Signs that you are a target of gang stalking?

  • You meet two different persons (who should not know each other) and both make exact the same comment or joke. It can happen, but not too often.
  • Too often, you only meet people who are “beneath you” (yes a terrible concept, but in gang stalking the only way to describe it). You meet people you find not that interesting, impolite, humorless, lower educated, damaging for your life. In a normal life, most people mainly meet people with whom they have a lot in common, in terms of interests, humor, education, life experience, looks, ambition, social skills. In gang stalking, you meet people who contact you, because they like to be involved in stalking you. It is a different kind of person. It will never feel like people with a longterm friendship potential, even when they are not actively stalking you. Yet, you do not meet normal people.
  • These people you meet, they ignore your feelings, preferences, opinions. They talk through you when you object to something and/or do not acknowledge you have something to say as well. For example, they are merely telling you they want to meet your parents, want to see your home, want to join you in a meeting etc. without acknowledging the fact you should be asked instead of told this.
  • When they do ask you a question, it is always something that is too personal, like sex experience or for instance “play kiss/marry/kill”. As most people want to get along in a group, they play along. But it is not proper social interaction in for instance a professional work environment.
  • In social situations, you are often entirely ignored, even if you have added a lot of work / effort in a group or process. You are treated as if you were air. It is hard to pinpoint, but it is definitely not normal group behavior.
  • You end up doing most of the work, which is odd when you are ignored.
  • Jokes are made at your expense, even though they are not even funny, e.g. “Maybe you should just retire into your pension” (when you are 30 years old). Jokes at someones expense are only normal between people who get along well.
  • Handyman bills are insanely high and you are told total bullshit stories by servicemen in you own home. They treat you as if you are stupid (but you do need the work done). When this happens sometimes, it is normal. When this is always the case, it is a sign of gang stalking. They want you poor.
  • You are underpaid for the work you do. Again, they want you poor.
  • When you did most of the work and with success, others get openly praised for it. Other get the benefits.
  • Subordinates treat you badly. They have the better relationship with your boss, e.g. they are protected and know they get away with the bad behavior and bad performances. In time, you learn it is your boss who is behind this problem.
  • When you leave the house, the same person is walking in front of your house. It is like they can see how you pack your things before you leave the house. These people do not wait full time in front of your house, but do another job in a neighboring house (like computer work). When you pack your things to go, they get a signal and decide to take a break and walk around the neighborhood.
  • People around you are negative. They are especially negative about you. It might be negative comments about your clothes or never laughing when you are joking. However, when you tell them how something bad happened to you, they do laugh.
  • People ask a lot for help, as they want you to help them with their problems. When you do help them, they do not thank you for it or pay for expenses you made while helping them. And this is a one-way street, as they never help you with anything.
  • When you meet a person, even though you barely know them, they tell you about all their private issues, like parents who are terminally ill and children who are handicapped. This happens too soon and way too often, e.g. not 50% of the 25 year old have a parent who died when they were teenager. Stories like this turn a conversation around towards the need of the other person (the person with the sad story). These lies are stories that will slowly drain you emotionally. Also, it is not something you can say “bullshit” about.

Gang stalking is about: Making you poor. Giving you misinformation. Keeping you isolated socially. Draining your energy. Abusing you work ethics (without normal rewards). Why? Gang stalkers have a sadistic personality disorder (psychopaths). They have a strong need to do damage to other people. Gang stalking clubs recruit these people for their own purposes. The purpose? To destroy every person who might become opposition to the present (corrupt) political system. And gang stalking is amusement. The gang stalking community makes snuff movies.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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43 Responses to Signs that you are a target of gang stalking?

  1. Stalking says:

    technology they are given is made by the political systems…

    1) they need the ICT monitoring systems.
    2) they use fancy drugs that targets dont even notice they were administered (but the drugs make you do more stupid things you would otherwise not have done).

    all this information is kept from normal people, just for amusement of the “elite” .

