de gaten gehouden.


CCTV gemeente Amsterdam niet Carre

Hieronder een link naar de kaart online.


Mocht u een target zijn van gang stalking, dan is de kans echter groter dat u wordt lastig gevallen in een gebied waar wél camera’s hangen. De gang stalking clubjes vinden het namelijk dolletjes om stalking vast te leggen op film.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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13 Responses to Camera’s in Amsterdam… het zijn er veel

  1. Satan is with them says:

    het zijn vieze communisten
    communisme is de grootste genocide die deze wereld ooit gekend heeft
    eenieder die er vandaag aan meewerkt om het weer op te zetten verdient niet te leven
    omdat wij 1000x meer mens zijn dan een communistenbeest, zullen wij keurige groegsgevangenissen bouwen waar de communistenbeesten levenslang mekaar kunnen lastig vallen. dat doe je als beschaafd land met mensen die nooit meer een bijdrage aan de maatscjappij zullen leveren, gewoonweg omdat het niet in hun zijn aanwezig is. het zijn psychopaten beesten die hele landen willen uitmoorden, thuggees.

  2. Satan is with them says:

    anyone member oif occukt shit are worst criminals imaginable
    criminals that are not members of occult shit will never do as much damage as them
    we might as well let all criminals free from jail but lock up anyone involved in occult shit
    Just the easiest way to clean up the streets and the system from bad elements
    mass murder movement it is

  3. Looks scripted says:

    they are totally satanic

    this means that law abiding citizens who add value to society are monitored untill there is not much left of their life, but a dull communistic state of mind. The most lazy stupid fucked up low life is encouraged to do as much damage as possible and fully protected, for a s long as they commit crimes only against working citizens. the criminals and system workers are protected and corrupted and do so much damage

    the institutions are recruiting corrupt criminals who do not mind working for the system and have no moral at all as long as they can enjoy themselves and get free money …. they do this worldwide. why do you think these refugee camps are set up? It is to provide the corrupted with luxurous lifestyle (for the country they live in) so they can be recruited. The whole world needs to be brought under control, so everyone needs a bank account and mobile phone. And 5% of the population needs to be fully corrupted (preferably pedophiles and gang rapists etc) so they can work for the government, and are loyal for as long as their crimes are protected by the system.

  4. OM manipulates evidence Q A says:

    Do we believe it is possible?
    Can the OM manipulate evidence to convict the innocent?
    So far, I have seen evidence that they do
    Question is, where can we go when the OM is wrong?

  5. Jeroen Zzzzz says:

    communism kills the human spirit
    it is like forced labour camps
    people are less and less productiv, even if it means they more likely get killed
    slavery kills the human spirit and communism is another form

    what is happening in the west?
    those that invented slavery back in the days, got cought up and slavery got banned
    they then turned to communism, slavery hidden in a social sweet story telling bullshit story
    when communism failed, they focus more and more on the west

    people perceve to live in a free market economy, but the dont
    again, slavery is hidden
    it all depends on how the perceive you can benefit them
    you might be allowed to live as an entrepreneur, if that what they believe will benefit them the most. of course taxes get crazy high and when you grow to fast they will block you, but as long as you stay small and as long as you dont get too rich and as long as you somply believe in the system and as long as you pay taxes….. they will let you believe your entrepreneurship.
    well, it is entrepreneurship, but their are clear boundaries that they dnt tell you you have.

  6. Jeroen Zzzzz says:

    why do we have open borders in the west? it is crazy concept, ridicupous

    – to make sure the westerners do not get too rich (normal people)
    – to set up a guerilla army in the european area
    – to create conflicts amongst many groups in the west through fake news
    – to move money from people in europe to freemasons in middle east
    – a guerilla army can create hoax attacks and that can benefit people who win on specilating which stock market goes down when precisely/./// they can predict because they make the news
    – to break the cultures of individual countries so to more easily have a one world government
    – to destroy nationalism in europe forever

  7. kimberlyderuler says:

    Hoe is t met je Maud? Zijn al die camera’ s voor jou? Je wordt toch nog steeds 24/7 gegangstalked

  8. Sure about that says:

    Zeg Kim Jung Oen, wordt je dat nou nooit eens beu? dat getrol en gerollebol?

    • Kimberly en marc the ruler says:

      Dat getrol soms wel maar dat gerollebol zekers niet niets zo fijn als samen zijn en toch onafhankelijk raad ik iedereen aan in deze tijd hihi

  9. Mona Lisa Monna Michelisa says:

    Kim Jung Oen is hormonaal gehandicapt

  10. Janis Joplin who says:

    so marc with the ruler.
    tell us the measurement now than instead of trolling around
    what does your ruler tell you, just plain not full

    • Kimberly en marc the ruler says:

      We give only our opinion nothing more nothing lees en sometimes its hard .

    • Kimberly en marc the ruler says:

      The truth is not always funny its a Pity for those who can handle it.

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