Why you should not see a psychologist!

Psychology is advised to us continuously, especially in the media and by “the stars”. Psychological sessions are ways to gain very private information about a person. So do not be tempted to think: “why not try it for a few sessions!”.

  1. Psychologists often let you focus on the negative. It is what they do.
  2. Psychological methods are not at all proven to be helpful.
  3. Psychologists might report their impressions to third parties. It is often the case, when not dealing with a private practice and/or when health insurance pays for sessions. Do you want this problem to follow you around for years?

Especially in student populations, psychological sessions are often advised. Why? Because the system wants private confidential information about people who might become influential. It is a way to obtain power over a person. Asking a person directly about a specific trauma they might have, will immediately impact the social position of that person in that situation. Anyone with knowledge about your private life (problems from the past) can use it against you. So only do this when you do have a serious problem, and then make sure to talk to someone who is truly treating your stories confidential. Else you are better off talking to a friend or just be alone.




In any case, do not ever let yourself be tempted to talk to a psychiatrist. They are worse. Psychiatrists for sure make-up a medical file (medical records are not confidential anymore and in case of psychiatry will contain very often total bullshit). It is a profession where so-called “medical professionals” even are willing to make-up untruthful files about a person, when they see fit. There are no neutral tests to reveal them as liars and they know it. You don’t want a file like that to haunt you for life, especially not when your problems are none existent or not severe. Moreover, very often psychiatrists prescribe unnecessary medicine with enormous side-effects. Psychiatry is a nonscientific practice, with extreme and dubious results.

Of course, when you feel your mental problems are severe and life threatening, perhaps your choices are limited.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to Why you should not see a psychologist!

  1. Afvallen in de winter says:

    Al die magazines die zeggen dat je moet afvallen in het voorjaar en niet in de winter.
    Waarom schrijven ze dat? Zodat u in maart ineens schrikt en die afvalproducten koopt?
    In 2 maanden weer 10 kg afvallen is niet makkelijk. In de periode okt-maart afvallen wel!

    Waarom afvallen in de winter makkelijker is?
    1) er is minder verleiding tot zoetigheid, de rose en de ijsjes zijn er niet. ook de lange avonden op het terras die gevolgd worden door snacks uit het café: allemaal minder.
    2) minder eten met de feestdagen scheelt heel erg veel (eet normale porties)
    3) het is koud buiten, waardoor wandelen in de buitenlucht al veel doet!
    4) u bent minder gefrustreerd met uw lijf bezig, dikke kleding die verhullen. juist omdat het niet erg is te realiseren dat u wat te dik bent in de winter. Geen frustratie, waardoor afvallen relaxter en positever is. de omgeving zal er ook niets van zeggen of kijken.
    5) als u in de wintermaanden normaal gezond eet en regelmatig buiten een wandeling of fietstocht maakt in de kou, dan valt u al snel af. Kou laat u heel veel extra vet verbranden. Ga eens die sneeuwpop maken.
    6) u kunt afvallen én altijd een vol gevoel hebben. In de wintermaanden verbruikt uw lichaam meer energie, omdat het kouder is. Als u gewoon gezond eet (niet eens halve porties) dan zult u afvallen. U hoeft dus geen honger te lijden om af te vallen.

  2. I aint got nobody says:

    Al die hints over eenzaamheid. Het is bewust beleid meer mensen eenzaam te maken.
    Eenzame mensen zijn een makkelijk prooi voor de gang stalking clubs.
    Het is dom om te zeggen dat je eenzaam bent, want dan geef je een signaal af, dat je een makkelijk prooi bent voor de gang stalking clubs. Waarom gang stalking clubs dat doen? Eenzame mensen kan je makkelijk seksueel misbruiken want ze hebben niemand om bij aan te kloppen. Eenzame mensen zijn eerder bereid om iemand te helpen, die om hulp vraagt. Dus makkelijk prooi voor gratis werk doen voor anderen (je wilt immers een netwerk bouwen, dus ben je bereid om een dag te werken zonder iets terug te verwachten, maar je krijgt ook niets terug, ook geen vriendschap oid want zij weten waarom ze bij jou moeten zijn: desperaat ben je).

  3. NN@hotmail.nl says:

    maud, volgens mij klopt op deze website max 50% van de zogenaamde matches die je noemt.
    maar, het idee zelf heeft mij iig overtuigd. dit is wat ze doen. maar je matches kloppen niet allemaal.

    is dit dan ook oprah winfrey? iedereen zegt toch dat die ook een transgender is?
    nou, om oprah te mogen worden moet je dus wat extra rollen al gedaan hebben.
    ze is al best lang oprah, dus dat moet van even geleden zijn in de jaren 1980s ofzo.

  4. Psycho care says:

    Psycho care is psycho ?

  5. Psycho care says:

    Do not think the caracter of the psychiatrists has changed.
    they use medication with similar effects.

  6. Psycho care says:

    when someone has very severe longterm psychiatric illness, treatment might be beneficial and it might be not. psychiatry is always an experiment. but with longterm very severe illness, perhaps one has to take the risk. but deciding on psychiatric treatment, is like deciding to take untested unapproved medicine, when for instance one has terminal cancer and no chance with existing medicine. You might want to take the risk.

    be aware the government is talking more and more about “confused people” and “psychiatric problems”. this is what every dictatorship has done in the past. why? because every dictator needs a way to eliminate “people with a critical mind” and doing so with a story that many people still believe is legit. they can either scapegoat someone for a nonexistent crime or declare them insane. so beware when government is setting media stories and laws to go back to these disasters.

    there is a reason our laws were set up to protect individual rights stronger, compared to government rights to govern. so even a likely criminal, will walk free when government makes a mistake. these laws are there for a reason. but slowly, they are taken down. and it is not done so, to protect us from the worst criminals, because they still walk away too often.

  7. Psycho care says:

    these people who do this to others and claim they are doctors, they just love the abuse way too often. why chose a profession like this? so much misery the whole day. i say most people use the profession, because they love it when a patient is locked up and is taken away their right to decide for themselves. it is like having a slave locked up in your cellar under the house. you can do whatever you like with them. some doctors might like to help people. but how many people would like to spend their life helping these people as a full time job? not many. so most people who work there do it because they love the power abuse. it is a location where you can get away with the worst power abuse thinkable.

  8. Police care says:

    Also, never talk to the police.
    They will always turn info around so it harms you.
    They will always try and trick you.
    When you dont fall for their tricks, they lie and write the report as if you did say it
    The police are not truth seekers, they want to control society.
    Criminals are let go, as they frighten the public.
    Great minds are destroyed, as they would make a population stronger.

  9. NN at Tros bananen says:

    about 25% of the medical professionals are freemasons
    about 50% of the dentists are freemasons
    about 50% of the psychologists are freemasons
    about 70% of the psychiatrists are freemasons

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