  2. Stalking says:

    it is a mass murder movement.
    genocide for fun.
    the fucked-up stupid roman empire revisited.

    northern and western Europe is superior to the south part of Europe and the middle east in terms of economy and civilization. but for some reason, the culture of the middle east and southern Europe is heavely infiltrated in our governments and is sucking our people dry. it happened in communism in eastern Europe and it is now happening in western Europe. it is genocide for fun and profit. there is a disconnect between the governments and people in western Europe. the nobility of western Europe regained power by hooking up with terrorist organizations from the middle east. with their access to media, drugs, control systems, they continue to suck the population dry. they are robbing killing and raping on a massive scale, all covered up by the system. people dont even realize how they are robbed raped and their life taken away.

    everybody who’s face is on tv, is gulty.

  3. Treating people like shit says:

    treating people like shit
    that is their sense of humor
    stupid humor for lower educated persons
    it is totally boring humor for mindless people
    the “elite” love it as they are not that smart
    they like stupid humor

  4. Treating people like shit says:

    Ushi is relatively polite still, for a bitch.
    Imagine working hard and getting a lot of work done.
    80 hours a week, and getting this on Friday evening drinks with colleagues
    And having colleagues like USHI around you 40h per week.
    That is what they are. You do all the work, they are shit.
    Ushi is very typical for masons humor.
    But it gets worse, as they also attack physically, while pretending to not know.

  5. Treating people like shit says:

    everybody on tv is total garbage
    contentless shit wholes
    stupid fuck-ups
    it is because the media owners have a stupid sense of humor
    they only can laugh at the expense of others
    normal people would not wanna hang out with them

  6. Fake fuckers says:

    i cant imagne what ind of people still watch tv in these times.
    why on earth would anybody want to see stupid wendy making stupid jokes?
    totally scripted tv because jamie oliver is of course informed beforehabnd
    all the tv is fake fukcing stupid
    reality tv shows? always fake
    total garbage people
    jamie oliver likely doesnot even write his books himself

  7. Fake fuckers says:

    die katje doet ook ontzettend haar best om geil over te komen op tv
    geil doen enorm groot haar in pruik op de kop
    altijd ruime make-up
    veel tiet laten zien
    huppakee een acherlijke maloot gelooft dat katja geil is
    katja is gewoon een hoer net als al die andere wijven op tv
    media is illuminati en iluminati mag je op tv als je neukvlees aanlevert
    dus al die lui zijn op tv of omdat ze geboren zijn in uberrich familie maar te dom zijn om zakelijk succes te boeken. of ze zijn zelf met graagte neukvlees voor iedere mediaman. of ze drogeren regelmatig vrienden en vriendinnen zodat die neukvee kunnen zijn voor de mediamannen.

    tv is de meest ordinaire leeghoofdige untermensch industrie die er bestaat. stiekem een neukindustrie. het niveau is hetzelfde als de hoeren op de wallen. vies fout en een normale vent kijkt er niet eens naar. bovendien 9 vd 10 x zijn het oostblok slaven of trannies. zelden een echte vrouw die het vrijwillig doet.

  8. Femke is duidelijk says:

    de zogenaamde burgermoeder van amsterdam
    wil geen boerkaverbod handhaven in amsterdam
    geeft wel heel duidelijk een hint dat ze vrijmetselaar is “VRIJ LAND”…
    u weet welke normen en waarden daarbij horen
    mevrouw draagt geen boerka en is geen vrijmetselaar, dan kapot verkrachten dat neukvlees
    er mogen maar 2 soort vrouwen leven in amsterdam: vrouwelijke metselpooiers en daarnaast boerka-metselslaven . de rest is vogelvrij want de infeiruere medemens krijgt het geil van het stalken en verkrachtren en beroven van iedere normale vrouw.

  9. Gang stalking snuff movies says:

    There is a serious industry of gang stalkers who produce snuff movies for the enjoyment of the gang stalker world. Many institutions facilitate this, as snuff porn and snuff stalk and snuff murder is sold online to this same community of gang stalkers. About 5% of the population is actively involved in this practice. This for them is genocide for fun and profit, as snuff movies are well paid for. Of course the objective for the leaders of these criminal gangs are broader. By offering “fun for criminals” (snuff movies are) they obtain a secret army of people “who do anything”. They are fully involved in being traitors of their country and communities, so yes a secret army it is. For the leaders it is entertainment and control of a country.

