Concentration camp Majdanek, was a work camp, but here the largest mass murder in WW2 took place

In Majdanek, the largest mass killing in world war 2 took place, in terms of the number of people killed per day. During most of World War 2, Majdanek was said to have been a work camp. But a large number of Jewish and Polish people were shot to death in one operation : “Aktion Erntefest”.

This largest mass murder of World War 2 took place in camp Majdanek on November 3 in 1944 and is called “Aktion Erntefest” in history books. A 42,000 Jews were killed on November 3 and the next 2 days. On November 3 alone, between 16,000 and 18,000 Jews were killed. The victims had to dig their own mass grave, after which they were shot to death. Months later, their bodies were dug up again and all cremated, so as to hide the mass murder. No bodies were found after the war.

A mass murder of this size in a short time frame in a limited physical area, is not easy to organize logistically. But 42,000 are said to have died in “Aktion Erntefest”.



How many people really died here, is still a debate. The estimates of casualties vary greatly. Some sources say 1 million people died in Madjanek during World War 2. Other sources say it is certainly less than 100,000 people.

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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18 Responses to Concentration camp Majdanek, was a work camp, but here the largest mass murder in WW2 took place

  1. Michael is Alive n Kicking says:

    Politician Yulia is played by Ally McBeal actrice
    Pim Fortuyn was played by Joost Karhoff
    Margreet Ramaker was played by Michael Hutchence
    Peter Lusse played Anne-Margriet Vons
    Danielle de Jong is Rifka Lodeizen

    under so weiter und so weiter

    • Kurt Cobalt says:

      What do you forget me ??? Best guitarist ever alive ???
      Kurt Cobain yes played by Eddie Cahill from Criminal Minds and Sex n the City

  2. Michael is Alive n Kicking says:

    jut like all the jews fake they went to nazi concemtration camps between 1939-19456

    today moslim fake refugees fake they go to irak or syria or whatever fake destination for masonic freemason masonic brotherhood-ship non-male items. the west is paying so who cares.

  3. Michael is Alive n Kicking says:

    the western world has to learn how wars have been fake for 300 years or so
    all organized from left and wright side of the spectrum.

  4. Michael is Alive n Kicking says:

    llmedia from communism countries is far\
    t is worse from western civilization
    it is worse

  5. Not possible says:

    By the way, you cant kill 17,000 people, on one day, in a small team of guards. Just not possible. The moment people have to dig their own grave and next are shot while standing next to the mass burial site, you have to make very sure the number of guards outnumbers the number of victims, else you get a fight of the masses against the armed smaller group. Logistically it is not possible to kill that number of people in one day and leave them in a mass grave pit. It is November, so you have to do it during the day, a short day between 9.00h and 1700h or so. 17000 is a lot of people. Sorry I can not believe this story. You cant control a group this big. And there is simply not enough minutes in the day to organize it. 18.000 is really a lot. So where did the people go? Their bodies have never been found. And can you imagine, first mass murder and burry the 17.000 on 1 day and a few months later dig them up again and burn the bodies? It takes 6 hours the least to burn a body and still the teeth and skull will remain. How can they kill this many people and leave no trace of bodies? Impossible. Sorry. How did they do it? Please help us understand. I can imagine the jewish and polish people also prefer to know where the bodies went.

  6. Not possible says:

    Imagine 17.000 people digging their own grave, while having 150 guards point a gun at them. A shovel can be a weapon. You are digging a mass grave. 17.000 people is a lot. So estimates (rough we dont know exactly) 1 guard with a gun pointed at 115 people who realize they are digging a mass grave. It is not how you can organize a genocide.

  7. Not possible says:

    Again, we are not denying a holocoast, we are simle investigating what could have happened to the bodies of these people, as they were never found, Trtuh seeking for the sake of the victims.

    In what countries is holocoast denial an offence?


  8. Not possible says:

  9. Not possible says:

    at least a discussion should be possible.

    How else can we increase the chances of finding mass murder graves?
    So many people died in WW2, everywhere. Why are discussions silenced?
    Any victim deserves at least that their body is found a properly buried.

  10. Laetitia G says:

    And Laetitea Griffith (VVD) is played by the actress from tv series undercover?
    not sure yet we will look into this.
    the cheekbones look different but else?

  11. opposites are not attractive says:

    all stories we are told are the opposite.
    mass murder is mass deception.
    caretakers are mass murderers.
    all is the opposite.
    when they do their best to look like “caring mothers” expect pedophile murderers
    etc etc etc.

  12. Can it be or not says:

    you cannot kill 17,000 people in 1 day on 1 small location. not possible.

    you cant burn 50,000 corpses on open fire in a small location in just 4 months time in winter.
    so this is all made up bullshit. in winter the day is hardly 8 hours long. so max 1 or 2 corpses per day per professional fire oven. Given the conditions there with no serious fire oven, so max 100 corpses to be burned per week. so 500 weeks? no cant be, it would take 10 years to burn them?

    why? because we believe death people deserve to be found and have a respectful resting place.

    please maud oortwijn look into this in more detail. else we think something else.

    Maybe the jews lived here untill november 1944 in relatively good conditions ??? and they brought them with trains to safety, before the hunger and bombing of the last few months of the war started, the local people suffered in europe especially the last half year of the war: it was planned that way. so the jewish people were all brought to better locations before that terrible last half year of the war ….

  13. Femke is duidelijk says:

    En femke halsema wil ook minder cash in winkels, zogezegd tegen criminelen met zwarte geld.
    ik ben verbaasd, je zou verwachten dat femke een link kan leggen tussen een cash loze samenleving en pedo’s, want dat is het standaard argument om meer controle mogelijkheden aan de overheid te geven. Alles moet digitaal en via de banken, want dan kunnen ze straks echt alles controleren. Bovendien kunnen banken in een cashloze samenleving ook geld gaan vragen voor een positief saldo op de rekening, zoals rood staan ook geld kost. en als er straks overal een cashloze winkels zijn, dan kunnen de groot zwart geld mensen (criminelen maar ook zakenmensen en politici) die kunnen dan vrolijk onder de kassa door aan de winkelier betalen, want die wil vast ook wel wat zwart geld. Alleen de gewone man met de normale kleine aankoop wordt zo overal gevolgd. Utopie? Nee, ook camera’s in winkels zijn nu soms aangesloten op het net van de freemason meekijkers, die gewone burgers stalken. Gewoon omdat het kan.

  14. Bosgeus says:

    Hele lijst holocaust ontkenners in de commentaren.
    We zien dat op Youtube ook.
    Domme lieden, gevaarlijk ook.

    Wat ik wilde zeggen was, ik verdiep me ook regelmatig in WO2 publicaties, er worden daar altijd enkele significante zaken geheim gehouden.

    Welke ook hier op dit blog geheim worden gehouden, ik vraag me af waarom.
    Een groepje Katholieken neemt de macht over in een Protestant land. Na een succesvolle Protestante regering onder Otto von Bismarck, die dat land geschapen had. Dankzij De Nacht Van De Lange Messen (1934), weten we dat de NSDAP ook over genomen was, de oorspronkelijke leiding van die partij was vermoord.

    De Holocaust is gebeurd, maar de geheimhouding over WO2 geeft mensen een verkeerd beeld van wat er werkelijk gebeurde in Duitsland/Europa.

  15. Anne Frank visited says:

    Calista_Flockhart played Anne Frank ???
    She is way older Calista is, third skin on babe ???
    Anne Frank made her famous. She is Belinda Meuldijk ???

    All question marks ?????

    Let s find Hitler

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