Just have a look for the last time (and never look back again)

Sarah Jessica Parker. Not an attractive person. Not a good actress. And as a person, she seems not believable. She seems fake. And Sarah Jessica Parker on tv in many ways is the same type (role) as Carrie from Sex and the City. So either she played herself in Sex and the City or both are similar acting roles.



Many say Sarah Jessica Parker is a transgender. We do not know for sure, but she does have male features. In fact, she looks a bit like Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother in America. Perhaps we should ask Reinout Oerlemans how this works?


About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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16 Responses to Just have a look for the last time (and never look back again)

  1. Big Brothel says:

    Big Brothel is totally fake.

    The guy who won in the first show n the Netherlands, he really looks a lot like this actor from Sweden who plays the blonde detetcive/policeman in Sandham Murders.

    All these shows are actors. Everything on tv is scripted and fake, like in communist times.

    The socalled fukced up fake elite are communist with a global agenda.They only care about deceiving the public and making people work as hard as they can and pay as much for simple services. the prices are not market conform but as high as whatever they can get away with.

  2. someone says:

    people should stop watching tv
    stop spending money on media
    stop visiting the cinemas and music festivals
    do not buy music anymore

    you are financing pedophiles, cheaters, liars, rapists etc etc.

  3. someone says:

    clubs in Amsterdam with dubious reputations with regard to safety of women

    vertigo in vondelpark
    nexit for the gay
    hotel arena
    sugar factory
    alles rond de dam

  4. someone says:

    Owen Wilson also doesnt pass the “for sure man” test.
    His beach body shows him with a female waste.
    The testorsteron pills sure give him musle
    But you cant get cheekbones like a male when you are not.
    I say woman.

  5. Owen Will Not says:

    Waste of a woman
    Big Chin and Nose
    But small Jawline

  6. Owen Will Not says:

    small mouth too, which is a give away.

  7. Max Verstappen is Owen Wilson says:

    Max Verstappen imitates Owen Wilson

  8. Max Verstappen is Owen Wilson says:

    Wow Giant Lizard on the Track

  9. Max Verstappen is Owen Wilson says:

    Owen Wilson is also a fake identity.
    Please who has hair like that at middle age.
    And who keeps a texas dialect when in hollywood.
    The actor is a type and he is not doing it just for the movies
    In interviews he has the same accent.
    Nobody who works international keeps their home town accent
    Accents fade away when working woth people form various regions together
    So he is actively maintaining the accent. Faker.

  10. TV influence says:

    tv is aimed at keeping people occupied with nothing, so they work during the day and in the evening get occupied with doing nothing real, so not thinking about society, acting getting together with people, setting something up themselves. They want you to come home tired, but not join sports or go to a local pub or get together with friends. They want you to watch tv, drink some alcohol and just relax and do nothing real. tv is aimed at giving entertainment. and for those who care about the world, they are feeding them lies and more lies, so they give money to charity, charity owned by the uberrich (you are giving money to freemasons). moreover, they encourage you to have a glass of wine in the evening. naturally, people drank only when going out, in weekends. But these days thanks to the product placement on tv, it seems normal to have a glass of wine or 2 or 3 whenever you get home from work. It is all to influence you and stay occupied.

  11. TV influence says:

    How much time do you spend watching tv or drinking alcohol?
    Per week? 20 hours? 30 hours?

  12. TV influence says:

    Add to that the time spend on getting emotionally involved in stories on tv, like the Natalee Holloway case or 9/11 or dividend taxes.

  13. Total sluts NY says:

    Carrie of sex and the city was a total slut, only occupied with men and shoes and dresses and getting attention and sex and nothing else. Superficial girl with no serious agenda. This is what the Middle East thinks of western girls and why they look down upon western girls. So this is what Hollywood want the western girls to turn into: superficial sluts.

    Now perhaps is Carry Bradshaw really a man. She is for sure not a pretty woman.

  14. NN at CNN says:

    is Mila Jojovic maybe Leonardo Dicaprio?
    I see the same nose, mouth, eyes, and the mimick of the eyes is very typical for Leonardo diCaprio.
    She also looks like Alex.

  15. Trannie Alert says:

    trannie alert

  16. Hill not on fire naturellement says:

    even their voices are so annoying high fake fake fake annoying high
    never a real sound from their mouth
    they have given their life to satan in exchange they are on tv
    the only reason you want to be on tv is because you are a psychopath
    you need to enjoy faking and lies and doing damage the whole day

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