  10. Gang stalking snuff movies says:

    Our latest guess is, that in the Netherlands, the more visible (hoax) terror attacks will start to happen in 2019. Since Netherlands is a centre for the occult community worldwide, this might be a big thing. When the Dutch change their attitude, it will impact how people think elsewhere.

  11. someone says:

    Why? Simple. They hate women.

  12. someone says:

    The present system is as bad as nazi Germany in 1940-1945. the system is protecting the mass murder of the autochtone population, with organized rape and organized gang stalking and organized murder. Yet we are still paying taxes!!! Very similar to world war 2. The Justice department is protecting organized rape and pedophile networks. They really are. It is genocide. Imagine, the Netherlands are so rich, they would not need the EU or the present size of a government system. Yet we degraded this far.

    Luckily, so far, it is not as bad as communism in eastern Europe, that is by far the worst regime ever known to mankind. Anyone who was working for the system back then in eastern Europe, should be still locked up in prison for the crimes committed. Communism is the worst crime committed in the past 100 years. It is the largest Holocaust in human history.


    It is a misunderstanding what pedophile networks are.
    They are not a network of individual pedophiles who like to abuse children.

    Pedophile networks are social subcultures, of people with very different motives and sexual preferences, different ages, different education levels, professions….. many of them do not have sex with children, but the do help abuse the children and women. Pedophile networks contain
    – doctors who look the other way and also give drugs to the pedophiles (to drug the victims)
    – policemen who make sure targets will never get warned or get justice
    – school teachers, who teach classmates how to isolate and drug targets
    – school girls, who isolate and drug friends so they can be targets
    – politicians, who make sure targets are unsuspecting and will never get their justice
    – pedophiles and other group rapists
    – family members of pedophiles, to make sure the pedophiles are protected
    – cafe and club owners, to help drug and abduct the children and women.

    there is an industry, all aimed at targeting people. Targeting includes stalking the victim, isolating them, drugging them, abusing them, organizing they can not get justice etc etc. Some people focus on stalking alone, so the target already is weakened, so they later on can more easily be drugged and abused sexually. It is all part of the same club. These people believe in slavery of anyone who dos not want to join a pedophile network. Also, they all enjoy torturing people. But the ind of torture they love most, varies between people. Some young girls only enjoy to isolate and verbally abuse classmates. Other girls like to bring their friends to a location where they are drugged and raped by various men. Their job is to keep the girlfriends unsuspecting After the target is abused, these fake friends will make sure the target does not get support for help or anything.

    All these people are well aware the worst kind of crimes are committed against people. All of them know a person will never have an amazing life even after they recover from the crimes committed (the pedophile network simply makes sure you will never get a good job, peaceful family life, string network, real friends etc etc). Once someone has been a target of these networks, for the rest of their life they will be followed around by the network. It might not be noticeable always, but the government system supports the crimes and makes sure the victim is followed around for life. It is murder, committed when most targets are still very young (12 years old). Only the targets does not realize it is murder, as they believe they still can get a normal life when they grow old. No.

    It is genocide. And all thee people know this. For them committing mass murder is fun. Imagine, you like stalking a classmate and know that the club you are member of, likes to abduct and rape children and women. But you like staking. And you know, the targets will for the rest of their life be tortured in one way or the other. But you like stalking and your teacher at school is learning you how to stalk effectively. Stalking for fun. But knowing it is murder

    In this country we have schools (they look like normal schools to outsiders), who train serial killers, from the age of 12 years on onward. Because it is murder and they know it. Murder as group activity. Torturing someone to death. For fun. All these people make sure the targets have no chance against the network and no chance afterwards at a normal life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have had experience with beibg in a relationship and. Being on drugs…But fighting in the relationship so i would leave but had no money and no transportation so would prostitute myself.. Had the feeling that i was targeted these men would ask certain questions and then take me to have sex i felt others qere watchizzngor recording me

    • Angelic says:

      Could i be a sex trade and not know it


    club of psychopaths, committing genocide on the Dutch population.
    But the Dutch people do not even know how they are robbed and stalked and tortured and raped and slowly murdered into nothingness. That is what turns them one. The worst thing is they play the victim over and over again, those who commit this genocide. Sad looking eyes. Need for pitty.


