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Concentration camp Majdanek, was a work camp, but here the largest mass murder in WW2 took place

In Majdanek, the largest mass killing in world war 2 took place, in terms of the number of people killed per day. During most of World War 2, Majdanek was said to have been a work camp. But a large … Continue reading

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Signs that you are a target of gang stalking?

You meet two different persons (who should not know each other) and both make exact the same comment or joke. It can happen, but not too often. Too often, you only meet people who are “beneath you” (yes a terrible … Continue reading

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Why you should not see a psychologist!

Psychology is advised to us continuously, especially in the media and by “the stars”. Psychological sessions are ways to gain very private information about a person. So do not be tempted to think: “why not try it for a few … Continue reading

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Oekraine, het referendum waar Nederland tegen stemde.

Nederlanders stemden in een referendum tegen het verdrag met Oekraïne. Maar het kwam er toch.     Een interview met een Oekraïnse politica, in de oppositie. Van 24 januari tot 8 september 2005 en van 18 december 2007 tot 3 … Continue reading

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So what do we have chipped by now?

Can a person move from A to B and do some activities, without being noticed? How difficult is it, to monitor any person? If they want to monitor you, can they? Why would they? Ask yourself why they have RFID-chips … Continue reading

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Is Holocaust denial the strongest form of antisemitism?

Below two video’s, that make holocaust deniers look pretty bad. We can even wonder how come Arthur Jones is allowed on tv.     But studying history with a critical mindset. is not a criminal activity.

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U wilt voorbeelden over hoe televisie de beeldvorming in de maatschappij probeert te beïnvloeden?

Martijn Koolhoven komt er op de nationale TV voor uit, dat hij het leuk vindt, als een baby geseksualiseerd wordt in film? De VPRO verpakt het in een programma.   Televisie probeert uw gedachten te vormen…. Martin Koolhoven praat over seks in … Continue reading

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Can you believe it? All these famous people from poor backgrounds and with their parents dying young?

These stories make us “feel for” celebrities. But what are the chances of loosing both parents at an early age? And what are the chances of becoming a worldwide celebrity? So what is the chance of both combined? Bono from … Continue reading

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De Gouden Kooi is scripted en het doel is afbraak van onze cultuur. U wordt weg van de tv getreiterd. Hoop ik.

Vandaag keken wij voor het eerst van ons leven 5 minuten naar iets van de “Gouden Kooi”. Nooit eerder zagen wij deze bagger. Wel hadden we ervan gehoord en destijds besloten dat het geen seconde van onze tijd waard zou … Continue reading

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Transgender investigations, as celebrities are almost always faking their identities

Most celebrities are faking their identities. Almost everything they say on tv is a lie. Telling lies as a way of life, Babylonian. One lie is the sex change. Leonardo diCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp might be females. Jennifer … Continue reading

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These Wrestling matches are fake, most people are aware of that

Just to start slowly. Baby steps in accepting the media is a fake news factory. Most people realize, these wrestling matches are fake. Still, many people go there, as they enjoy the show and react in the audience as if … Continue reading

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Maarten van Traa, de movie. Geen twijfel. Wel twijfelen wij over de casting: Terence Hill of Jack Nicholson?

Op 21 oktober 1997 (112) reed hij in op een file op de ring van Amsterdam, op de plek waar de A10 overgaat in de A4 (richting Den Haag). Het was rond 21.10h uur ‘s avonds (112) en Van Traa was op weg … Continue reading

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