    Gerda Oortwijn is also a serial killer. Right Maud?
    Tell us?


    When they commit enough creame, they have a chance of being member of the job caroussel in media and politic and government jobs. But most often these jobs go to children who are born in certain families. No matter how much loyalty you show, they will never let you in, not really, especially not women. Only women from corrupt famiies who have shown loyal to supply the pedophile network with meat.

  17. Het is bert says:

    of course everybody who has shown their face on tv is a traitor and a liar and a total whore. that is what the media is. it is the profession they have chosen. but before they are allowed in these deceiving activities, they already helped provide meat for the rape industry. without helping abduct people (isolate them, drug them, keep them unaware of what is done to them, keep silence on how terrible the drugging is keeping people stupid….). they would not be allowed on tv.

  18. Het is bert says:

    When a country has degraded like this, children and women should not go out anymore to horeca, hotels, clubs, sport clubs or bars. forget the sauna, they have cameras hidden in there. wearing a boerka will not help. the culture of the middle east has infiltrated the government system, so any woman who is not wearing a burka these men want to rape. Listen, these are not Muslim men. it is a club for Muslims, Jews, European nobility and European criminals. real Muslims would not want to join this club. the only answer is, to either a) a people tribunal in which all these fooks are brought to justice and the system is cleared of the corrupt influences, b) separate and isolate ourselves in our own groups, where these corrupt fuckers are not allowed. so refuse any person working for government or working in media or entertainment. ignore teachers at schools. ignore musicians etc etc. Almost all of them serve satanism.

  19. Het is bert says:

    these people are criminally insane and should be locked up in a tbs institute, all of them. no exception. none of these people would ever do 1 thing to add value to society. they have fake jobs to cover-up they enjoy the genocide in the Netherlands. criminally insane and faking they are human beings. none of them are. none of them would safe a life it saving a life would costs them 1 second of work. they do not want any human being to survive. they want mass murder and enjoying it. why doesn’t the justice department shut them up? because the justice department is in on it. they lock up innocent people and they liberate the criminally insane. that is how a country is brought down. you dont need to kill as in communist times, you can just free all the criminally insane people and give them the best criminal education possible and the best facilities possible, all with the objective of genocide. guerrilla genocide.

  20. Het is bert says:

    it is a mistake how in eastern european countries people working for the system have not been brought to justice after the wall came down. they all deserved a prison sentence, for being part of the most criminal government system in history.

    after world war 2 the Germans (nazis and citizens) were mass murdered without a trial, hardly any witnesses left. but after the communist times, nobody was trialed for the worst regime ever existed on this planet.

  21. says:

    1 op de 10 babies in Nederland NU wordt geboren in een gezin dat uit 1 ouder bestaat (dus alleen de moeder of de vader, dat latste komt minder voor). Wat zijn dat voor trends?

  22. Babies alone says:

    9% van de kinderen groeit vanaf de geboorte op in eenouder gezin.
    dat percentage is hoger bij surinaamse en antilliaanse moeders, maar algemeen de trend.

    wij vinden dit geen goede ontwikkeling, maar snappen dat vrouwen kinderen nemen, ook als ze geen serieus te nemen partner gevonden hebben. het is dan de beste oplossing.

  23. Nietzsche is dead says:

    Media is selling Nietsche’s slave moral to the masses. When the people are pushed towards the slave moral, the fake elite can behave more and more as the once in power and misbehave.

    Slave moral: Nederigheid, medelijden en vergeving de drie nieuwe deugden. These values are pushed upon the people when socalled public debate is on tv. the people should be leftwing towards globalism problems. open borders. pitty. trust in every sad story. always helping the weak. everywhere.

    Nietzsche defined master morality as the morality of the strong-willed. The essence of master morality is nobility. Other qualities that are often valued in master morality are open-mindedness, courage, truthfulness, trust, and an accurate sense of one’s self-worth.

  24. Nietzsche is dead says:

    Can you imagine? After Apartheid was stopped in South Africa. Those who committed all those crimes openly admitted in doing so, the worst kind of physical torture imaginable. An Apartheid system, not so long ago. Legal Apartheid, so no matter how hard you would work and how good your grades are at school, you will never get a chance to grow and improve the living conditions of your family. There are laws that prevent you from living the life you are dreaming of and working for. Differences in division of wealth is normal in society. Laws of Apartheid are not normal.

    After Apartheid ended, nobody went to prison. The black leader were preaching forgiveness. Which makes me believe the black leaders were really working with the white leaders at the time as well. The end result? Normal hard working white farmers are being killed by black angry men. Today. Of course, the white farmers being killed were not the men responsible for the worst crimes committed, their fathers merely build a company while hiring black men to do a lot of work. When the worst criminals are not sentenced for their crimes, the anger of the victims will remain, below the surface.

  25. opposites are not attractive says:

    ROTTERDAM, 25 AUG. Drie voetballers van voetbalvereniging HSV de Zuidvogels uit Huizen zijn afgelopen zaterdagavond nabij Papendrecht dodelijk verongelukt doordat hun hoofden, die uit het noodluik van een dubbeldeks bus staken, tegen een stalen hoogtebalk sloegen.

    De supporters en spelers van de zaterdagclub de Zuidvogels waren op weg naar huis na een vriendschappelijke wedstrijd in het Brabantse Lage Zwaluwe. Ondanks waarschuwingen van de buschauffeur openden de slachtoffers het noodluik van de bus. Toen de bus de oprit van de A15 bij Papendrecht opreed werd een klap tegen een hoogtebalk de drie jongens fataal. De balk hangt op ongeveer vier meter hoogte om vrachtwagens te wijzen op enkele viaducten.

    De chauffeur van de bus blijkt van het ongeluk niets te hebben gemerkt. De stalen balk zou moeilijk zichtbaar zijn geweest, omdat het al donker was. De chauffeur werd op het ongeval geattendeerd door passagiers die op het bovendek zaten.

    Het is het derde ernstige ongeluk met personen die uit het noodluik van een bus steken in de afgelopen twee jaar. Twee jaar geleden sloeg een 15-jarig meisje met haar hoofd tegen een brug bij Enkhuizen. Vorig jaar verongelukte een jongen die in Zwolle op een bus was geklommen.

    Drie jongens die tegelijk uit het noodluik hangen? Dus een ruime nooduitgang?
    op 4 meter hoogte? een balk? zo een balk is toch juist erg zichtbaar? Want anders?
    En degene die het zagen zaten op het bovendek?
    Was dit dan een dubbeldekker ofzo? Want zitten op het bovendek?

  26. opposites are not attractive says:

    PAPENDRECHT – Drie inzittenden van een dubbeldeks touringcar zijn zaterdagavond verongelukt doordat zij met hun hoofd uit het dakluik staken. Toen de bus op de oprit van de A15 bij Papendrecht onder een stalen hoogtebalk doorreed, klapten zij met hun hoofd tegen de balk aan en waren vrijwel op slag dood. Veilig Verkeer Nederland overlegt woensdag met de samenwerkende busbedrijven over de veiligheid van noodluiken in touringcars.

    De drie slachtoffers zijn Sergio van Dorssen (18), Martijn Bout (22), beiden uit Huizen, en Axel van Meulen (25), sinds twee weken woonachtig in Amsterdam. Pogingen van hulpverleners om door middel van reanimatie het leven te redden van de drie mannen had geen succes. De slachtoffers speelden in het tweede elftal van de amateurvoetbalvereniging HSV De Zuidvogels, dat ”s middags een vriendschappelijke wedstrijd tegen Lage Zwaluwe had gespeeld. Ze waren met supporters, bestuursleden en andere spelers op weg naar huis.


    ja dus een dubbeldekker

  27. Walk away says:

    they are simply terrible people and they love to be terrible.
    Do not be polite to them as there are no polite ways to stop them
    Just get rid of them anyway you see fit.
    Walk away. When you fight hem, they will group together and organize a group attack.
    Just walk away. They will never start a 1-on-1 fight ever.

  28. Walk away says:

    toxic parents
    not the same as spoilt kids who are ungrateful

  29. Can it be or not says:

    Maud, they tried and put you in a GGZ hospital through a judge, while serious cases are on waiting lists? That is insane. These doctors are insane.

  30. Loverboy bullshit says:

    These stories about loverboys you cant believe it right? And you should not believe it.
    It is never a boyfriend who can lure a girl into prostitution in the Netherlands.
    It is a system that first makes her alone and pushes her towards the boyfriend
    Can you imagine an underaged girl in the Netherlands who has nobody but a pimp?
    Nope, not like that, unless she already was on drugs and left school and family in the first place.
    What happens is that schools, family and “fake friends” work for years already (they are members of freemasons often, they do this shit)…. all aimed at making someone get tired and lonely and with no pl;ace to go. When they have nobody in life, they stay with a boyfriend that forces them to have sex for money, else nobody would stay with a boyfriend like that, unless on heroin or something.
    So we have schools that stalk girls so they have no friends and leave school… and the school and the fake friends, they push the lonely girl towards the loverboy. Else, with normal teachers and normal friends, a girl can find help and can get away. It is a system that does this, with the loverboy just 1 f the players in it who takes most of the blame. An these gang stalking clubs, they praise the parents who isolate their children and force children into prostitution. You hear it, there is a system that praises parents to force beautiful girls into prostitution. Schools, friends from school, they are all in on it. It is organized child slavery organized by schools. Thats what it is. The loverboy is the last step in the process where they first made sure the girls have nobody to go to. There are clubs in the Netherlands that organize child slavery for pedophiles…. and they ask their daughters to become friends with young girls from families with parents who are crazy enough to allow pedosex with their children. Teacher etc are all in on it. For them it is normal. They do not believe in human rights. They will talk like they believe in human rights but they dont. These girls are stalked for years before they are sold to pedophiles. First they are made isolated and that is done by a large cult.

    • Angelic says:

      I would like any input as to any violence that may come my way..It is very scarey however it is something that i can no longer accept in my life i have tried ignoring it but cant…I have asked why..who…how…no answer….san Antonio

  31. Angelic says:

    This is actively happening in my life i am not sure why but there are cops in the family…And anything that ever meant anything to me is gone..My carerrer my relationship s…

  32. Happening says:

    Find yourself a small place ti live, just select it on ability to lock the place and preferable in the country side, so try and live cheap and small. forget finding friends doing sports or having a career. have a small life, save money, slowly build it up again. perhaps do work online or so. avoid being at work or in a place with more people, as socially you are forced to do stuff that is just a trap. because everywhere you go, the gang stalkers will follow you and do crazy shit. it is impossible to build a life the way normal people can. forget it. just make sure you learn how to stay away from these people. be lonely.

  33. sex n roll says:

    so what you are saying
    actors on tv are really old people with amazing make-up?
    the first of their career when they are young they don’t even get on tv?
    the first half of their career they spend stalking the shit out of normal people?
    When they have done enough damage and gathered their blackmailing material
    That is when they are allowed on tv as socalled young talented celebrities…….
    this is insane

  34. Sammy says:

    These people are crazy they need ro be in jail for the crimes they do to human’s its very annoying they cant see the damage they do

  35. M says:

    Hoi wie ben jij ik zou zo graag in contact komen met iemand die eindelijk snap hoe in Nederland hoe het er aan toe gaat! Alsjeblieft samen staan we sterker!

  36. Chad says:

    These gang stalkers are freemasons and their appendage BODIES. Just say ” free Masonic Blood Sacrifices ” and watch how they react.

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